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Hey , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

My name is Kristen and today I'm going to be sharing with you some of my favorite Amazon Home Vines that I've purchased from my home recently .

I have found some beautiful home decor , really useful diy products and home cleaning essentials that you absolutely need to know about .

I'm going to be linking all of these different products down below in the description box , so you guys can easily find them as well .

I'm also always updating my Amazon storefront with all of my recent purchase .

So , pretty much whatever I buy on Amazon , I load into there so you guys can check it out as well if you enjoy watching and find this video helpful .

Make sure give it a big thumbs up and hit that like button and let's go ahead and jump right into it .

We're going to start with one of my favorite Amazon Home Decor products .

This is something I included in my recent family room makeover and I would say it was like the perfect finishing touch to the entire room .

Everyone was asking for the link to these , so might as well include them first these are my phone , cherry blossom stems and they are gorgeous .

I didn't know what they were going to look like when I ordered them .

And I feel like I got really lucky .

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They come in a pack of three like this .

So individually the stems look more like this and I like that .

You can bend them in different directions to really make them look large and expansive .

I love them .

They look realistic .

they're lightweight , they have movement to them and they don't have like a plasticky shine , which I really like .

The pack of three is $45 .

I end up actually ordering two packs because I wanted my floral arrangement to look really big and really make a statement .

So you can always double up , triple up just depending on your vessels .

But these come in different colors .

I would say the white looks most realistic and expensive .

So I would suggest going for the white if you're going to pick these as well .

But I , I think they would just look stunning on top of a dining room table at an entry way on a TV console .

Like I did just any kind of surface that you want to make a statement and add some life and color and just a sense of softness .

I would highly recommend these .

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I like that .

These are very long .

So I bent mine like this to be able to fit it in the vase .

But you can extend it just like this and they're super , super long .

So if you really want to make a tall statement and you have high ceilings , these would be incredible .

You can do some long , some shore and just make it look really organic .

So these are a perfect faux floral find .

If you're looking for anything similar for your home , if you like to create atmosphere around your home with candles , but you don't want open flames with Children or pets .

You need these faux tapered candles .

These are actually battery powered .

They have a little button on the bottom and they look so realistic .

I have tried so many different battery powered candles and this one looks the best .

I was in shock when I ordered these over Christmas , I had them all over my home .

I was just completely obsessed .

They come in packs of six for $25 and I ordered two or three packs because I wanted these everywhere .

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They glimmer , they glow , they kind of move a little bit and the actual candlestick is covered in wax .

So it looks very realistic .

It has a nice shape at the top as well .

They also have a little built in timer .

I'm pretty sure they stay on for six hours and turn off for six hours , something like that .

But if you turn them on at night , they'll glow at night and then turn off during the day .

So you don't even have to think about them .

You won't be having to go around your home pressing buttons or lighting candles .

This is pretty much all you need .

I also love the color it gives off .

It's not orange .

I actually put this up beside a real candle and the color difference was pretty much the same .

So that's really what I was looking for .

Something super realistic that would just look beautiful around my home .

As you probably noticed by now , I love vintage art .

I love creating gallery walls and really making my home look collected through art .

And usually I find a lot of these prints on Etsy , I download files .

I go get them printed and that's kind of a whole process on its own .

But it's a way to get affordable art .

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Another way that I realized was just going on Amazon .

I found a pack of six vintage art prints for $16 and they were already printed .

They're printed on mat paper , they look beautiful .

So here's example of two of them , the pack of six comes with 38 by tens like this and then 35 by seven pieces .

So you have a mixture of sizes and orientation .

So we have some horizontal , some vertical and I wanted to show you the difference of these two because this one I decided to put into a thrift frame and take out the glass .

So you really get this matte painted look .

This one is in a frame with glass .

So you get a little bit of layer , it kind of shows a little bit more like a poster rather than a painting .

So all of these prints do not come framed , they're just the paper prints and then you have to frame them yourself .

I like that .

They show a ton of texture in them as well .

The print is obviously flat because it's on paper .

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But you can see the texture of the canvas and the texture of the paint .

And I think that looks incredible .

It's such an easy way to really get that aged collected .

Look around your home without spending too much money .

I would say every home needs a measuring tape .

If you're ordering furniture , if you're doing any improvements or renovations , you definitely need one .

I've been using a regular measuring tape for years until I got this electronic measuring tape .

This is a laser measuring tool and it totally takes the place of a measuring tape .

Have you ever tried to measure something so long where your measuring tape bends ?

It's not straight anymore .

Maybe you need to call in a second person to hold up the other end .

This is going to save you from that .

This has a self leveling feature so you can just pop it up against the wall , press the measure button and a laser shoots to the other side of the wall or wherever your end point needs to be and measures that distance this measures up to 165 ft and it's $29 .

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So I think this is such a good fine .

I actually find it to be a little bit more accurate than a measuring tape as well because sometimes you're not counting those little lines properly and you end up maybe measuring a little bit off .

So this is a , it quick , easy .

You can throw it into your purse , take it anywhere .

And I just think this is a must when it comes to any kind of diy project right now on to my Amazon home cleaning .

Find I recently purchased this super simple , easy to use lightweight floor mop and this mop was less than $20 .

It was 18 99 or something like that .

It's simple .

It's pretty , it's super neutral in color .

I know that's random , but like I don't really love a bright red mop that sits in the corner my home and it looks like an eye sore .

This is kind of neutral and blends in , but it's very easy to use .

I specifically like it because you can load in your own cleaning product .

So I always wash the floors with just water and vinegar so I can just load in my homemade cleaner and get the floors cleaned .

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These floors specifically need to have less water on them .

So I didn't want to have a big heavy water mop that was going to spread water all around the floor .

I wanted something super minimal .

So this just sprays lightly on the floor with this little handle and it just makes it super easy .

It also came with three of these microfiber cloths that just velcro onto the bottom of the mat and I just throw these in the wash and clean them .

So if you're looking for something similar , something kind of like a swiffer size light weight like that , this definitely works .

Now , it's no steam cleaner or anything fancy like that .

This is pretty much for lighter cleaning jobs , but I like that .

I don't have to prepare a bucket of water .

I don't have to plug anything in .

So I think this is a pretty easy , easy cleaning tool that anyone could use around their home .

Now into some furniture , I have found three recent furniture finds that I have been loving .

They look good , they function well and I needed to share them with you guys .

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So the first one is upstairs in our hallway , I've been looking for something to act as an extension of my closet and an extension of our linen closet .

If you don't have a ton of closet space in your home , you could probably use more and a wardrobe cabinet like this would really add some value .

I like that .

This cabinet has hanging space , shelving space and drawer space .

So it's kind of an all in one piece .

So I've been using it for a lot of my jackets that I don't have space for extra pillows , extra bedding , all the things that I really use upstairs in my home , it comes in different finishes , but I ordered it in white .

Just for simplicity , it comes with little handles and poles .

You can always interchange those and I just think it's great for some extra storage .

Another one of my favorite Amazon furniture finds was this sideboard I used in my family room .

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I put three these sideboards together to create a long large look under my TV to really hide clutter , make it look clean and put together , but also make it look like a large expensive furniture piece .

Each one of these cabinets was just $140 .

So even after purchasing three , I ended up with a pretty budget friendly piece that looks really large and expensive .

I loved that it was a white oak finish .

So it matched my floors really well and it has that texture on the front that just adds this nice laid back look to it .

These also come in black if you want to do something a little bit darker and create more of a modern look , I'd say .

But these originally come with legs and hardware .

I looked at them and thought since I'm the one putting it all together , I can just not include the legs and not include the hardware and create a whole new look .

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So I highly recommend these pieces if you're looking to create a similar look in your home , maybe for a dining room , buffet , a sideboard , an entryway console table , or maybe even a media .

It like this .

And lastly this little side table I got now this was something that just really stood out to me on Amazon .

It looked beautiful .

I liked the traditional shape of it .

It was small .

I kind of like these little side drink tables that don't take up too much space in your home .

But after purchasing it for just $63 I went to an antique store and saw them all over the store at the exact same table for $275 .

So I knew I got a deal finding it on Amazon .

It's probably a duplicate of a very traditional classic piece , but it literally looks identical .

And if you're looking for that same traditional look in your home , I'd highly recommend it .

It's a great height .

It's a great size .

It's heavy because it's all metal and I think it just looks stunning and a great little statement piece in any home .

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Now , something that a lot of people comment on when they come into our home is actually our cat fountains .

I found two of these clear cat fountains on Amazon and we've been loving them .

Our cats like them , we like them and they just work for us if you have cats like ours that like running water and maybe ask for water at the sink , you can get them away from your sinks and at their water station just by using these little water fountains .

So they do sound like you have a little fountain in your home .

There is a little running water sound , but they're not too loud .

I've actually tried different versions and this has been my favorite one .

And again , these are affordable .

They're $20 each .

You can plug them right in and they filter a liter and a half of water .

Now , I'm always trying to improve our guest experience in our home because we do host a lot of family .

So I upgraded our shower essentials using these bottles .

This came in a little pack of three and they're plastic amber bottles so that they won't break in the shower .

They're large in size .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I don't have to do a ton of refilling and they actually come with these nice labels that just look expensive and high end and they're really not .

There's a lotion option , there's a body wash option , hand soap and dish soap .

So you can use these all over your home .

I just think they look nice .

They kind of take away that branding around your home and make everything look decorative and really classic .

So I absolutely love these .

I think they're such a perfect find for your bathroom or a guest bathroom around your home .

If you really want to make it look a little bit more upscale .

And lastly one of my favorite additions to our home are my rechargeable wall sconces .

I use these in our family room right above the sofa and they are incredible .

They come in a pack of two and they come with rechargeable light bulbs so you can charge them up to create power and the light lasts for about 15 hours .

So that is pretty good .

You can also control the light temperature of them through the remote that it comes with .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you can do cool light if you're looking for more of a modern look or you can do warm light to create a really cozy , warm space .

So I like that they're controllable that way .

So you can really create the look that you want in your home .

But the overall style of them is very classic and traditional .

They look expensive and it's pretty cool that they don't actually come with any wires inside .

So you can just install them right on to your wall and you have instant wall sconces .

All right .

So that's it for my Amazon home finds .

I've been loving around my home recently .

Let me know in the comments , which one of these products was your favorite ?

What's something that you have your eye on that you would love to add to your cart ?

Definitely check out my Amazon storefront if you're ever looking for new products in the future .

And if you enjoyed watching and found this video helpful .

Make sure give it a big thumbs up and hit that like button and make sure you guys to subscribe to my channel .

So you don't miss the upcoming videos .

Click that red subscribe button down below and make sure you guys have my notifications turned all the way on .

So you're first to see the next video .

Love you guys so much and I'll see you .

My next one .

Bye .


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