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2023-07-22 12:50:36

new Tv cabinet design _ living room tv unit design _ 2020

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It was not lighting up that horse , but once we replaced it , now it's lighting up the basket so beautifully .

The next thing was I had a , a conglomeration of cords .

Now , I do a lot of my work from this chair right here on my computer .

I sit in this chair and all of my cords to plug in were always over here , sort of behind the chair , but just a hot mess .

And , you know , I did , I found a super cute basket .

Everything goes in there now and you don't see it in the basket goes with my decor .

And then the last thing was , you know , I , when I ordered these chairs from restoration hardware , I actually ordered them to have down feathers in them .

I'm gonna tell you right now , if you're ordering furniture from restoration hardware , do not spend the money on the upgrade for down feathers because I did .

And boy did I have a rude awakening .


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