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2023-07-22 13:12:12

Huge Meesho Home Decor Haul _ Affordable Items For Decoration _ Best Collection For Aesthetic Decor

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The kind of work you do .

Not everyone will understand or appreciate you , but the ones who do will never forget about you .

So do whatever you like to do to make your soul happy and alive .

Hey guys , welcome back to our stories .

I hope you all are doing good .

Wish you a very happy new year .

I hope guys today's video is all about .

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Do not Instagram people follow us that they have ideas .

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So guys , Maha Indian Savings sale from seventh of January to eighth of January to offer I have a good collection of serving tray .

They are really helpful to organize things on your dining table , center table .

And this one I got from this comes in set of three and here I have used it to keep it on my Santa Table .

The quality is desensitive and I have been using it for last one year and I'm very happy with this purchase and this set of tray is available on me for rupees 603 on me .

Show things are more affordable than other online websites .

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You just have to be a little cautious while placing your order .

My next recommendation for you is this wooden stool ?

I was scrolling down and found this stool though I have bought this stool from Amazon long back , but I would like to recommend you to buy this from me .

Show because of the price difference on my show , this tool is available for rupees 1106 and on Amazon , its price is rupees 2000 .

If you want to give some different look to your space , then you can add this kind of light .

They look very stylish and attract attention .

The quality of this light is quite good .

You can add it to your living room or your fire area or your dining area or balcony .

It looks very stylish .

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This glass lamp is available for rupees 497 on affordable deal , the quality is really good as you all know , product , product , product description box .

Next product which I feel is very useful are these tea , coffee and sugar containers ?

These containers are airtight and very sturdy .

I have been using them for a very long time and I feel everyone should have this as these boxes are already labeled .

It is very easy to locate them .

On my show , these boxes are available for rupees 295 which I feel is a steel deal .

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Next product which has been very useful is this stainless steel stand where I have kept those things , which needs to be very handy .

This stainless steel standard is also very affordable .

In 311 you will get this on when you are working in the kitchen .

It's very important to keep things organized and handy to keep the cups for serving tea and coffee on daily basis .

This stainless steel stand is a must have thing in your kitchen .

The stainless steel stand is also very affordable .

You can get the stainless steel stand for rupees 249 from me .

Next purchase , I'm going to share with you is my favorite .

This is a wall shelf which you can install on a wall as well , but I have kept it on my little shelf .

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You will get a small drawer in it to store things or you can also use it as jewelry organizer , but this purchase is not from me .

I got this from Pepper fry .

This is made up of wood and the quality is really good description box price around 3000 .

I would like to recommend the skin basket .

You can use it to organize things on your center table .

I got this skin basket from Amazon , but a similar one is available on my as well on my show .

This basket is available for rupees 1096 which is very cheaper than Amazon .

My next purchase is a very unique and stylish for Decor .

You can decorate your living room or for area with this mirror .

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The body of this mirror is metallic and the quality is really good .

You can definitely buy this mirror to decorate your space and this mirror is available for rupees 1230 to 1 me show .

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I have been using this metallic mirror for a very long time .

I really love this .

This is a perfect decor piece for my living room on my show .

This product is available for rupees 964 .

As you all know , I have a small business of scented candles .

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These candles are available in different fragrances and containers to place your order DM Me on Instagram or email me details are shared in the description box .

And I would like to say thank you to those who have already placed the order and have supported my small business .

Thank you so much guys .

So guys , this is all about today's video .

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Thank you so much guys for watching .

Till the end .


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