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2023-07-22 13:14:54

Simple & Small Budget Living Room Decorating Ideas _ Living Room Makeover [2023]

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Living rooms are always the center of activity , whether it's about spending time with your family or entertaining your guest .

A living room is your center states where the action plays out .

Welcome to the first episode of Timeless Homes .

Trendy makeover powered by wooden street , I'm Ael Mari .

And today we'll check out some stylish ideas to give your living room a complete makeover in the current state .

This room is down to its basics .

We have a set of a three seater and 21 seater sofas and a simple coffee table .

As you can see , the walls are bare and there is not much to even call it a living room .

But before we begin , it's time to give a new life to this wall .

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We opted for a soothing blue shade with a touch of cream which goes perfectly with the blue fabric of the sofa .

The sofa set is made of and is a fusion of authentic and contemporary style .

It's always better to complement such colors with vibrant cushions which bring that necessary pop of color .

Even to the simplest of sofas , adding thin and light curtains is a great way to manage the natural light that enters the room curtains that have light prints , easily blend with their surroundings .

As you can see , these curtains also go well with our sofa set , the coffee table is very basic and doesn't go well with the sofas , we remove this coffee table added a circular rug made from organic juice with colorful borders and introduce a new and stylish coffee table which is ideal for our sitting arrangement .

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It's better to opt for such coffee tables which come with extra storage space , which is ideal for every Indian household .

Also , if your room is small in size , it's better to go for small rugs to make your room look more spacious .

The wain sides of three seater sofa can be balanced out by using side tables .

This set up not only complements the sofa but also gives a platform to keep lamps , telephones , figurines or potted plants to give life to these corners .

The lamps are great to introduce a balance of warm light and the green plants breath of fresh life into your room if you want to highlight your lamps so that they shine out .

Go for contrasting shields .

You can introduce an extra seat to make your living room more functional .

We experimented and went with a floral lounge chair along with a matching poof which also becomes the focal point of the room .

You can also experiment in such a way by introducing a lounge or a wing back chair .

If your sofa set are in solid colors .

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You can complement them with a floral lounge chair and vice versa .

An empty wall is like a blank canvas waiting to reflect your personal taste .

You can hang wall paintings on your bare walls just the way we decorated the wall behind the three seater .

Here we use thin frames with floral paintings which give a bold yet light impression on the wall .

You can play with the arrangement of these trains according to their size and trains .

You can utilize a con by using a display unit just the way we have used a foldable unit .

Here .

This display unit will give you a platform to keep your photo frames , some figurines , books and small planters in short , anything that brings your personal touch to the room .

As you can see , our living room has become lively and happening .

It's now the perfect place to have fun with friends and family .

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Each element we introduced complements each other and is also a reflection of a personal taste .

Our homes reflect our personalities and therefore , it's important that we shape the interiors according to our preferences .

In the end , your home should feel like the place where you belong .

We hope you enjoyed this video .

Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to our channel so that you never miss out any of our episodes .

You can find every furniture shown in this video on wooden street dot com .


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