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2023-07-22 13:23:48

How to Take THE BEST FOG Photos! Photo shoot training, editing suggestions, and more

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Bad weather doesn't mean you got to stay inside .

In fact , bad weather can produce some of the best pictures out there because you're going to get something unusual , something that the other photographers aren't going to get because they're all staying inside .

So one thing we always do is have a fog plan , fog plan .

That's when you pick a location that would be great for a foggy day photo .

That way when it comes along , you have an excuse to go out and shoot and get the photo that you want .

There are some things to keep in mind when you're shooting in the fog .

One of them is that you're not going to have a tack sharp photo .

You're also not going to have an extremely colorful photo .

The fog just kind of dampens all of the colors .

They're not as so it's going to be more about form and lines and shape , maybe repeating patterns would look cool .

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Something that fades off into the background or an interesting subject that otherwise has a really ugly cluttered background .

The fog could make that go away .

Technically , it's pretty easy to shoot in fog because you're not going to get sharp pictures and you don't need to worry about depth of field because the background is going to be hidden anyway .

So pretty much any camera , including your smartphone , pretty much any lens is going to be fine .

The property of frog is that the farther stuff away is the more it's just going to become gray .

So if you have a subject that you want to be prominent , put it front and center , get nice and close to it and then let the background fade away .

That fading away is going to provide so much depth to your picture .

Well , I guess I'm looking for a spot I can park under .

It looks like it's raining on this side of .

So I scoped this location out on a nice day knowing that it would look good in the fog .

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How did I know that we look at these beautiful long leading lines right into the fog ?

That's what I'm looking for .

And I like the architectural elements and that I can be under the bridge and having these lines come right off of the frame over my head .

Also on a sunny day , the other side of the river is not attractive .

In fact , this entire area is not attractive .

I don't imagine anyone would come here on a nice day and think it was a good place for photo .

There's literal garbage everywhere .

But if you can crap that out in your mind , when you're scouting your location .

You can kind of imagine what things might look like on a foggy day or even just drive around on a foggy day .

Looking the compositional element I'm interested in right now are these big pillars and you can see one here , one here and then I got perfectly centered so that this one is within this one .

I want these two leading lines coming off the frame .

I'll just take a picture and show you what I'm talking about .

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I can already hear you guys asking what gear are you using ?

I'm using the A seven R three and A 16 to 35 millimeter lens .

I want really wide angle because of the subject matter that I'm capturing , but it's going to depend on what you're taking photos of the settings aren't really important .

You just need to get your photo as sharp as you can .

So I'm focusing on the nearest pillar since those are not fading away into the fog and those will be the sharper element in the photo and then making sure that whatever things I'm interested in showing are not too blown out .

But I imagine in post , I'm going to be flowing out those whites so that this looks really surreal .

Another thing if you're taking pictures , if I were to just isolate these really foggy parts , I don't have a black point and that kind of loses the intensity of the fog .

So I'm putting elements in the foreground that are dark and close to me to offset the balance .

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So you want something really bright , you want to show that effect of the fog , but you want to show something dark to show the contrast of just how washed out the fog could be .

I take a close up shot of the fog and show you what I mean by having everything in the frame being a little too washed out .

If you want more tutorials like this .

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That's important .

Also , we have an entire series , the art and science of photography .

And we go way deeper in how to take pictures , the technical aspects of photography , the artistic aspects of photography , check it out at SDP dot IU slash arts science .


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