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2023-07-21 08:53:04

How to Blog on Facebook

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Yeah , how to blog on Facebook .

Open your favorite browser , go to facebook dot com , log into your Facebook account with your user name and password .

Now go to your blog and copy the link of the blog entry .

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You want to be posted to Facebook , return to Facebook and locate the field where it says what's on your mind .

Then paste the link to your blog entry within the update status box .

You will be presented with the option to publish a picture or thumbnail for your blog entry on Facebook .

Click on the post button , your Facebook friends will now see your blog link within their news feeds .

You can also use note feature to blog on Facebook to do this .

Click on the notes link on the left side of your Facebook session from either your home or profile pages .

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Click on the right end note button to access a blank note pad page , write or paste your blog content onto the blank page .

Then format the text according to your preferences .

Click on the publish button to publish your blog content on Facebook .

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Your friends can then access the blog from the notes section when they view your profile .

This is how you can blog on Facebook .

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