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2023-07-22 13:12:15

Spring Decorate with me _ Dining and Living room makeover _ 2023

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

Today we are doing a little makeover in my formal dining and living room .

Here's what this space currently looks like .

So plain and boring .

I do want to add some sort of trim work in this area and do an accent wall , add some color .

But for now we are just some new furniture and the core first thing is moving a rug under this dining table .

This table was gifted to us .

So it's one of a few pieces that we still have from our old house .

I'm going to move this neutral rug to the other side .

This rug is from Wayfair and it's a really affordable one .

I absolutely love it .

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If you see my Christmas decorating videos , you might remember this table that I got from Target .

I didn't love the quality of it .

So I am replacing it with this one also from Target .

I don't want a sideboard in here .

I had one and I sold it .

So this one was perfect and sleek , just like I wanted , I decided to sell this black console and replace it with something else you will see in the next few clips .

I've never been so excited to share a rug with you guys .

The quality , the tones and everything about this one .

I'm obsessed with .

It's from the Angela Rose and Lioy collab .

It's the blake oatmeal and spice rug .

It's neutral but also moody just like I wanted .

And the fringe detail on the ends is a bonus .

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These chairs are from IKEA .

Also from our old house .

I did have a sofa in here that I sold .

I would like to get one for the space but not any time soon because we rarely sit in here .

So I'm keeping these chairs here for now .

This is the new console table that I purchased .

It's from Target as well .

I got this one specifically because I wanted to add these beautiful Ottomans underneath it .

Since I sold the sofa , I wanted to have extra seating for when we have family over .

And I would love to do this look by my front door , but the area is so slim even with the table , it sticks out too far .

So I'm doing it here and creating a formal sitting area .

I've had this coffee table for a while now .

It's from the studio mcgee collection at Target .

Honestly , I would say stay away from any of the natural wood tone furniture from her collection because this is the tone that you will get .

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Now I made it work because I got a warmer rug , but it's not my favorite color and I only kept it because I love the design .

I added this sponge but I didn't like it .

Something was off .

So I removed it .

I just left it on this wall for now .

Moving on to my favorite part , adding Decor and bringing the space to life .

I removed this mirror and replaced it with this painting .

I'm sure you guys have all seen it .

I loved the moody tones that it has .

This is something that I really want to incorporate into my home and I felt like it was fitting for all seasons as well .

When I'm hanging things alone , I like to prop it on a stack of books or boxes so that I can step back and visually see if I like the placement or not .

This method never fails me .

Next to this painting .

I really wanted to add lighting .

I didn't add light fixture above the dining table in this video because I could not decide on one , but I still need more light and ambiance to this dining room .

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So these wall sconces were perfect to elevate this painting .

They are from Amazon .

I won't be hot wiring them because I don't know how to .

And this method is a lot easier .

I'll be using rechargeable light bulbs to charge them .

You just need to screw them into a lamp that's plugged in and to control them .

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You have remote and buttons on the bulbs as well since I don't have the right wall to add a entryway table near the front door .

I'm creating that here .

I asked you guys a few months ago , where should I put this mirror ?

And a lot of you guys said I should put it here .

And I'm glad I did .

This brass arch mirror is from Hobby Lobby .

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We had a few days of gloomy weather here in Georgia and once that cleared up I was able to start adding my decor .

This lamp is from Kirkland's .

It matches the colors I have in this area perfectly .

And next to that , I added a coffee table book with a decorative object on top and a candlestick holder as well .

On the other side , I added this painting I found at Hobby Lobby and the studio and threshold arrangement .

This one is from an older collection .

She does have similar ones in her new collection , but honestly , it's not as great as this one for the console table in the dining room .

I kept it pretty simple with this Amazon bookstand .

I love the amber interiors book .

I like to flip to a page that's cohesive with the room .

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On the other side , I added another of my favorite books , an old vase that I have and these bushes that I got from Hobby Lobby .

This wall is the first thing that you see when you walk into our home .

So for this empty corner , I'm adding a tall olive tree this planter is from Target .

The tree is from Amazon and to fill the pot .

I use rocks to hold it in place because the tree was not straight .

It just would not stand up .

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And I use Spanish moss from Hobby Lobby to top it off to add the perfect finishing touch to this area .

I'm adding handcrafted custom design curtains by Karraker .

Tara is an online custom design curtain store .

I worked with their design team to customize the perfect curtains for our home .

I chose a double pinch pleat header and the curtains come with these plastic clips attached to hang them .

I purchased pinch pleat curtain rings from Amazon .

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The fabric that I chose is the Harris linen blend and the color is white .

Their design team also recommended that I add a lining for privacy and room darkening .

So we went with a white lining as for measurements .

I sent them my window measurements and how tall my ceiling was .

And I told them the look that I was going for which was a heavy luxurious pleated look .

Instead of having two panels on each window , I added four panels to each window .

This is the next morning .

I wanted to show you guys how beautiful these curtains look .

I get so many compliments on them and I can't recommend them enough .

So thank you to Car Tara for gifting me these handcrafted custom curtains .

I will leave the link to Carra's website and all the information down below for you guys .

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I decided to add a few more decor items that morning as well .

The pot is from M and Co and the Bush is from Hobby Lobby .

I had to trim it because it would not sit straight with the stem bent and I just used foam to hold everything and keep its original shape that I loved .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and spending time with me .

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If you're not subscribed already , please do it .

Will help you to push my videos .

It's currently four in the morning here and I'm editing for you guys .

Momma gotta do what mom has got to do .

So .

Any love on this video is deeply appreciated .

I hope you guys stick around for more content .

Please hit that like button and I will see you guys in my next video .


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