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2023-07-31 13:28:50

Living Room Decorating Ideas _ Interior Design _ Fix It Fridays #16

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I got the most amazing video sent to me by one of my , one of my viewers .

She also happens to be part of the design sessions community .

And I want you to stay to the end of the video to be sure to hear what she has to say .

You guys remember when I showed you that gorgeous entry way , I told you it was the most expensive home I have ever done and I've done some expensive homes this time , I'm gonna take you and show you what I did with that furniture .

I'm gonna show you the living room .

So take a look at how the living room looked .

When I got there .

They had spent a lot of money on all this wood paneling because this was an arched opening here .

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They wanted to create a symmetrical look .

I get that and I agree with it .

So what they did was they paneled an arch here to mimic this .

You actually had to strain to look up as you look around the room .

You can see they had done window treatments and they were like a little awning balance .

I honestly don't think I've ever seen interior awnings before that was a new one for me .

Little Juliet balcony , which was kind of a waste of , I mean , what are you gonna do ?

Stand there and I don't know .

Sing to Romeo .

Here's a close up of one of those built ins .

So you can see that even the , the uh cherry stained maple lacked any kind of wood grain in it .

They did not change the receptacle colors , the switches and the outlets .

They were stark white against all that wood .

Mrs client loves contemporary .

So you can see that her influence and her taste was brought into this rounded furniture .

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Mr client wanted a completely open ceiling .

Mrs client thought we don't need that much ceiling .

I looked at them and I said , guys , I think I can accomplish both .

I decided at 10 ft , I would add a catwalk .

So get your heads out of the gutter .

It wasn't that kind of a catwalk on the upper floor just turns out that this house was full of very thick dry wall so thick that it was about 16 inches .

And how you got there was you entered through that Juliet balcony right here and walked out onto this space .

That is how it turned out .

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Leave me a comment below and let me know , am I brilliant or what you can see ?

The underneath side of the catwalk was paneled in solid wallet in a coffered effect .

Look at my lights , my lights the only reason it looks white there is because light is coming out of it , but the edges were black .

So it didn't stand out .

Do you see an outlet or a switch in here anywhere ?

No , because we make them blend in when I gave the clients the potential budget .

One of the things they took out was the accessory budget .

After we put all these gorgeous built ins in and all this stuff , they went on a cruise for two weeks while we installed their house and you know what ?

They left me on the counter of their kitchen , a check for $60,000 and said go buy some accessories .

So I went and I said I'll take two of those and six of those .

And it was so much fun .

You guys Matthew , can you imagine 60 grand just for accessories ?

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Good Lord .

It was like I I died and went to heaven .

I couldn't even go to a garage sale for that because I would have had to buy the house .

Let me just say creating this room , took a village , my craftsman who built all of the cabinetry worked for months .

Even the fireplace screen is custom made with a design that I created that brought in both the railing from the ironwork on the top top of the catwalk as well as what is in the entry .

But look at this .

Doesn't this look like two sets of French doors ?

It does this one remains closed and this one opens and leads you into what we then made into a beautiful library .

Do you want to see more of the accessorizing ?

Because the bulk of it , the majority of it is in the next room , the library come , let me know you want to see the library .

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If you look back at the video on the entryway , you'll see that the iron is installed all along the top .

But in this case , I wanted to maximize as much walking space as possible .

So all the iron work was installed on the side .

And I think it looks pretty sweet .

You know , I got the most amazing video sent to me by one of my , one of my viewers .

She also happens to be part of the design sessions community .

Hello , my name is Susan .

I live in State of Georgia .

My own husband told me that I had a bad case of analysis paralysis .

Every time the seasons would change , he would trip over furniture .

He said I just could not make up my mind .

Susan is my mom , Rebecca kind of gave her a sense of direction .

I think she finally , you know , feels she , she has a sense of excitement when she's designing , I would make a design decision and then I would doubt myself .

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So I wanted to gain some level of confit so that when somebody would come into my home , that it would be unique and it would be a showplace , you could take some of her ideas and actually use them to evolve into some of your own .

And that's what I've been able to do with , with some of Rebecca's videos .

She has served me as a great mentor and um I'm , I'm able to be proud of , of some of the things I've done as a result .

Susan from Georgia really made my day during the design sessions .

We spent an hour and a half with me teaching you principles , even demonstrating to you how I do things .

Every aspect of interior design .

I teach you everything .

I know and we make it fun .

It is live and when it goes live , you can watch it at that time and you can interact .

But here's the thing .

We also record the session .

So those recorded sessions are yours to watch whenever you want .

OK .

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As long as you , as you are signed up every session , I answer questions during the last 30 minutes .

So you have an opportunity to interact as well .

OK , Mary , I'm coming over .

You're gonna learn how to do these things and have so much confidence .

Every time you go and purchase something for your home , you're gonna know exactly what to get because I am going to teach you .

It is the best way .

It's almost like going to interior design school for 10 bucks a month .

Tell me where that happens .

All right , you guys , I will see you next time , please subscribe to this channel .

Leave us a comment .

Give us a thumbs up and share , share , share .

Ok , enough of that .

All right .


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