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2023-07-20 13:44:26

How to layout your Living room furniture using Fengshui

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Hello , it's cliff again .

And today I'm going to show you how to lay out your living room in a way that confounds the three principles and make your space really , really nice .

So the first thing you do is look at the space , not the furniture , the living room being the first space in the house is very , very important .

It needs to be quite big , it needs to have lots of light , it needs to have lots of promote good circulation .

Regular shape is always a bonus but not necessary .

So the first piece of furniture that you need to look at is the sofa .

The sofa is a command piece just as a bed is for a bedroom .

The sofa is the the piece of furniture that needs the commanding position just like a throne room in a castle .

It needs to be as far as possible from the door , but also not with windows behind it because it needs a nice sound backing .

So like this is really good .

This is not good , as I say , because it's against a window , you don't feel like you are supported at the back .

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It can't be like this because you're in line with the door , it can't be towards facing the door as well because you feel like people are like watching you or coming straight into you .

Definitely not against the door like that because you wouldn't be aware if some in some guests or intruder comes in .

So I would say this is the best position here .

It should be against the wall .

If you don't , if you don't want it against the wall , it's fine to leave a little gap but not too much , not enough so that people can walk behind you or if you do need to have it against the wall , maybe because you have a study table there or something , then you can put a heavy piece of console just to act like a wall .

So let's put this back in the original position that I like .

Now , the principles of Feng Shui likes to um create social spaces in the living room because the living room is a social space after all right .

So you create this nice circle where people can socialize and talk .

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Some people , they like to have a more formal arrangement where you have two similar sofas facing each other like that .

This is fine .

It's just a bit confrontational as you can see almost like a meeting room .

One way to mediate , this is to mitigate this , I mean is to put a coffee table in the middle .

You see it softens the whole space already amazing what a little piece like that can do .

Personally , I still prefer individual pieces because you can play with them .

You can even have one if your space is not too big .

And if you want to have a TV , that's absolutely fine .

But please remember it is not the main thing in your house .

The main thing is a social interaction over that .

If your living room is quite big , try to maximize the space because let me show you why it's not so good to not maximize the space .

Let's say this is my living room .

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What you have over here is a pocket of , of dead space here , which is not very good because it's , it's like uncertain and it's not useful .

Some people they put a console there and put a light that's fine .

But if possible , try to maximize your space .

I mean , if you have so much space , why not make the most out of it ?

Right ?

And if you need to have two coffee tables , have two coffee tables , coffee table is an important thing .

It is almost a focal point of the living room where everybody faces because that's where you put your stuff and things like that .

If you are laying out your furniture , also try to avoid this other thing which is to have it in an irregular way .

Let me try to make an irregular arrangement .

It's very hard to do it because not many people would make a regular arrangements like that .

But for instance , you do this , this is a bit weird because you have this chair down here which doesn't really face the group .

It is like an unwanted guest .

If you have a group of friends , you wouldn't want anybody to be in that position .

Right ?

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So always turn the living room is you only have one living room and it is seen as a whole .

Ok , these days , a lot of people have living rooms combined with dining rooms .

I'm sure nobody has the luxury of having your own living room .

So that is fine as well .

Just try to avoid being too ambiguous .

You don't want the living room and the dining room seen as a single space .

You try to segregate .

This is a place for dining , there is a place for chatting .

So by turning my armchair away from the dining room , I already create this separate circle , this separate space , which is quite um defined .

So I hope this is helpful and you can start to look in your into your living and dining spaces to see how you can make it better .

And yeah , I'll see you again next time .


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