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2023-07-21 08:53:45

How to Pose for Instagram Photos _ Look Good In Every Photo _ Alex Costa

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Nowadays everyone has an Instagram account .

Everyone is posting pictures on social media , right ?

The problem is most people don't know how to pose for their picture .

You guys have asked me so many times to make a video about how to take photos for Instagram , how to pose , how to grow on social media .

So I decided to make this video to make sure that from now on all your photos on Instagram are absolute .

By the way , I'm going to be using my own Instagram to show you some of the pictures that I've taken using these techniques that I'm teaching you today .

So if you see more examples and if you want to learn more , then definitely follow me on Instagram .

It is at Alex Costa and I post there almost every single day .

I'll leave the link to my Instagram in the description right below the video .

So let's go over the tips , first things first stand in front of a mirror .

This is gonna be weird , right ?

But move your face around to see what you like and what you don't like about it .

And I'm not saying that you have a bad side but the left side of your face might be different than the right side of your face .

And most people will have a preference for me .

For example , it actually comes down to my hair part .

That's the only difference that I actually care about .

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So do I want to show this side right here where the part is or do I want to show my hair falling on this side here ?

It depends on the vibe that I'm going for .

So find your angles , you know , spend some awkward minutes in front of a mirror moving around .

Do you have a nice smile that you like to show off then practice that if you like a serious face , for example , then go for that or maybe it's like a worried face who knows ?

You know , it all works .

You just have to try it once you know your angles , then it's time to work on your body position .

I love the walking shot as you guys can tell from my pictures on Instagram .

Some of them are actually me walking from one side of the road to another but others , no , you know , that's just me standing there in a mid walking pose waiting for my photographer to get the shot .

It is a very awkward people will look at you weird , but the results they're awesome .

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If you're not taking a walking shot , then just try a standing pose , say slide one of your feet forward to stand a little bit to the side and give your post some dimension instead of being super flat and having your body face , the camera head on something you should always think about for your next photos .

Props look around , use anything and everything as props .

You know , I always try to add things to my photos to make them more interesting .

I like to hold a glass like I'm having a drink or a newspaper umbrella , anything that shows that you're not just there posing for this picture .

It adds to the story , which is something that I always try to do to have a story behind each photo , right ?

It's cool , it makes it cool .

Sometimes it's going to be all about the fashion and nothing about the story at all and that's OK .

But if you can just try to add some props to make it more interesting .

Next up guys , it is all about the location .

Unless you're doing portraits , you know of just your beautiful face , you're going to be showing off the location of your picture .

So find a cool background , you know , figure out whether or not you want to do a full body photo or something a little bit tighter .

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If you're standing in front , a really cool place , then take a wider picture showing more of that location , showing everything from top to bottom like this one here , for example , you know , I'm trying to show how cool this place is around me it's not really about me .

Also remember to add depth to your photos .

And I do that by putting objects close to the camera like this candle on my coffee table .

For example , in this picture , even my sneakers in this picture actually add some depth because they're closer to the lens and they're further away from my body for this picture .

I literally grab a bunch of books from the shelves and I put them on this table just for this photo , right ?

They weren't there before .

It adds more details .

It makes it more natural believable and it adds overall depth to the photo .

You can do that by using plants , cars , anything really that is closer to the lens of the camera and somewhat out of focus will add that cool effect to your photo .

Now , when you're taking these photos , you might think , man , my face looks like crap .

Trust me .

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I think like I say that all the time right there wrinkles , dark circles , I'm tired , imperfections , pimple , whatever most of the time it's all about the lighting , bad lighting completely changes the way that you look .

I can't tell you how important it really is .

Do everything in your power to take photos in good lighting , whether it's in front of a window or outside or use artificial lighting .

If you have to take your phone out and test out the lighting by doing a 3 60 with the selfie camera , you're gonna find the best lighting , right ?

It might be to the left to the right , but just make sure that you facing that light for your photo , usually facing a window is gonna be the best lighting possible .

So whenever you can always remember to face the window when taking your pictures and guys do not forget to check out my Instagram , so you can see all of these tips in full effect .

All right , my Instagram is at Alex Costa and I'm always trying to get better and better .

And if you learn something new , please click that subscribe button below , right ?

Help us get to 2 million subscribers , become part of the youtube family .

Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again soon .

Peace .


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