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2023-07-22 14:54:55

26 Living Room Decorating Ideas of All Time _ Home Decorating Ideas _ Joanna Gaines New House

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I love the Fresh start that a new Year brings .

So I made space in this collection for pieces that will help you get organized and inspire creativity .

The family home needed a total renovation , but one thing we did not need to fix was the beautiful view .

The scenery outside of this home inspired my design throughout the home , especially the main living space .

One of the things I love about this room is just how wide open it is and how simple the colors are .

There's contrast , but it's really clean because really when you look out every window , there's just a beautiful view and I didn't want what was going on in here competing with what you see outside the window .

So as you can see , we trimmed out all the windows and the doors with really over here in the living room , I just really love how it's kind of the anchor of this room .

It's really symmetrical , it's clean , it's classic .

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Again , it focuses on what's beyond these walls , which is the view in the backyard .

I'm Joanna Gaines .

I'm a wife , a mother , a sister and daughter , but really more than anything , I'm a person who carries a story and I sometimes tell myself stories that aren't always true .

And I've had to learn to cling to what's real in a world that can feel like it spins in the opposite direction .

So earlier this year , I wrote down my story , my whole story , I wrote about the people and places and moments from my life that shaped me .

I called it the stories we tell .

It was messy and winding and beautiful , but all of it made me sure than ever .

That stories are how we heal .

They're how we gain new perspective .

Imagine if the stories we tell brought us back to our truest selves back to one another because we all have a story to tell .

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And I can't wait to hear yours when designing the living room for the Ferguson family , I created the open concept that they asked for and made distinctive cosmetic updates to the room .

So it matched their style and their needs .

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So originally in the space , there were really thin columns and then some white railing and I really wanted to beef the columns up , make them more substantial , a little more formal .

So we removed the railing all together to really open up the space and then trimmed out the existing columns .

This originally was a set of French doors that lead out to the sun room .

Now we've created this double sided fireplace , put some really pretty site here and then did a really pretty trim around it to make it have a clean but pretty elegant look over here with the stairs , you know , they have the dated railing .

So we removed the existing railing .

We just came back with a really clean , simple railing .

But I just think the blend of the white , the natural really pretty wood , mixed with the gray trim .

You know , it ties in now to the updates of the house .

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Come check out the dining room .

You know , I was really strategic about where I placed the dining room in this new layout is front and center .

It's under this really cool chandelier and then the backdrop is this amazing open kitchen .

But what I love about this table is my client said this is where she would eat when she was a little kid at her granddad's table .

And so the fact that we got to restore it , put it back in this house , I think it was really meaningful to our clients .


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