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2023-07-22 13:22:20

Episode 1 - Writing The Perfect Cover Letter

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The GP group , the secret to success , the public cover letter .

There's a job you really want .

Question is how do you get 1 ft in the door ?

Well , the first step is to have an awesome cover letter .

A cover letter is a great opportunity to tailor your qualifications to a job opening .

Think of it as a summary of your resume .

Its objective is to generate interest in the reviewer to look at your detailed resume and get an interview .

Some hr professionals think a cover letter is not important but we know it can give you an edge over others .

Now here are a few tips to help you prepare that perfect cover letter .

Tip number one address to the right person .

Avoid general salutation such as dear hr manager .

Don't be cold be personal .

Find out who is in charge and address your document to the right person .

Tip number two , make your cover letter concise .

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Don't overwrite .

Keep it to three paragraphs and have all your information within one a four page .

Start the letter by telling hr how you learned about the organization and the job opening .

If the company is good , sing its praises a little boot licking goes a long way in paragraph two .

Justify why you are perfect for the job and how you can contribute to the company .

You should also include your education qualification and pre withdrawal accomplishments .

Remember to quantify your accomplishments with evidence such as statistics and awards .

The final paragraph is where you leave that positive lasting impression by reaffirming your interest in the job .

Remember to include your contact details and most importantly , don't forget to thank the reviewer .

Tip number three .

Never reuse your cover letter .

Each job vacancy is unique .

You should therefore customize your cover letter accordingly .

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Don't be lazy .

So to summarize the ingredients of a good cover letter , number one address to the right person .

Number two , keep it concise .

And finally number three , never reuse your cover letter , watch other episodes of secret to success and learn more helpful tips today to download notes , visit triple W dot GNP recruit dot com .


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