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2023-07-21 08:57:26

Indian Living Room Decorating Ideas _ How To Decorate Small Living Room _ Living Room Tour

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Number .

Stay , welcome to home hashtag life and in today's video , I will be sharing with you how I have decorated our living room area .

I hope that you have checked our previous video on living room area tour where I have shared a complete transformation and few inters if you have missed the video , don't worry , you can find it in the I button or in the description box below .

Today's video is kind of a decorate with me video where I will show you how I put together all the things .

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And if you want to know my thought behind choosing each decor and from where I have bought all these decor pieces and their prices , let me know in the comment section below so that I can consider making a separate video on that .

Now , let's start this video before decorating any space .

Always select a style or a theme .

As I told you earlier , I wanted to go with a traditional Indian look for our living room area , but I left rooms to give contemporary touches here and there in our living room , we have this old style looking sofa as of now , but you can always style it with a new and trendy looking cushion covers or throw blankets in future .

I will definitely share with you everything , but let's move on to today's video now .

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So I have added this textured curtains in neutral tan shades so that when I will add bright or colorful cushions , the space will not look overdone .

Well , yeah , 5 ft .

What try to keep your sofa's fabric in neutral color .

It will allow you to play with different shades of colors .

In this picture , you can see a blue theme is going on or in today's video .

I kept the theme as summery or rainy season related where I'm using orange and yellow as pop up colors changing out cushions will lift up any space instantly .

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I just added this umbrella print white cushion cover to tone down these vibrant colors but still as it has orange touches , it creates a cohesiveness among all the cushions .

Party up .

Take a step in river decorating or styling .

A coffee can be tricky as you don't want to overload the space because it reduce the functionality .

Also , you don't want a bare coffee as well .

So you can use tray to solve the problem when you need .

You simply take out the whole tray to create more space .

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As you can see , the white tray has a very modern look and the yellow ceramic pots have traditional touches .

I'm also adding this very beautiful brass tray to create that Indian traditional decor look that I want you take a step into the river for a small space decoration .

Always look for a functional furniture which will have storage space and you can decorate the top of the furniture to beautify your home .

Again , you can see as per today's Decor theme , what we have selected for our living room .

I'm adding yellow and orange decor pieces and this brass camper holder has its own beauty to create the traditional essence , the mouth .

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Well , adding greenery to your living space .

Always lighten up the mood .

If you cannot take care of life plans , then you can definitely go for artificial ones .

Although this one is Erika Palm considered as indoor plant breaks .

The monotony of this dark wood furnitures .

This whole TV unit has a dark wood tone .

So to make the space more breathable , we added this white watch .

It helps me to add traditional as well as modern decor pieces as para choice you shatter .

That's it down here inside this glass cabinet .

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I tried to give an evergreen look with few modern decor pieces here , our electric inlet outlet for TV S Plug point wifi .

And in the second glass cabinet , I have added a beautiful drastic vase and few more contemporary takers .

Bye .

Right .

The common element between these two cabinets are greenery white and green combination , which actually created a cohesiveness but different decor pieces make this space look very interesting here .

You can see how I play with my decors .

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Yeah , I'm changing out this artificial white hydrangeas with this beautiful yellow flowers to keep the Decor theme going on , added the skin baskets to keep our remote controls .

A brass and few family pictures .

So come to the water where you will find piggy , take a step into the river and get down on your knee .

I always love to add fresh flowers while decorating our living room and to add flowers in a pot is always the first choice for me .

Our living room is small .

I can call it as living space .

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So when I focus on decorating or styling the space , I keep in mind that the space should not look cluttered with many Decor items .

And I try to stick with a particular color theme to the mountain .

I love the shelf above the TV .

Its modern look breaks the monotony of having traditional theme and I can decorate the space with modern home decor accents or if I want , I can completely go with traditional decors here .

Mostly I have added neutral copper brass stone decors so that if I need to change out any decor pieces , I can switch only two or three decor pieces to gel everything together just like according to today's theme .

I added this bluish yellow candle stand .

What do you think ?

Is it looking nice ?

Let me know in the comment section below .

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You shot him that only one essential piece is missing here and that is a wall clock .

Once I get the clock , I will update you all on my Instagram page party up .

Take a step in river where also paintings are missing from today's Decor video .

I'm searching for a timeless classic piece .

If you know about any good painting store or any place , please let me know in the comment section below .

If you like this video , do not forget to give it a big thumbs up .

Also let me know in the comment section below .

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If you want to know from where I have collected all these records and its prices .

Also share this video with your loved ones .

Do subscribe to home hashtag life for more videos .

I will see you in the next one till then take care .

Bye bye .

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If you want to see more of this type of decorate with me video , give this video a big thumbs up and share your inputs in the comment section below .


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