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2023-07-20 12:57:06

2 Things Recruiters HATE To Read On Cover Letters

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Hi , it's JT from work at daily .

This is the youtube channel that gives you trusted , easy to use career advice so that you can turn your frustration into career success .

And today I want to share with you the two things that recruiters hate to read on cover letters .

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Ok .

So cover letters , people kind of go crazy about this .

Do recruiters even read them ?

The answer is yes , they do .

And I can tell you that if you haven't watched it already , our video on how to create a cover letter that recruiters will love is something that you should watch next .

But right now , I want to talk about the two things that recruiters hate , hate , hate that will get you in the no pile .

And I know this for a fact because I work with thousands of recruiters and I wasn't recruiting for many years prior to becoming a career coach .

The first thing I want you to never do on a cover letter is to start it with , to whom it may concern .

This is so impersonal .

It shows that you're not doing your homework and it's really just kind of abrupt and old fashioned .

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It's what people used to write on cover letters tens of years ago .

And so you don't want to do that instead , you want to say dear , hiring team , dear , hiring manager or even better , but find the actual name of the person that posted the job , just put some kind of personalization there .

You could even say dear XYZ company hiring team and personalize it even more .

But whatever you do do not put to whom it may concern .

Now , the second thing you never want to do in a cover letter is regurgitate your resume .

What do I mean by that ?

Well , I often see people put all sorts of information , accomplishments , statistics , all about their resume history , the things that I'm going to find if I go look in the resume recruiters can't stand this .

You're wasting their time , you're making them read something twice and even worse .

Sometimes you put the wrong thing in there about yourself and then they'll say , well , that's not what I need in a candidate and they won't even look at your resume .

So you never want to recap the information that's in a resume in a cover letter .

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Instead , you want to learn how to get them at Hello , that's how you're going to get them to really want to go and see what you're all about .

So , learning how to do that , watching our video on that is really going to help you .

So let me ask you , what's your least favorite part of writing a cover letter ?

Be sure to share in the comments below .

We want to hear from you and of course , we always love to answer any questions , concerns that you have .

And I want to give you one more bonus tap .

You know , cover letter is just one of the many things you need to do to be successful in job search .

And that's why we've produced an amazing video that's going to give you the eight mistakes that you're likely making that are holding you back from being successful .

Be sure to check out this free video , the links either up here or down here .

I promise you the time you've been watching this is going to be a complete game changer in your job search and you're going to be glad that you did .

All right .

So there are the two things that we don't ever want to see on your cover letter .

I hope you found this information helpful that you're going to check out the additional videos that I shared with you in the links above or below .

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I will see you in the next video and just remember this , if you want to win , you've got to work it daily .


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