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2023-07-21 09:00:38


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Hi , everyone .

My name is Arvin Olano and welcome to my youtube channel .

So nobody asked .

But in today's video , we are talking about things that you need to stop doing in your living room .

We are about to have a good laugh and a ton of fun .

So buckle up .

I always like to start these videos by saying that everything that I'm sharing today are just my personal opinions .

You don't have to listen to me .

Ok , you are an adult .

You can make your own decisions .

And Billy Jean , Sally Sue , if you think you are going to go down in the comments and write me a nasty comment and think you're gonna offend me .

Well , you thought wrong .

So the first thing that you need to stop doing in your living room and stop buying designer dupe blankets .

Ok .

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You know exactly what I'm talking about , Miss Glam Girl and Miss Farmhouse influencer girls are always sharing it on social media .

Oh , it's the Hermes blanket dupe from Amazon .

And can I just say I am not one to shy away from a logo ?

It's not even like it's not even like an aesthetic .

It's not even like a cool thing to have .

You're literally putting an H logo blanket on your sofa , bitch .

Your name .

Better be Holly or Happy or hoo hoo hoo .

Ok ?

To be having a blanket with an , to be having a blanket , I can't stop laughing .

No , stop buying these designer dupe blankets .

I know you've been thinking about this blanket .

Take it out of your cart , ok ?

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And instead of buying these stupid logo blankets , just go for something that is like really nice and soft and textural .

I do have a ton of favorites on my Amazon storefront that have like the beautiful fringe detail .

The next thing that you need to stop doing in your living room is decorating with two colors and two colors only .

I mean , let's take a look at this living room .

OK ?

There is a cream rug , there's some cream pillows and then you have a random blue velvet sofa in the middle to me .

This just feels disjointed .

It feels a little lackluster and I feel like you were just convinced that you needed a pop of color , which by the way , I hate that phrase .

OK ?

I don't want a pop of color .

No , I don't want that .

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I want a blend , a beautiful co mixture of colors .

Now , I want you to look at this living room .

It's a little too colorful for me .

It's not my style , but you can see the use of color and the blend of different tones , get a variety of tones , not just the 12 .

The next thing that you need to stop doing in your living room is making it look like a jungle .

Now , Miss Green Thumb , you are not about to film the next Tarzan movie in your living room .

There is no reason to have 50 plants in your living room .

There's just not and I get it .

Ok .

We were in lockdown .

You were bored , girl , I get it .

Ok ?

I've been there .

I had a jungle here in my office at one point .

It got so overwhelming .

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I had naps and it was just not cute .

You guys , let's keep it in moderation .

Ok ?

Miss Poison Ivy .

Let's calm it down .

Oh my gosh .

All the plant youtubers are quaking after I said that the next thing you need to stop doing in your living room is buying a slip cover for your old sofas .

I can't even believe I am talking about this but I have seen it on Pinterest .

You have this really old maybe like a hand me down sofa .

You hate it .

You don't like it and you think oh let me go on to Amazon or on Google and search slipcover sofa .

Listen , the problem with these slip cover sofas that you find on Amazon is it's not a one size fits all .

You know what's gonna happen .

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You're going to put that slip cover and then you sit on it and all of the fabric is gonna pull , it's gonna like look all nasty and dingy and just , it's not gonna look good .

Ok .

The next thing that you need to stop doing in your living room is adding a shelf on top of your sofa .

I don't know why this is the thing , but when you add a floating shelf of some kind above your sofa , I feel like that's just dangerous .

Can you imagine if you're sitting , you have your shelf there and all of a sudden a vessel falls on your head and just instead of doing that , you guys , if you wanna hang art , you wanna hang decorative accessories above your sofa , go the traditional route , do your photos , do your art pieces .

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But what I like to do is I like to use command strips and I will mount interesting decorative pieces above my sofa .

Exhibit a and exhibit B I will link my favorite command strips that are so strong that I can literally hold up a sculpture on my wall .

Get creative .

If you hang something on your wall that's like cool and and different tag me on Instagram .

I want to see .

Oh my gosh .

Wait , I haven't talked to you about my um essential oil today .

So today for my little Aroma therapy session , I have my trusty vivi diffuser , which I have a code .

It's Arvin .

I will link it down for you .

You'll save 20% off .

Ah mm I am diffusing an essential oil called the Hotel .

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And it's actually inspired by the Delano Hotel here in Vegas , which I think is so strange and funny and weird , but it actually smells so good .

I got it from Amazon .

I'm all about the oils .

I just love a good aromatherapy moment .

Ok .

The next thing you need to stop doing in your living room is buying brown sofas .

I love brown .

I love accents of brown .

I love little brown furniture pieces , brown tables .

The color brown itself is beautiful but something about those deep dark brown sofas that just is a dead giveaway of a dated living room .

Mm .

It just feels very sad .

And if you want to get a sofa that's on the darker color because you're worried about your kids , you're worried about your pets .

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I recommend going for a sofa that's maybe more like a dark gray or maybe a dark like Coia instead of like a deep dark brown .

The dark brown just to me looks like poopy brown .

Ok ?

It looks like poop .

And you know what if you are looking for an affordable sofa ?

I was doing research for another video and I found out that Amazon sofas are apparently pop in .

I couldn't find any that were not sold out .

So I will link some of my favorites down below that are still available .

The next thing that you need to stop doing in your living room and this might be a little controversial .

You need to stop it with all the family photos .

Oh , and I get it .

You love your family .

I love my family as well .

And you wanna have your memories displayed in your living room , which is fine .

It's totally fine .

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But when every single corner is like a gallery wall , I think it can get a little overwhelming and it can feel a little cheap sometimes .

Now this is just my opinion , my preference .

Ok ?

But if you wanna have like a family photo moment , do a gallery wall .

Ok .

Do a gallery wall , make it a focal point in one wall of your living room , make it a wall that's like next to the sofa or maybe a little corner moment .

You do a gallery wall and it's just gonna feel a little more elegant .

It's gonna feel a little bit more designed .

The next thing that you need to stop doing in your living room is buying too many pillows , Billy G and Sally Sue .

You need to calm down with all the pillows .

Like when I see something like this , where am I supposed to sit ?

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So instead of having your pillows kind of leaning back straight up like this , you want to put them at an angle , right ?

So like this , see how it's like 0 45 degree and you're gonna do the same with this little guy .

It's gonna be 45 degrees and you can even have a third lumbar pillow right here .

When you're sitting at the edge of the sofa , you wanna be the next thing you need to stop doing in your living room is having your light fixtures all in the same level .

Now , this effect is like a weird , it kind of feels eerie and it feels like you're in like a hospital .

When all the lights are in the exact same height level , you don't want your living room to feel like a hospital .

You want to have this like mood lighting right now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The trick is to have your lights at different height levels .

If you look at this photo , the lights are really kind of guiding your eyes around the room and it creates this beautiful glow .

I have a ton of affordable lamp recommendations and sconces , by the way , beautiful sconces .

I'll link them down below for you .

All right , everyone .

That was it for me today .

Thank you so much for watching .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

And if you did sound off in the comments down below and if you're brand new , don't go yet , go ahead and watch my , stop doing this in your bedroom video because stop doing this as a whole series here on my channel .

We just love to have fun .

We love to laugh .

We look at interior design in an approachable level .

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button before you go and I'll see you in my next video .

Bye everyone .


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