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2023-07-20 12:55:01

90's Throwback HipHop Cardio Dance Workout @KeairaLaShae

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Hey guys , it's welcome to my youtube page .

Make sure to follow me on all of my social networks and you can click here for a free trial of my full dance workouts at daily burn dot com slash K .

And of course , make sure to check out my website www dot dot com .

All right , let's go .

Hey , team .

So today we are doing a nineties throwback dance workout .

Yes , I cannot wait .

I'm super excited .

I'm a nineties baby .

So it's really , she's joining us today .

Uh I hope you guys are in good spirits .

So all we're doing is seven moves .

I'm gonna show you seven moves in between those seven moves is a home base move which is ow , ow , ow and ow , that move .

It's just that home base move .

So in between each move is that it will just keep stacking on after that .

We're gonna do two rounds all together with no home base , do it .

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I'm the home and out no more of that .

Ok , when we start the rounds , make sure you have water and a towel and if you need to stop at any point because we're not stopping if you need to stop at any point to hydrate yourself .

Please do so .

And then come back in , right .

Do whatever level you can do .

Go at your highest level , uh , just challenge yourself and have fun .

So let's get right into it .

Push it good .

Ah , push it all right .

Let's go .

Team the start with that home base .

Move , taking it to the front .

567812 .

Use those arms crossing .

Now take it out in , out in , out in .

Take it back .

Hey , let's work those legs .

Chris cross out 67 G .

Don't pull it up .

Hey , take it up to the this process .

Let's go .

What's up ?

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00 the house put it big daddy can throw it , get some , let's go take it back .

23 criss cross it go two .

Yes , let's go work those out .

Big daddy thing .

Yo .

Hey now pussy .

Come on .

Oh with those .

Pick it up .

Breathe criss crossing .

You got it .

Contract the out .

Come on .

Hey , thank you .

Now push it go .

Can who ?

Boo you cuff everybody , bro .

Hey baby , what's up ?

Let's go .

Don't give up .

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Yeah .

Hey , now push it .

What that booty in who you by the road ?

But now let's get it .

Oh no .

Take it out first .

Let's go .

Chris cross it .

Three outfits , Victor and Cat .

What ?

It broke up but it's nice .

Whoa , time single , single , double .

Yes .

Alright .

Watch it out now I know .

We're gonna do it from the top .

No breaks in between .

No just everything .

Every moves back to back .

Ready .

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Ready you ready ?

Crisscross the first four times each move 432 .

Go crisscross it four out .

Go 432 .

Big hold on .

Plus that think get so the part time .

Single , single .

Alright one more time I know you got it in your did not give up you can get some water but you can't give up , you can take a break , you can pause it but you can't give up .

Let's go take it even lower .

Do everything you can to amp this up here we go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

43 .

Fuck we go .

Yes big daddy came back but getting the baby let's go and then is out .

Yes you did .

We did .

I love you guys .


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