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2023-07-22 12:46:35

Top 10 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know _ Latest Home Ideas & Inspirations

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Hello , my name is Alex Lee and I am from design seats .

In our previous episode , there was a huge demand requesting for us to publish more top 10 compilation videos due to the immense demand , we decided to craft an enticing episode to share it with you for 2020 three's design seats .

First episode , but first , we would like to express our utmost gratitude with you a flashback of the mos we achieved last year .

Thanks to all of you .

The core vision of this channel is to share knowledge and inspire those who are in search of good and relatable design content .

And our aim is to boost the understanding and awareness of good design .

Today , we are grateful that we have touched base with close to 400,000 youtube subscribers with several video surpassing over 2 million views .

This achievement has given us more encouragement and motivation to continue pursuing for more interesting contents for you .

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Let's get to today's episode on design seat .

We will be revealing our top 10 best interior design trends .

Modern English design .

Modern English is a style that combines British style design with contemporary elements .

This design concept is quite popular for its ability to achieve an elegant and timeless look .

Modern English design evokes a sense of timelessness , luxury and elegance .

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It also emphasizes on comfort and practicality .

Materials of superior quality reflects on the sophistication of the English design .

Unlike the classic English designs , draperies and color palettes of the modern English concepts are normally kept plain and neutral wall panelings which are called Wanes skirting are commonly recognized as the focal elements of the English design .

Modern European people have the perception that modern European has a rustic identity or it crosses the line towards Victorian design mainly due to the familiar arch doorways ceiling designs and Wanes cutter .

However , the European design tends to touch more on the elements of art deco .

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There's a timeless quality to the design approach that it almost feels like the house could exist in the past , present or even the future .

The color schemes are often very neutral and the material usage are focal towards natural materials like stone , marble and wood .

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Despite the neutral tonality , modern European design tends to be more eye catching and dramatic in selections of details , heritage check a contemporary design movement that merges localized design and fashionable elements with conceptual idea developments based on local Malaysian heritage , like traditional basket weaving modernized into an art mural that gravitates attention , a design concept that is modern , elegant and closely associated with sophistication , vibrant selection of color combination .

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This makes heritage always fun and quirky more contemporary , the broadest design concept trend with limitless possibilities .

This is because modern contemporary design is the current and most popular preferred design concept in our current era , a design style that emphasizes clean lines and curved details , natural materials with strong contrast and spatial choreography , decluttering spaces , keeping storage areas tucked neatly within the carpentry works and cultivating a sense of openness .

This design concept favors open spaces with top full space planning and purposeful design .

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Another key factor of modern contemporary design is its attention to bespoke craftsmanship which extends to an appreciation for quality materials and artisan compact luxury in the design language .

We believe there's never space too small to disregard as an opportunity to infuse luxury design .

Compact apartments are quite favorable these days and most people would choose compact homes as a way of living yet not compromising on living .

An upscale lifestyle .

Luxury design is about exclusivity favorable among those well traveled , being exposed to high end hotels and upscale living compact luxury is design that focuses on the top of the line products and materials that makes one feel like living in your apartment seem like checking in a five star hotel on a daily basis .

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Cultivating intricate detailing that are personalized to one's lifestyle and comfort way of living .

Minimalist design .

Minimalist design involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and Uncluttered space .

It's characterized by simplicity .

Linear lines complemented by monochromatic palette with minimal colors use as accents , modest and contented is the key characters of minimalist pursuing a lifestyle that focuses less on materials possessions and more on what one values in life .

The concept of less is more is also one of the factors that makes minimalist design more affordable .

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The practical essence of minimalist design is how it embraces natural lighting , functional furnitures , clean lines and borrowed landscape .

Japan design , a fusion of Japanese aesthetic and Scandinavian design .

The hybrid of the two different styles amalgamates to strike an interesting balance that creates a calming and welcoming design mode .

Contrast is essential in Japan design commonly recognized in lighter wood drains .

This project leaves exaggeration of darker accent of wood color to create contrast , complementing the minimalist harmony of the Zen influence concept , practical and functional , slick , simple yet elegant .

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The Japan design is all about neutral tonality , lots of textures and natural materials , luxury tropical design .

When you have the luxury of space , what would you do with it ?

Luxury tropical design isn't just about building a large home but how the house is built adapting to nature .

This luxury mansion is built with the home surrounding the lap pool and landscape .

With the implementation of folding glass curtains , it blurs the boundaries between the interior and the exterior , making this luxury mansion feel even more spacious and connected to the tropics .

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Luxury design certainly varies based on personal preference .

However , this high end interiors focuses on curating elements that highlights the quality and sophistication with both dazzling display of exotic and rare stones and finishes from all around the world , customizable fittings and automated systems that improves the convenience of one's lifestyle moi design .

Muji design is a Japanese concept that embodies an exquisite and minimalist design concept that is influenced by the Japanese Zen culture .

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Muji style interior shares a serene organized warm and calming vibe with the linear strips and framed carpentry design features and organic elements looking subtle yet creating interesting hints of pleasant detailing .

The mooi aesthetic is based on minimalism in design and quality in living .

This involves decluttering the home from too much decorative and displace but achieving a sense of balance in order for the house to not appear to be too monotonous or empty .

Modern Malay House .

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The modern Malay concept is not about its aesthetic of what depicts the traditional Malay house .

It is the space planning concept behind the narrative of the architecture .

The spatial choreography references what is commonly found in the Malay Kampong house where non family members may only access as far as the Sarabi , which is addressed as the entrance foyer .

Further spatial hierarchy and space implementation like the RMA depo , the kitchen and R I the main house defines how the Malay home is resided .

Modern Malay House .

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It is about taking the Malay spirit of the traditional Malay home and implementing it into a modern contemporary home , industrial design , bringing industrial design to a whole new level completed in greater part of the sea man finish .

A boat , concrete slide invites you as a statement .

The moment you enter exposed roof , truss wirings and seamen rendered walls and floors pat with steel works in black powder coated finish that reflects good contrast against the seamen background .

This home is literally a concrete jungle .

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A home is a symbol of not just an aesthetic style but a statement of family values and lifestyle expectation .

Design trends can be very subjective .

My advice would be to build a home that suits your lifestyle and complements your way of living .

However , with the right budget to spend for the renovation and certainly top food , space planning and good idea developments .

It isn't that strenuous to achieve your dream home .

If you would like to watch any of the both top 10 videos , you can refer to this video descriptions column and you will find all the list of top 10 full videos for your viewing .

Pleasure .

Share with us your comments on which out of the top 10 videos is your favorite pick .

We hope this compilation video did inspire and give you a good guideline in designing your dream home .

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My name is Alex Lee and I am from design seats .

Thank you for watching .

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Stay tuned to our next week's compelling episode .


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