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2023-07-22 12:50:35

INTERIOR DESIGN _ Update Your Home for Spring _ My Living Room Update & Makeover for the Season

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Hello and welcome back to my channel .

Welcome to Ken Woven .

I'm Rebecca Robson and I'm going to be hosting you today in this series that we've been running here on youtube called updating my home for spring and summer today .

I'm going to show you my living room and my music room .

You know what's really weird about it ?

I actually revealed my living room , my sun room and my music room to you just a few months ago .

It was right after Christmas and it was great for winter .

I mean , beautiful .

I loved how it looked , it was so cozy for the winter and I had my fireplace on all the time .

It was amazing .

But I decided , you know what , spring and summer are so close .

I want to update things so that my house always feels fresh and new to me .

What do I mean ?

When I say that I'm going to do a spring and summer refresh , you know , you could do that in your home too .

What does that actually mean ?

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Well , for some people , it's just changing out some throw pillows for other people .

It's bringing in some fresh flowers or some beautiful fresh plants for me .

I kind of did a little of everything but kept the main pieces .

The main pieces .

Remember this room was kind of dark before white .

Well , because I did the dramatic thing of adding the black wall into my music room and the black fireplace .

How can you take black and white and spring it up ?

Summer it up ?

Let's take a look .

I'll walk you through it right now .

So here's where I started .

The first thing was and the obvious thing , the largest surface in this entire room is the floor .

And before take a look at the rug that I used to have in here .

Yes , it was brown and it really blended in perfectly with the wood flooring that I have , which is in and of itself has its advantages .

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But I also had a beautiful larger rug that I brought from San Diego .

And I've always loved this rug , brought that up from the basement .

That is one stinking heavy rug , right ?

Ok .

So the idea is to change this out in the spring year colors from this one to that one and we laid it down and I went , oh my gosh , that is beautiful .

The second thing that we did was I changed out the pillows before the pillows were the brick red color that went so well with the room behind me .

But with this , you know what the pillows that used to be in my family room , the butterscotch color they came in here and with the , it looked perfect .

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So those were my two big things and then I added an additional pillow that had almost a rope or jute effect to it .

And that was another little clue or cue of a finish or a look or a color that I could include in this room .

You'll notice that the painting here did not change .

And in a few minutes , I'll show you that the horse painting didn't change .

Why is that ?

These are not prints .

These are actual original oil paintings .

And for that reason , they need to stay .

They were an investment in my decor .

So I'm working around them as well and yes , this does look more wintery and fall .

But I think all the other things that I did in here have compensated have balanced it out .

And I think it looks a little more springy mental checklist plant that looks summery , springy , doesn't it ?

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That gets to stay these two pieces of art , although they have dark colors in them as well .

They are matted in the white and framed in the brushed gold .

Those get to stay my beautiful white window treatments .

Those get to stay .

Guess what ?

Absolutely had to go .

I hate to say it because I love this guy .

My horse's head , I belong , I belong to you and I replaced it with this amazing basket .

This is what they call the garlic .

Pretty fancy .

Basket wear there .

And then you know what I did , I bought these beads .

I just love wooden beads and glass beads .

I love beads .

Ok .

So I wrapped this around it and look this little tassel in this raffia kind of rope .

Look , I just thought added some texture .

Some interest .

Isn't that fabulous ?

And look how it ties in with my pillows .

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And as I continue to travel down , I still love my clear lamp with a white shade .

These marble frames super great for summer and for spring , we brought in a tree that has a variation of color in the leaves .

This has actual white included in the leaf .

You see that ?

Not as green , more green , white , definitely more springy .

Then , of course , my beloved ladder .

Now , this thing is so old .

I bought this at Matilda's Mouse years ago and I've used it for a lot of things , but I love it as a throw holder .

It's a ladder and it's , it rolls , see who it's a rolling ladder , right ?

And fortunately , my ceiling is tall enough for it to fit in this room .

So I just took each one of the wrongs and put blankets on them .

Now , did I change this out for the season ?

Actually ?

No , but I added something .

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Look at this , a little rope of wooden beads again , I say like Raffa or rope , whatever twine , just a little touch to sort of bring in the new color scheme and the new feel of the light and airy .

Look in this room as we walk into the center of the four chairs facing each other .

What kind of upgrades or things that I do to make it a little more springy and summery .

Well , my accessorizing , let's take a look at the things right here in the very middle .

I removed the books and the dark wood bowl that was here before , which was fabulous for the winter and I replaced it with this plant .

Now , this is fresh and springy , don't you think ?

But do you see what I did here ?

Take a look at the color of the pillows with this plant .

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Still giving me a lighter and more airy look in this room on the coffee table .

Do you remember what was here before ?

Well , let's take a look .

I kept a few of the things I kept the books .

Actually , I replaced one of them .

And if you look closely , the top of the book has the same color as the pillows that are in this room .

But I put on top of it , take a look at this .

This is a piece of coral and I love coral .

This piece is actually separate from the base .

The base is a piece of glass .

It's solid glass and then this just sits on top .

But because the light from either side of the room can reflect through this piece of glass , it just adds .

So much more of a springy and summery look .

And then I got a new bird .

I had a bird before .

I love birds .

Some people hate birds .

Do you hate birds ?

Leave me a comment below .

Question of the video .

How do you feel about birds in your home ?

Decor ?

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Well , I hope you like this one .

He's um non threatening and he's super cute and he's white behind me .

I used to have these really amazing lanterns and the fire would light up and it was just so dreamy romantic yummy looking .

Well , look at this by bringing in a white pot and a Boston fern .

I pretty much covered up the space that otherwise looks very black .

Here's my black fireplace .

Am I gonna change the black fire ?

Know because I love it but adding this nice bright Boston fern in front of it with a white pot just took some of that black away and tied the room in together nicely .

Ok .

You ready ?

We're gonna go over there and I'm gonna show you what's on that table .

You ready to see it ?

This side of the room has changed dramatically .

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Let's start with these great accessories here on this little marble table .

I started with a new book now , I like books for decoration .

I truly do especially coffee table books , but I also like them if it's something I want to read about or take a look at pictures .

Is this the cutest book about dogs .

So look at the color , the color with this New RAA Rush rope .

Look in the room and then I got a little pedestal uh bowl and this is in like a matte finish .

So it's nice and milky white .

But these little eggs , these are eggs .

Guess what ?

I found them Easter time , but they are wood , they are wooden eggs and I'm gonna leave them here all summer and all spring because the color brings in again , everything that I'm doing in this room .

And I think it just sort of neutralizes everything and looks so great .

Aren't these just so cute ?

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Now , I didn't want to change my black wall and clearly a black wall just like a black fireplace is going to leave a darker feel in a room .

So here's what I did .

I just took out a few of the colored pieces of pottery that were in here for the fall and for the winter and I brought it all to white and clear just to add some life and some spring to this side of the room .

If you find yourself wondering how to really effectively your home in any room , you really should become a part of the design sessions .

The design sessions are not on youtube , but we actually have an app and you can download that app and you can get an entire week for free , which you definitely should do join the design sessions and you'll learn how to do all of this stuff .

All right .

So we take it from this black .

What was the big thing that I could do to make a huge change in my music room ?

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I painted out my wallpaper .

Perhaps you remember from my earlier videos and the reveals of this room , even my Christmas videos , the music room is probably my favorite spot in the whole house .

My one regret is that because of copyright , I cannot play it for you because it is so magical .

Love this room .

But you know what , I had done something last year and it was leading on into Christmas and a lot of you who follow me on Instagram .

If you don't follow me , please do .

It's Rebecca Robson on Instagram .

I showed how I picked out a wallpaper that looked a lot like brick .

It didn't look like brick .

Let me just say that I didn't want a faux brick wallpaper because I thought that would be cheesy .

This was a classy version of it .

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Well , if you saw the first video in this whole series where I kind of walk you through the house and explain things by now , you probably know that I am going to be moving .

I'm building my dream home .

I just bought the land I just signed for it yesterday .

So exciting that tells me I don't have to keep this brick because all of those long term plans have changed .

So it seemed like you know , I'm trying to lighten , brighten it and definitely that wallpaper was dark .

Perfect for Christmas .

Perfect for winter , not so great in the spring and summer .

Perfect time to change it .

So come and take a look at what it looks like now that it has merely been painted out .

Confirm that's imagine .

I was very pleased when I found out that I could indeed paint over this wallpaper and what it would look like is kind of like a grass cloth .

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0.33 --> 322.7

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And springy , but I did add a few extra things .

Now , the cool part was the way I had my niches here , the built ins here and this one , they were already in the perfect color scheme .

So I didn't have to touch anything .

It met my checklist criteria and it got to stay .

But here's what I did .

I added an additional fiddle fig leaf tree , so I had one on that side all along and I added a second .

So now when you walk into this room , you have complete symmetry .

It really , really looks beautiful .

And then just the addition of some fresh flowers on the piano that feels springy , summery , right .

Let me take you back in the living room and explain a couple last things that I did in these two rooms together to really make them complete any time .

You're updating a room with the core items .

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It's also a really good time to take a look at some of your functionality and just some practical things .

One of the things that I did both in the music room and in this room is I removed things like this brass receptacle covers and switch plates look that's certain that sort of sticks out like a sore thumb , right ?

OK .

So by taking those off and just replacing them with off white switch plate covers and outlet covers , it just sort of tied all of the color of the wall in with those functional things So now they don't stick out .

It's not a design element .

It's a necessity element .

They could go away .

The last three remaining items on my list that I wanted to address were number one , I had a burnt out light bulb in here .

It was the one that was supposed to be hitting my horse .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was not lighting up that horse , but once we replaced it , now it's lighting up the basket so beautifully .

The next thing was I had a , a conglomeration of cords .

Now , I do a lot of my work from this chair right here on my computer .

I sit in this chair and all of my cords to plug in were always over here , sort of behind the chair , but just a hot mess .

And , you know , I did , I found a super cute basket .

Everything goes in there now and you don't see it in the basket goes with my decor .

And then the last thing was , you know , I , when I ordered these chairs from restoration hardware , I actually ordered them to have down feathers in them .

I'm gonna tell you right now , if you're ordering furniture from restoration hardware , do not spend the money on the upgrade for down feathers because I did .

And boy did I have a rude awakening .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I took them in to the upholsterer because they were so hard .

It didn't feel good to sit here for hours .

They opened it up for me and guess what ?

I saw this many down feathers .

I don't remember what the upgrade was , but I can , I can tell you it was probably significant for each of these chairs .

So don't do it .

But I did have them rest stuff .

One of my cushions because I wanted to do , you know , don't , don't take all four in at once .

That's gonna cost you a lot of money all at one time and until , you know , for sure that's what you want .

But I can tell you right now this chair , this one , not those , this one is nice and boggy and comfortable .

And if you understand what my purpose and my intent was in the design of this room in the first place was to be a gathering place for my friends to come over and have a glass of wine and get so comfortable , impossible in these chairs .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I can tell you now , I'm going to have all four of them redone and it's gonna be like boggy time with Becky .

Hm .

I like the way that sounds .

I hope you guys have enjoyed this video .

Thank you so much for watching .

If you're not a subscriber , please subscribe to this channel .

Give this video a thumbs up .

Remember to check out the design sessions .

You get a first week for free and it will be the best decision you've made in a very long time .

I promise .

All right , you guys come back for our next episode .

Because there's more on how I updated my home for spring and summer .

All right , you guys , I'll see you next time .

Thanks for joining me today .

Bye bye .


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