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2023-07-21 09:03:30

Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Today's video is all about a living room makeover .

And I'm really excited because this is my daughter in law's living room .

She came to me and asked me if um I could help her pull a design together .

So we're here to do that .

I want to talk to you about a few things first when you're designing a room .

So one of the first things you want to consider is gonna be your furniture placement .

And in the living room , a lot of times there's two different for a focal point .

So you've got a fireplace on one wall and a TV , on the other .

Luckily , they were able to mount their TV above the mantle .

So that enabled us to put the sofa right here .

Now , I , I love the sofa here .

It divides the kitchen from the living room , but I also wouldn't want to put the sofa in front of the windows because it would just block too much light in this room .

Now , when designing in living rooms , one of the things you want to consider is you want to make sure you soften the room .

There's two ways to do that .

There's the window panels and another way is by adding a rug and that's what we're going to do in here .

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We could do a nine by 12 , but we're gonna go with a five by seven place it right under the coffee table and nestle it under the first legs of the sofa .

Now , one other thing that we're doing in here that I'm doing as a surprise , so I hope she likes it is we're going to put a small sofa table behind the couch right here , have another area for accents and accessories and it'll just finish off this entire area .

So let's talk about this area over here .

She's got a love seat , which is perfect .

We're gonna need to get a table over here with some more light .

One of the things we were worried about was in the wall decor .

This is a really odd wall because the stairs angle down , but you know what's gonna work ?

Perfect .

There is a round clock .

All right , here's this gorgeous massive fireplace .

The stone goes all the way up .

We've got an area that's kind of in set next to the fireplace , kind of tricky on what we were gonna do with it .

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We kind of thought about a bookshelf , but I was really worried that we wait too much on this side of the room .

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put a cabinet piece in there small and on top of it , we're gonna hang a huge mirror that will reflect beautiful light in this whole room .

Now , to over here to the left of the fireplace , we've got a big wall .

So what we found was a big piece of artwork that's gonna look beautiful .

All right , let's talk about the windows , big beautiful windows again .

A little bit tricky because they're so close together .

So the design plan is to do two long panels , one all the way on this left side and one all the way on the right gorgeous high ceiling .

So we're gonna take those drapes way above the window .

Now , if you're wondering about drapes , curtain rods , how to hang drapes , I've got a video , it's linked below , so be sure to check that out .

So the last thing that we're gonna add in here , we're gonna put two chairs in front of the window with a round table in the middle .

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And what I love about that is adding two chairs instead of a sofa .

If you put a sofa here , you're gonna lose a lot of light .

So my daughter-in-law is out with the munchkins .

I'm here with Scott and Sarah .

We're gonna go unload .

Of course it's raining .

Uh That's ok because we can handle it .

So we're gonna go get started .

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Remember when decorating everybody has a budget .

So it's about where to spend your money and where to save it .

Try spending it in the window treatment .

Save it in the furniture by going to the flea market or garage sales like we did .

Thank you so much for watching .

Be sure to subscribe to my channel .

We're gonna have a video out next week and I'll see you then .


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