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2023-07-20 13:27:33

How to Write a Resume _ With Little or NO Work Experience

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Oh my God .

That could have been .

Hey , best friend .

What is up ?

My beautiful glamour song .

Welcome back to my channel and welcome back to my career series .

As promised , I do have a part two and part three , maybe part five .

All kinds of parts are coming for you guys .

As long as you guys have questions , I got answers .

If I got answers , I will make a video .

So this is the second video in my career series in today's video .

I'm going to teach you guys how to write a resume with little to no experience .

I get this question all the time .

Now this video is not guaranteeing you that if you make this exact resume , like I say you should , that you're going to get the job .

OK , let's just start there , girlfriend .

These are merely my tips and tricks that I have learned along the way .

I have had my resume in front of many different individuals in many different industries .

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So I believe that I have a good idea of how to put a pretty good resume together .

If you guys have any questions about my previous experience , the different industries that I worked in in the past , I will link my video right here and down in the description box below for you guys .

I'm going to treat this video as though I was going to be the person that was watching it because I was that person .

I was always looking for somebody to help me build a resume .

And honestly , I was really , really lucky to have my mother helping me and my mother actually happened to be an hr director for many , many years .

So she was able to pass down a lot of knowledge to me .

Also , in my time in these different industries , I was able to work very closely with different hr directors , different hiring managers and recruiters .

I was able to pick up a few tips from them as well .

So in this video , I'm gonna be compiling all of those things , but I'm not gonna stop there because again , girl , I was you OK .

The biggest question to me in the beginning when I first started out was how do I write a resume ?

Everybody keeps telling me I need a resume .

How do I do that ?

What do I put on it ?

Where do I even start ?

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I like you girl started Googling and trying to , you know , get an idea of how to do this .

And there were so many , you know , synopsis and summaries and this is how you should do it and blah , blah , blah .

But I'm not that type of person .

I'm very visual .

I'm very hands on .

So if you're anything like me , this video is for you because I'm actually going to scoot over a little bit here and I'm going to be showing you guys how I write a resume and time .

I have not practiced this .

We're gonna create a resume together .

OK .

How about that ?

The whole point of this video is just to give you guys an outline , our template , pretty much of how to put together a resume .

And this resume has worked for me many a time .

So hopefully it will work for you .

And hopefully my tips and tricks can help you land that job and grab your water with lemon , your coffee .

I have hot chocolate today because it's so cold in my house .

So the first piece of advice that I want to give you guys that may seem very minuscule , but it is so important , have some sort of spell check going on , on whatever it is that you're using .

OK ?

To create your resume .

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It is so important whether you're using the word spell check , whether you're using something like grammar not sponsored .

I'm just saying just something to have your back in the event that you have a slip up because misspell words , I have seen recruiters completely passed up a resume because there were spelling errors in it .

I'm not even kidding .

So that's tip number one spell check .

How are you going to create a resume .

How do we do this ?

You are going to need access to word , to create a word document in order to create your resume .

At least that's how I do it while we're on this topic .

It's really important for you to at least get a basic understanding of different software , the office suite as a whole .

And what I mean by that is like Word powerpoint , Excel , things like that .

Just get a basic understanding of those .

If you go into word and you're trying to create a new document , they actually have different templates , which is what I'm showing you guys here .

So for example , these are the templates that word already has , you know , just a general basic template for you to use for different things .

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But what we're focusing on today are the resume templates because I just wanted to let you guys know that something like this does exist where you're not just starting with a blank piece of paper .

So on here , what I'm seeing are two different types of resume .

We have a simple resume here and a resume template here .

So this is the template that it brought up .

So it's a very general template .

Tip number two , keep your resume simple , the simpler , the better .

OK ?

The less that you have on your resume , the better .

And I know that that seems counterintuitive , but just trust me , girl , I got your best interest at heart .

You do not want to have your resume so unbelievably cluttered because then that makes it hard for recruiter or the hr director or the hiring manager or whoever it is looking at your resume to find the keywords that they're looking for , to find the skills that you have to find your experience .

A recruiter or a hiring manager spends an average of six seconds per resume .

They are skimming , they are not reading six seconds .

That's all you got .

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So you want to make it simple tip number three , which I think is extremely important , the more conservative , the industry , the more conservative , the resume .

Ok .

So let's look at this template that we have here .

That's just on word .

I like this layout just because there is a lot of white space .

Yes , white space is a good thing because it helps the recruiter hone in on specific keywords , but I'm definitely gonna be tweaking these different paragraphs and these breaks .

But for the most part , I think I'm probably gonna keep this the same .

So , um , let's get started .

Ok .

So we're just gonna get started .

Very simple with our name .

Ok .

Ok .

Stop playing , stop playing , stop playing , stop playing .

Now , we're gonna go on to this area here where it says , you know , address city state zip , all of that .

So this is actually your contact information that you want them to have in order to contact you if they're interested in an interview .

So , right .

Here it says street address , city state zip .

I don't , no , no , no , no , no , they don't need to have your address right off the bat .

Ok .

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So we're actually just going to take that away .

That's a no .

And I , I actually don't like the placement of where they put the contact info .

So what I'm gonna do now on to tip number four that I have for you guys is to pay attention to your font and your font size .

If you choose a point size , that's too small .

It makes it seem very crowded .

And if you choose a point size , that is too big , it makes it seem like you are trying to bamboozle somebody and you don't have enough experience to fill up the page .

So a really good rule of thumb is to be between 11 and 12 , 12 points on your font .

Keep your font simple .

I'm talking times new Roman .

I'm talking Ariel , I'm talking Calibri .

Let's keep it simple .

Do not do any handwritten type of fonts or any script cursive fonts because it just makes it harder for them to read and they will move on .

So we want to keep everything super , super simple .

Now , let's talk about how big you should have some of your key points .

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So you do want to have , have different sections of your resume just like they have shown on here in those areas .

You want to make sure that the font size is bigger to separate the page very easily so that they can find whatever it is that they're looking for , whether it's your education , your work experience or your skills .

So I like all of this .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm probably going to take this down .

I don't feel like a 32 is necessary on this .

So let's take that down to a 28 .

Ok , guys .

That's cute .

So now what I'm gonna do is to bring this down and instead of providing my whole address and all of that , all I want to provide a means in which they need to get a hold of me if they're interested in an interview , which is via email or via phone .

So I'm actually going to just go right below my name and keep in mind your point size .

So I'm gonna take this down to a 12 .

OK ?

Because I don't need it to be as big as my name .

Go ahead and put in a phone number .

OK ?

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Now remember with stuff like this , you want to put the dashes and you want to be grammatically correct in every single fashion .

OK ?

Next is going to be your email .

All right .

So at yahoo dot com or whatever it is that you use .

OK .

Great .

Hit you , you just got the first portion of your resume done .

Good for you .

OK ?

Let's move on .

Now we have this area right here that they have titled objective .

And some people like to add this area to their resume .

I feel like I did for a short period of time after a while though , I just found that that area could be used for something better and I wanted to really just make it easy for them to find my skills and what I could bring to the table .

Also , a really good thing to keep in mind .

Humans are not skimming through these resumes as they used to in the past .

Now , recruiters have software that your resume goes through and it literally scans your resume for keywords that they're looking for .

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So you want to make sure that your resume is optimized with that software instead of doing a whole objective summary that someone's going to read in its entirety , I decided to actually put keywords .

So what I mean by that is if you could just pick out a few words that you see in job postings and , and what they're asking for , what are some words that you see pop up over and over again .

Those are the words that you want to put on your resume .

So what I think of is professional , professional .

OK .

And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna keep all of this in caps .

I know that this sounds crazy , but it works , you can count on me to be professional and in almost every job posting that I've ever seen , they want somebody who's what professional .

So that needs to be in your resume .

Right .

Yes .

The next thing is the type of role that you are applying for .

What is your niche ?

Right .

So mine was always assistant clerical , administrative , executive , administrative .

Right .

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So that's the type of job that I'm applying for .

That is the type of role that I'm going to put in these keywords .

So if I was doing my own work history and what I was interested in , I would put executive administrative assistant because that is what I was doing .

That is the level in which I was at now .

You can't just be lying .

You actually have to have these skills .

So when I was creating my resumes , I would always ask myself , what do I already know ?

And that is tip number five list out the skills that you already have , you know , whether it's customer service , whether it's data entry , whether it's answering phones , whatever skills that you're most proud of and that you're seeing on the job postings that you're wanting to apply for , put that on your resume .

So what I would personally put on my resume is professional executive , administrative assistant , data entry and payroll .

These are the words that I most often see in the job listings that I'm looking at in the , which I'm applying for .

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Does that make sense ?

So I did let y'all know that this video was for those of you who have little to no experience .

So in this area of your resume .

What could you possibly put on there if you are right out of high school or if you're in high school and you don't have any prior experience .

What do you put here ?

Number six , if you don't have prior experience working , you are going to have to make up for that lack of work history with any information in regards to any fundraisers that you've put together any volunteer work that you've participated in .

Instead of putting previous work experience here , this is where you would put your volunteer efforts , whether it's babysitting dog walking , anything that you've done in the past that shows your work ethic .

Now , I must say this , you cannot expect to have anything on your resume .

If you are not willing to actually step out and do something , you have to be volunteering , you have to be trying gathering skills somewhere .

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So you can't , you know , it's not gonna do you any good for you to say , oh my God , I don't have any experience .

I don't have anything to put on my resume .

You got to get some stuff to put on your resume .

Girl , go out there and volunteer wherever it is that you can help out if you can help out in the office as an assistant at your school , do that .

That's what I did and I was able to put that on my resume as well .

Well , when you're going into entry level positions anyway , they're not expecting for you to have years and years of experience .

Right .

Take into consideration the job that you're applying for and base the key words around that position because that's going to make your chances of your resume being seen higher than the rest .

So now let's take a look at my resume as it stands and what I'm seeing here , just I'm the type of person where everything has to be symmetrical , the alignment of all of the paragraphs and every everything is on the left .

So everything is , you know , left heavy .

I want my skills and my keywords to be front and center .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I am the type of person that I like my alignment to be centered when it comes to keywords like this .

And then as you can see , it directly takes your eye straight to my basic skills like the skills that I want to put forth for this job .

It's right there .

Next , we have skills and abilities and honestly , I can appreciate this .

This is so it's very much needed on your resume , but not in this area .

In my opinion , we have to get into the meat and potatoes .

So we're going to keep this here at experience .

I like this because , you know , it's very clear what you're about to get dates from and two .

So this is very important because this is going to tell the employer or whoever is looking at your resume about your work history , the longevity in what you've worked with a certain company and whether or not you've had a break in your work history and why ?

So I've been told this by more than one hr director , they prefer for your resume to fit on one page .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if for some reason , your resume extends to two pages , that's fine .

Please do not do double sided though .

Ok .

You want to do two separate pages if you have more than one page of your resume .

Ok .

And I I've had that happen accidentally , you know , it will spill over to the second page .

It's no big deal if that needs to happen .

But again , you just want to make everything very simple , very clean , easy to read .

And if you do have to go on to a second page , everything needs to be one sided .

Ok ?

So the way that you could do this , you could do actual dates like , you know , March 16th of 2017 to April of 15 to 2020 whatever you want to do .

Me personally though , for simplicity's sake , I would just do the month and year to the month and year .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's just say , for example , if I worked from two of 2016 to 10 of 2019 , you have a break in work history that it's more than a year , they're probably gonna ask you why , whether you were in school , if you had a child or whatever the case may be , but just know that if there is a significant break in work history , they will ask you and you need to have an answer ready .

Ok .

So I , I mean , I guess I'm just gonna make up some random dates .

So the reason why it's important to do your job title first in each of the companies or wherever you've worked is because they want to know what level and what you are trying to into what prior roles have you personally had ?

Obviously here , you know , I was an executive administrative as a ok .

And then your company name .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now on here , it says this is the stellar place for a brief summary of your key responsibilities and most stellar accomplishments .

Um No , no , no , no , no , no .

This is the place for you to bullet point .

What your job description entailed at each of those places .

You do not have to use complete sentences on this is part of your resume .

They actually prefer for you to just use bullet points , just make it simple sole contact for office vendors .

That was huge .

I was the liaison between the company and the vendors that I was working for .

So they need to know that I can be trusted with their professional contacts and their professional relationships .

Yes .

Cleaning stock , office supplies , track office inventory .

Ok .

My personal suggestion is to speak in the present tense .

Do not speak in the past tense like I did this .

I created this , create , organize , maintain , this is set in stone .

This is what I do in the present .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What you gonna get if you hire me serve and maintain .

OK .

Conference , all conference rooms .

Yes , I did .

Yes , I did .

All right .

So I'm gonna stop there .

I could keep going .

So I'm just going to copy and paste this here because that's basically what it's gonna look like .

Um job title .

This is probably just going to be like administrative or whatever your entry level was .

So now here's what my resume is looking like and this is about what your should look like .

And again , if you feel like you need more skills , girl , you need more experience , you have to take the initiative and you got to go out there and try to find some opportunities because they are everywhere I go , I've been there .

I have been there .

I like the way that it's late out , but I just feel like this area right here is just too much space , you know what I mean ?

Like it's good to have white space , but that is very crucial space if I want everything to fit nicely on one page .

OK .

So now this is what it's looking like .

Now let's go on to education .

This is very important .

So the same deal you guys have , when did you go to school ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

From what time to what time you know , whether you are just finishing high school , whether you're just finishing college , whatever the case may be .

If so a high school and then your school name .

So , very simple .

Jefferson .

Hi .

I did not go there .

I'm just putting this on here for whatever state .

So that's what you're going to do .

Girl , you're going to do that all the way up into whatever , you know , form of education that you have .

This template has communication and leadership be the next portion of your resume .

Now , for those of you guys that are coming into this that are creating this resume from scratch and you have very little experience .

This is actually perfect for you .

Part of my resume for me , I usually showcase my skills .

And what I mean by that is I would list off the different suites that I had basic understanding or intermediate understanding of my keys strokes .

My words per minute .

Were you president of like the book club ?

Like I was , that's where you're gonna put , where you volunteered , what your role was in that ?

Like anything that showcases your leadership skills , your work ethic , all of that , you're going to put that here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright , you guys .

So here is what my resume is looking like in its entirety from start to finish again .

I just wanted to give you guys a simple overview of some basic tips and tricks that I have learned along the way of how to create a resume that's going to fit to your niche and what's going to get in front of a hiring manager and help you get that job that you really , really want .

It is not as hard as everyone makes it seem .

And I feel like it's just a bigger monster in our head than it really is .

I wanted to give you guys a brief synopsis and kind of like an outline of how you can write your own resume .

If you are struggling to fill it in , then that just means that you may need to kind of venture out and start volunteering and being a part of fundraisers and being a part of community events .

So that way you have some more skills to put on your resume if you're looking to enter the workforce anytime soon .

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video , girl .

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The next video I'd like to make for you guys is an interviewing tips video where I give you guys all of my insider tips and how I did well in many , many interviews , one on one interviews and panel interviews .

I got you .

Thank y'all so much for checking out my career series .

I hope y'all found it helpful if you guys just take some notes and just go out there and run this world girl , because I have complete faith in you .

I know that you can do this .

All my glama ons are just so unbelievably intelligent .

So that is it for today's video .

You guys I hope you found it helpful .

I love you guys so , so much and I will see you in my next video .

Peace out girl .

Go kill it .

Yeah .

Mhm .

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Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .


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