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2023-07-27 17:44:52

Interior Design _ Living Room Install _ #18 Reality Show

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It's that time again .

Install time .

Very neat idea .

This is actually phase two of a project that we did a few years ago .

Phase one was completed in 2012 when we took their average ho hum tracked home family room and we turned it into something absolutely amazing .

The clients loved it so much .

They've asked us to come back and do some more .

This remodel includes new lighting , new windows , balances , custom cabinetry , even a coffered ceiling and of course , new furniture , art and accessories and a whole lot of ropes and design .

Who is the pretty puppy we have two days of install to pull together our newly remodeled smoking lounge and outdoor patio area .

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We've got the clients books that they have already and we're going to take the covers off , keep them in case they choose to put them back on at some point .

But in a built in bookcase , you'll notice that I never have covers on books .

At least most of the time I don't , these are all the clients books .

So we're going to use those first and then we're going to fill in with really inexpensive books that I bought at the Salvation Army .

The most important thing that I'm looking for when those book covers come off is I want the colors to complement my color choices that will dignify the built in and at 25 cents a book that's a steal , loving this difference and height .

Here .

I just feel like it's , it loses its drama when it's such a wimpy .

Do you have a pen ?

Do you have a tape measure ?

Do you have tape ?

Do you have tools ?

Do you know what to do to help me ?

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You don't want that ?

I do .

Ok .

So you want to , I want to market it where I want it .

Let me go get my stuff .

I do .

Thank you .

Do hurry because I'm old .

This needed to be more of this kind of a drop .

And so it's about a what ?

123 , maybe 3.5 inch of steak , Mike .

I'm getting an arm .

I know .

I know because perfection is happening right here .

So , you know , there's no guarantee perfection would happen again .

I have my balance right where I want it with those pins .

Uh That's not gonna cut it .

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Hey , Shirley , it's Rebecca .

Guess what ?

It's an install and you know what that means , right ?

That means I need you to fix something .

Usually we have about a week to do an install .

Not this time .

Do you have time to fix it before tomorrow by tomorrow ?

Yeah , this is just a two day install .

We've called on the guys at Mahogany run .

Once again , guys .

Hi , how are you for our show of strength and to provide the muscle for our madness .

We need to move the carpet inside the house first .

Yeah , I mean , I'm glad there's a bunch of you underneath them .

A pool .

Where ?

Oh my guys .

Why is this two ?

You ?

No disrespect .

But these guys are managers .

We need some grunt lifters over here .

I hope you guys are good at picking up the pool table .

Ok .

Correct it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The first task is going to be retrieving the beautiful rug from the billiard room and moving it into our newly remodeled man cave .

I mean , look at the colors .

They're perfect .

Not to mention this saves us a little bit of money .

Well , actually a lot of money on our budget that I can put elsewhere .

You've got a grout line to follow .

Looks like you might be up .

Just a wins .

Gotcha .

All right , let's get some vacuum and uh head on to the next thing .

Thank you .

We have a sofa that fits there .

We have this amazing huge piece of art , two floor lamps , a , a sofa table that goes behind it .

A custom one that the iron guy is bringing right now .

So let's bring it in ending their because of that .

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Just see we have a piece he gotta go back , you know , on the piece .

So I tend to get a little coy when I get nervous , it's a safety mechanism .

Guess he probably doesn't have it down the corners .

Luis Luis can be a little irresponsible when it comes to time management and organization .

Not a joke .

Come here .

Maybe eccentric would be a nicer way to put it .

Get here .

Come here , come here , Louise .

I'm gonna kill you .

Louise drives me nuts sometimes when there's so little time stunts like this .

Mm mm .

Not gonna happen .

Have you even built it yet ?

And how could you forget it ?

That's what you do when you don't actually build things yet , you say you forgot it but you didn't forget it .

You just don't have it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you're back here in an hour in an hour , then I owe you an apology .

If you're not , then you owe me way more than an apology .

But what stunning work .

So , you know how I had Oscar modify that pop outs , add that little bit of trim .

Well , it caused a problem in the end because now the back plates don't fit .

Do you have a , a hex head ?

I remember you going .

This is listed .

So cutting in altern fixtures , we do it all the time .

We're not doing anything to this .

Fire wires have to go in a fire rated box .

Pictures have to be sealed that we could have Luis build us a little like a quarter inch .

If you could just fabricate a little shim to go back there .

I think we'd be good to go .

Is Louis still here ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

If he makes this at 38 and the same .

Mhm .

Exactly .

All right , we can do this .

You can put this in tomorrow .

Right .

We'll be here tomorrow .

Ok , Louise , I guess I'm gonna start being nice to you .

Now .

L how are you ?

Gloria is on board to provide the botanicals once again for this project because it's a man's cave .

I want to keep it more masculine .

So we're just going to go with greens and some resin .

We haven't done the entry way yet .

We've only done that room and the family room .

But this is the first thing you see when you walk in and who they're doing a wedding here in two days , her daughter is getting married and I'm not even drinking .

You know what I'm saying ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm going to talk to the homeowner and see if she's ordered fresh flowers for here .

But I think , you know , the arrangement you did for my entry and that big clear with the branches would be stunning here .

You know , there's a trick to this .

It's called whatever you do .

Don't you dare cut into the shade .

There we go .

And I'm gonna help you out of here right away because you need to get to work as do we all .

I have a nice intimate entertaining area planned for this patio .

It's perfect for any summer's day or night .

Oh , that's nice .

How much space do we have between the top of the table and the , so we've got about nine inches .

Why don't we do ?

Um , a little bit more space on the top than the bottom ?

Because the visual because the angle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , of course not .

That would be too easy .

We've accomplished a lot on day one and things are coming together nicely .

We have a couple more placements to make and then it's time for that drink and um , it's our second and final day so much to be done and no time to waste .

We're putting the final touches on the room , making our last placement decisions and working flawlessly do something .

Look busy .

I'm gonna play around with how I want to do this .

I hope that you guys have enjoyed the install of the Carl's bad project .

Unfortunately , I can't show you the reveal of the room yet because our chairs haven't shown up .

They were back ordered and I can't do a final reveal video without the chairs .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I apologize for the delay .

I promise next time , I'm going to have the reveal footage for you .

So you can see how this project turned out .

Meantime , take a look at the shots I took with my own camera on my way out and I think I broke my skin and see who .

No , I'm serious .

Like there's just stuff everywhere boys move the stuff .

I'm just , yeah , you are laughing honestly .

Well , at cleaning stuff , I've never been very good with cleaning stuff .

65 .


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