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2023-07-22 14:54:07

Living Room Ideas for a Small Space - IKEA Home Tour (Episode 407)

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Where to start .

Just try your best mom .

Try your best .

Try my best .

Hi .

My name is Crystal and this is Madison and this is Bambi , my fur baby .

When I was going through the process of buying a home , I thought I could have it decorated in a matter of months while I ate my words , it's hard to get started .

Just even picking the right color is a challenge because I , I want it to be perfect .

Now .

It's six plus months later and I don't feel like I've even gotten started .

This is our favorite room in the house .

The current used furniture that I have .

It's clunky .

My couch is small .

It would be great if we had some storage .

If I had like a thicker table , I like do so much arts and craft .

So this journey has been wonderful .

It's been educational .

It's been fun and it was a very interactive process .

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And I really appreciate that because I learned a lot about maximizing space colors , lights and now I'm ready to tackle the next project .

It was so beautiful and I was so surprised the table can actually move , do activities that was the best dining table ever .

The assembly was a breeze .

Now that we have a dining space , we can sit down and eat as a family .

It's gonna bring us together .

I am loving the storage .

Really nice .

Really ?

I also like the stools underneath the storage unit .

They double as little seats for Madison and her friends .

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I feel like it's just my whole that I could just put art and crafts and other stuff .

My friend came over and all three of us sat on the sofa .

We actually have space in between us and the sofa is very comfortable .

How do you think this is gonna help us be better friends if we have fun ?

If we have fun , fun is important if we help each other .

Yes .

So the , the underlying theme of all that you're saying is uh spending more time together and I think that's important .

It allows me to live .

I'm saying it allows me to live , but it , that's , that's really a big deal .

When I was 26 years old .

I was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago .

I don't , I don't think I saw this in my future .

So the fact that I moved across states , I have a new job and bought my first home .

They just major milestones for me .

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And , you know , after struggling for years , I finally feel like my life is coming back together .

It's getting back on track and it starts with my home .


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