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2023-07-21 08:50:23

Chair Yoga Stretch & Strength _ Seated Exercises for Seniors & Beginners

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Hi and welcome to chair , yoga stretch and strength in this workout .

All yoga exercises will be performed in a seated position .

So grab a chair , something that does not have any arms on it .

Also , with the strength section , I'll be using a £3 dumbbell or hand weight if you don't have one , no big deal , grab a water bottle can of soup , something like that .

Um Or you could also go heavier or lighter with your weight as well .

So we will start with a few yoga moves , stretching , make sure our muscles are nice and warm .

Then do our strength section following with some nice yoga stretches .

We're gonna feel great .

Here we go .

Sitting up nice and tall in your chair , knees are coming directly out from those hips and feet are flat on the floor , ankles directly underneath those knees .

Make sure you're nice and lined up , roll those shoulders down and back and sitting up nice and tall as we possibly can big .

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And hill arms come up palms together and coming down to prayer .

Release down , palms forward , me , shoulders down and back again .

Inhale arms come up , ask him to prayer .

And all the way down one more time .

Big in hell .

Uh Excel , reach those arms down , switch the palms facing towards you .

Arms , lift all the way up .

Big .

Inhale , reach as high as you can and exhale straight down and he'll reach up a hill and down and he shoulders down , slowly , release those arms one more time .

Inhale up .

Pull the belly bun into the spine hinging from the hips .

We're going to roll all the way down .

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Relax the back , drop the arms tuck the chin and let's roll up nice and slow one vertebra at a time .

Let's do that again .

Big inhale .

Arms straight up .

Excel , leaning forward , go ahead and round that back , pull the belly button into the spine .

Then we roll it up one more time .

Exhale all the way over this last time .

We were gonna hang out here literally for a minute .

So just relax that back .

Let the arms wrap wherever they are .

Relax the head , maybe shake the head side to side or yes and no .

Whatever feels good to you and your neck .

Come back to center .

Tummy comes in , inhale , exhale .

Let's roll it up nice and slow one vertebra at a time .

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Stacking each one on top of each other .

Finish with those shoulders down and back .

Planting our feet into the floor , lift your heels coming up onto those toes , squeeze in the calf muscles and slowly release them down .

Waking up those muscles and release , coming directly up into the ball of the foot .

Three more hair nice and slow squeeze .

Press those heels down for two .

And the last one , let's take our hands gently on our sides .

And then I want you to heal toe those legs out to a nice wide position and then let's toe heal back into parallel again .

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Opening up those hips fill in nice , stretching those inner thighs again out .

Can you go a little bit further this time and back in and then we're just gonna toe heel out just a few times to , we're in a little bit of a smaller V position .

Hands are down here at the side of our chair , scoot your bum up to the edge of our chair , keeping our feet stationary on the floor .

I just want you to drop your knees to one side , feel in a nice hip stretch and then drop to the other side , set up nice and tall for me side to side just to make it nice and fluid again , relaxing and opening up those hips like our knees are windshield wipers here .

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If that gives you a visualization , torso stays still , just allow those legs to move .

We're gonna go one more each side .

Let's come back straight forward and to heal back into our parallel position .

Big and hill arms come up out to a high V and then squeeze those elbows , bending them back down behind you for a little cactus again .

Inhale up ax .

He'll squeeze down and he'll reach up , exhale down a few more .

Uh , and exhale last one , reach up ax .

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He'll squeeze those elbows down and back and then release the arms to the side , palms forward and then just press those arms gently back , relax the shoulders down and back .

Feel a nice stretch there all the way in the front of the body and the arms and while we're here , give me some wrist circles , take it to the back and let's reverse it to the front for three , two and one .

Release both hands down at the side .

Right hand lifts up , big inhale Axelle stretch over to the side and really sit down in hell .

Excel to the side , really sit down .

Go ahead and grab your weight time for our strength section again .

Just one .

I'm using £3 sit it again at the edge of our chairs .

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We've got some room to maneuver here starting with a bicep curl .

Make sure your shoulders are down and back , sit up nice and tall and we're gonna bicep curl straight up and then we're gonna swoop it down to the side for a nice wide curl and of your water bottle or whatever it is you're holding to the side of the shoulder and curl it up and out controlling the descent up and down .

We love yoga for what it does for our well being our mental health and our flexibility .

So important to stay active , also really important to build that muscle mass .

So lifting some weights , even if it's just as light as a couple pounds , super effective and really important for building that bone mass , staying strong .

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Few more here give me two last one , same thing left side , pass that weight over , check that pasture again , we bicep , curl up and swoop to the side .

Also really important to remember .

Always keep that core engaged , protects our lower back .

So even though we're working our arms here , think about that core and swoop to the side .

We've got four more combinations here .

First three , last year , gently lower .

Nice work .

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Coming back to that right hand , starting in a nice high elbow position .

Here , weight is facing forward and my elbows bent at a 90 degree and then the elbow is nice and lifted .

So we're parallel to the floor , we'll come back to this position after we press it straight up , come back just to that halfway down and then we reach all the way over to the other side .

Feeling that in the side of the arm , I like to think of it .

Press up halfway down is a seatbelt .

So with our right hand , we'd be sitting in the passenger seat , you're gonna pull that seatbelt down and across the no torso twist here , we're making that arm do all the work when we cross it over .

I want you to make sure that you're keeping your elbow nice and high .

Making that arm and shoulder work .

Lift up halfway down and cross .

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We've got three more here .

If you're using heavier weights , maybe you can't do as many or you could always go a little bit faster if you're stronger and have a lighter weight as well .

I like to say you guys do , yo , left .

This is our last one on this side and we cross , return to that 90 degree position , other side , a left hand palm facing me , check that past your shoulders down and back .

We press it up halfway down and buckle that seatbelt .

Got in the driver's seat , elbow stays high all the way over and up .

Make sure you guys are breathing elbow high and cross .

We've got three more here .

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Press halfway down and cross nice job .

Last one and cross back up to that position .

Lowering down .

Next .

We have a one handed row .

I'm going to turn to the side .

You can stay where you're at once you hinge forward from the hips relaxing on the other arms , forearm , drop that weight to the floor palm facing in .

Make sure you have a nice straight back , not around it spine and we're simply going to bend that elbow , bringing the weight up to the hip and back down .

So we lift and squeeze and lower torso stays completely still in strait shoulders stacked over those knees left and lower .

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We've got three more here up to the hip .

Last one , hold it here .

Keep that shoulder down .

Give me a little tricep kick back .

Oh yeah , it's getting warm now .

You got it .

Give me four , three , two .

Last one .

Release it down .

Same thing on that left side , hinging forward form on top of those thighs , reach the elbow back , weight up to the waist and down , keeping our neck in line with our spine .

So your gaze is just a few feet in front of your legs .

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Squeeze form here , release elbow high for two .

Last one , we hold it up here , tricep extensions .

So straighten and bend .

The only thing that's moving is the lower half of that arm .

All we're doing is straightening that elbow and bending it for four .

Sorry to you .

One really sit down one more set of those rows and then I'm going to switch up the tricep exercise on us .

Here we go , switching sides back in that right hand hinge forward , straight spine .

We row it up for eight six .

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Get that elbow back there , squeezing that upper back for two , hold the weight up high , straight in behind you flip the palm so it's facing the ceiling straight elbow and then lift it here .

A little pulse , little pulse 5432 and one , release it down .

I know you felt that one in the shoulder last that other side .

Wait in that left hand hand hin forward bring that elbow up and release even though we're hinged forward .

Think about pulling that core in final three two .

Hold it here , straighten that elbow flip .

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That palm little lifts , straight arm , lift it here .

Lift and lift .

Give me 432 and one .

Nice work .

Came out of that one more exercise with our weight .

We're gonna switch the weight in between our hands with our palms up .

So I want you to bring your elbows and nice and close to your waistline , arms are gonna go out to the side , shoulders down and back , switch the weight in front and then out to the side again , we switch and open .

So we're trying to get our hands out to the side , feeling a nice rotation in that shoulder while keeping the elbows close in to our sides .

Let's add a little arm extension here with the weight .

We're gonna take it out and back in with the palm up .

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We switch , take it out to this side , press it out , bring it back in rich and switch side reach and switch .

We're still sitting up nice and tall core is still engaged .

The whole time .

Shoulders are down and back .

We're almost there out and then switch side , press it out , bring it in one more time each side to the right out and in , we switch left out and in and then we get to put our weight down .

Great job we are done with the strength portion , we'll do a little bit more for our legs .

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But without the weight coming to the edge of our chair again , our knees are bent at a 90 degree angle and then lift both arms at 90 degree angles as well .

Our arm and our leg are going to come out to the side , keeping the knee and the elbow bent and then we bring it back in .

I want you to feel this in your glutes , hips and torso .

Stay straight ahead .

We're just moving those joints out to the side , other side , left side .

Here we go out and in , squeeze that elbow back .

So squeeze your upper back and the glute one more on the left .

Then we're gonna alternate , we go out and in out and in one more each side option to keep the singles or option for six doubles .

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Here we go , slide your legs out and in , keep the elbows high , keep the shoulders down and breathe for three , two , last one .

Stay wide here .

We're gonna lean over here to the left , drop the elbow onto the thigh and then reach your right arm nice and high .

If it's comfortable for you , you can go ahead and gaze up towards that hand , feel beautiful stretch here for our shoulders , for our core , for the inner thighs in hell , exhale , release that elbow down the other side .

Let's lean over onto that thigh .

Reach the other arm up , gazing up on it .

If it's , if that's comfortable for you , holes here inhale as we exhale , we sit up and both arms come out to the side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Same thing , option to keep the elbows onto the thighs or if you like a little bit of a bigger stretch , we're coming all the way over reaching towards that ankle .

And then again , gazing up and health exhale , lift up both arms coming out to the side .

Again , here we go .

Inhale , exhale .

We come over either onto the elbow or reaching towards that ankle .

Hold here in here and exhale .

Let's come out of that .

Release those hands , toe healing back in here .

Coming to the edge of our seat , extend those legs forward , inhale arms come up axel .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I want you to forward fold , make sure you stay in your chair , hold that stretch there .

Go ahead and round that back .

If it feels good to you again , how exhale tummy comes in , tuck the chin .

Let's roll it up one vertebra at a time , finishing with those shoulders and leave your legs extended in front of you .

Hands , come to the side of our chair , picking up your right leg .

I want you to bring it up if your foot can reach the knee , right ?

If not as high as you comfortably can .

We drop that knee to the side and then slide it down that leg .

Let's do that again .

Knee starts pointing up towards the ceiling , open it up for the hip and we slide it back down the leg and open .

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Turning out two more lift to the side , slide it down , trying to keep that turnout and then it comes back last one up , drop the knee , slide it down .

Ok ?

Now , I want you to take that leg , cross it all the way over .

If you can , we're gonna slide it back up and then guess what ?

When we slide in our left leg , we are in our figure four kind of a sneaky way of getting there .

If this is not achievable for you , you can leave it right here and still get the same benefit .

So in that figure four , if you're comfortable making sure the ankles underneath that knee flex in the top , but inhale , feel that beautiful stretch on the side of your left hip .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And a if you'd like to deepen that stretch , we keep a nice neutral or straight spine and drop the chest slightly forward .

And let's return to center , left hand reaches up nice and high inhale Axelle cross over maybe even pressing a little bit against that right thigh for a beautiful torso twist and he exhale , release it back to the front and let's release that right leg down .

Coming back to that position , both legs extended .

Inhale arms come up .

Aha .

We die forward over those legs and health .

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A tail tummy comes in and we roll it up , shoulders down and back left leg , we bring that up to the knee , open the knee up , out to the side and then slide it back down the leg , back to center , go nice and slow .

This should feel good guys and down .

Just do what you can with whatever range of emotion or ability you have the flexibility and the strength takes time and slide it down two more .

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Last one knee up , knee to the side and um foot comes back up , crossing at the ankles and let's slide it up to the knee , bending that right leg , making sure the heel is underneath the knee .

And then we flex the left foot set up nice and tall .

Hold that stretch , inhale deep in it if you'd like that option by hinging for slightly at the hips in hell .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Exhale , coming back to a straight seated position , release the right arm , reach it up , inhale , exhale , twist over , pushing against that left thigh for a deeper torso stretch in hell , returning back to center and uncross those legs .

So our parallel again , we're getting a little bit more on those quads .

I simply want you to lift that right leg and put it back down .

So nice and slow and controlled , we're squeezing the top of the thigh of the quad here , left and lower .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Two more other side we lift slowly , lower and squeeze core is still engaged here .

It's helping us lift that leg two more here .

Now , let's alternate .

One right .

Put it down , one left , two more singles , an option to keep the singles or do doubles .

We've got six of them .

Here we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We left and lower left and lower squeeze for three breath , exhale and last one really beautiful job .

Inhale .

Arms come up , palms together in prayer , burning down here to heart .

And our elbows are nice and wide .

Keeping the palms pressed into each other .

I simply want you to shift your elbows over to the right .

So you should feel that stretch in your shoulder and your forearm , your wrist come back to center and other side simply shift the hand over .

Thumbs are close to your chest and come back to center .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Release the arms down , big inhale , doing that again , coming down into prayer and we shift right center and laughed .

Center again , drop the hands palms up to prayer down to center .

Last time we shift , keep the shoulders pressed down and back and either side back to center and release those hands down .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Try to straighten those elbows , widen those fingertips and gently lift those arms back behind you , feeling a beautiful stretch in how he'll release to the floor and then reach him out to the side palms facing forward in hill here , axe , let's switch , pressing those palms down or to the back and again , let's flip them up to the ceiling , rotating from that shoulder and down to the back one more time .

Inhale and exhale .

Really sit down , right arm , comes up , reach it nice and high , big side stretch here all the way over .

Then I want you to round that back and you're gonna grab onto that left knee and simply lean slightly back , tucking the pelvis .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So to get a beautiful shoulder stretch and really side of that , sitting up straight big and he'll reach it up nice and high aha side stretch over then round that back and gently pull back on the knee , feeling it in the upper back and the shoulder back up to center arms come back down to our sides and he back down to prayer , holding here in front of the chest .

I simply want you to circle those rests .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're switching here pressing those rests together , doing some nice big circles and let's reverse it , circle it in towards you that should feel really good , releasing any tension from that weight , release arms last time down to our sides nice and long drop the ear towards the shoulder and then keeping the ear dropped , then drop the chin and feel that stretch in the back of the neck .

Lift the chin again and come back to center , drop a left ear towards the left shoulder , hold that there .

Then just looking down , dropping the chin , lift the chin and Lisa head back down to center last time big and Hale arms come up , reach it nice and high .

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ऍम फेस योगा लाइन रिडक्शन ॅ रीमूवेबल के लिए है , लाइन देने के लिए नहीं ।

क्या आप जानते हैं कि योग के बारे में तो ऋग्वेदा में लिखा है बट ओवर मुँह योग की बहुत सारी फॅमिली एशिन हुई है डिपॅाजिट और इसी को बस दिया फेस योगा योगा मुँह मिक्स्चर ट्रडिशनल योगी उं इनकम बिनेश इन टोमॅटो फेस योगा ऍम तो देखते हैं एक कॅश जो आप हफ्ते में तीन बार कीजिए फॉर ग्लोइंग स्किन ।

हाँ , एक सर्कल आॅनलाइन रिडक्शन ।

पहले तो कुछ बातों का ध्यान रखें कि फेस योगा करते टाइम आप एक फेस ऑइल का उपयोग जरूर कीजिये ।


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