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2023-07-21 09:04:53

Eclectic And Colourful Living Room Makeover!

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I heard them .

Yes .

Wait , Thumper .

The fans want to know who you are .

Come on .

This is Oh , you perfect .

No .

OK .

Well , that's thumb for all of you who are asking .

That's Thumper Graham's dog .

Hey guys , welcome back to my channel .

Today is a very special video because we are making over the living room of a team A G member .

I can't wait to you guys see this one before we get started .

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Let's get started .

So today I'm making over Ni's living room .

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N handles everything social here at tag and she recently moved in with her BFF Eleanor .

They have a cute little two bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto .

Ne and Eleanor host a lot .

So they wanted us to tackle the living room to make it a cool fun space for them to have all their friends over .

So I am at home today is in the office .

Let's hop on a call with her , get to know her the space , what she's looking for all the fun things .

Hello ?

How are you ?

I'm good .

I'm good .

So excited .

To be talking about your living room .

It looks like you've got a little cute setup sofa rug , coffee table , some kind of table that your TV is on that we need to replace .

That is the thing that without fail , every single person that walks into our part is like , what is that ?

The first thing I noticed in your before photos ?

I was like that needs to go .

The thing about all our furniture is that every single thing is a handmade down .

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Like it's purely functional .

We did not pick any of this to like look nice .

Yeah , it's not necessarily the first thing that I would have chosen .

Not it correct me if I'm wrong .

I know you just moved in .

So you haven't like hosted that many parties except for tonight .

But I feel like you have like such a large group of friends who you're like really close with and from what you tell me , like , we all hang out all the time .

And so I feel like your living room is kind of the perfect size to like host , have a dinner party .

I love how the dining room is also in the living room .

But like , what are your hopes and dreams ?

Like , how do you want to be using this space ?

What's the end goal ?

You're right .

We did move in two months ago .

The vision that I have for this space , like just at the bare minimum was I don't want to eat off a coffee table and I want to be able to spend time in it because I want to be in my apartment and not just in my room , which is kind of the case with my last apartment and it just , I didn't feel like a place that I could go home and relax .

Yeah .

But I think like the two main things that , like , we need to kind of , um , figure out , sorry that hi Alexandra .

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We um we need more space for people to be .

Yeah , I'm a floor person .

I do sit on the floor all the time so I don't mind a nice rug to sit on in lieu of a chair .

End of the day .

We want it to be cozy .

Like that's our main goal because it's kind of cold right now and like you said , it's functional but not like you haven't styled it .

I'm like putting on my little home Decor teacher voice .

There's so much more that comes with like adding in comfy pieces and making it feel stylish and making it feel homey .

Like it just changes your whole vibe and mood at the end of the day , in my opinion .

Ok , let's get into your info .

I have to say I am obsessed .

Like obsessed .

You have so much color pinned .

So I'd love to narrow down like what colors you're drawn to what colors you don't like because there's so many colors going on So I just wanna make sure I'm picking the right one .

I think , like the colors that we're mostly drawn to are like blue pink , maybe some like , darker , like orangey red , cool girl New York color palette is like the best way I can describe it .

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I'm literally writing fun .

Eclectic , cool girl , New York .

Perfect .

I'm not opposed to any color , like , staunchly opposed to any color .

Like , honestly the couch color in the office .

Yeah , I would never pick this couch ever , but it works so well in the office .

But I was like , hm , I do like this color actually .

And like , I'm always surprised .

So is the working ?

Yeah , everyone's doing .

It is beautiful .

Ok .

So maybe it's less about the specific colors and more about like the combo of the two .

Yes , we like color .

We don't stray away from color .

Is there anything else I should know before we go ?

Well , the whole team knows this about me .

Um , but I love like weird little things .

My next note .

Weird .

Yeah .

Weird .

Like I sent you guys like the shrimp baby mobile up on screen right here because I haven't stopped thinking about that mobile .

I'm obsessed with it .

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Like you want to host people , you want them to walk into your space , feel warm and cozy , but also like , pick something up off the media unit and say like , what , why would you have shrimps in a bowl ?

Yes , exactly .

Well , I'm so excited to get started on your space and make it over .

I'm so excited .

Welcome to TV G .

I feel like this is like a rite of package .

You know , it's like you have to have your space made up for my TV .

G .

Thank you .

Bye bye .

Ok .

So here's what I've learned about the space .

I'm looking over at you because the table with the TV on it , girlfriends , I have to get Eleanor and NI A media unit .

I really want to mount the television on the wall because that corner needs some love .

This space is quite large but there's not a ton of light , there's like one tiny , it's like half a boob light on the ceiling and yet this space is so big .

So they need a light fixture that's gonna bring more light than this like tiny light with one light bulb in it .

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But oftentimes when people are designing this big of a space , furniture starts to get lost .

People press things up against the wall , they don't create zones .

It can be kind of overwhelming to design a large space like this .

So I know that I'm going to have to bring in kind of different areas in this one space to make it feel more cohesive and ready for them to entertain in .

So let's take a look at Eleanor and Neves Inspo so bold , so colorful , so eclectic , but cozy and warm .

Lots of contrasting patterns and colors .

That all kind of work together , which is really at the center of eclectic design .

I'm seeing sofas that are either green or pink .

I think the sign kind of says it all above her kitchen .

It says God bless Cowgirls .

It's just like a fun quirky piece .

So we thought about it as a team and have dubbed this style Disco cowgirl .

So fun .

So here's what I'm thinking for the space .

I really want to divide this room into zones .

So there's going to be the living room area .

Perfect opportunity to use my favorite article sofa in this beautiful green velvet .

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I want to do a gallery wall above the sofa .

I really want to play with mixing and matching colors .

I want a really big low coffee table .

So Ne and Eleanor and their friends can sit around it and then I want to do another zone designated to records .

I want to create kind of like a music station maybe with a new on sign .

We're going to put a brand new media console , mount the TV on the wall and then moving on to the dining room zone .

I want to get a really large round dining table so they can fit lots of people around it when they have dinner parties and then to really like finish it all off and add that just fun , hunch of unexpectedness .

I am going to enlist Graham to make some saloon doors .

You heard me saloon doors .

We're going like full on disco cowgirl .

And I think this will really help with creating a divide between the entertaining zone and the kitchen , but still let light come in from the top and the bottom because the doors are just gonna kind of be in the middle of the door frame .

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I know some of you are not gonna love this style , but we do does and I'm just really excited to explore a style that I never have explored before .

We're just going full on fun .

You know , fun if you don't like it , think of James's living room .

And then s design is like the granddaughter of James's pastel grandma living room equally as cool grandma , but like cool grandchild who's like genie as I'm designing and prepping for the makeover .

Graham is in the tag workshop getting started on those saloon doors to figure out the size of them .

He measured the door frame opening between the living room and the kitchen .

Then he divided this number by two for each door and gave each do an extra inch to account for the hinges .

Each of our doors are going to be 26 inches and we're leaving a little bit of a gap between each door .

So they don't hit against each other when they are opening because these are gonna be real saloon doors you like push open and they like swing so fun .

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You can thrift old closet doors , you can use plywood for this project .

Hobby board wood panels .

You can essentially repurpose an existing piece of wood to make your slew doors .

But because Ni's door frame is so large , Graham actually needed to make these doors from scratch .

So here's how he did it .

Graham made his own wood panel out of two by four dimensional framing lumber because it's really inexpensive and even though it doesn't look the best you can paint it it and stain it to your desired effect .

The total cost of the lumber required to make these doors came in at $20 per door .

So $40 for the saloon doors , which is pretty amazing .

So now that we've got our lumber using a saw , Graham cut up the two by fours into 4 ft sections from the 12 ft board using a combination of a jointer , a thickness planner and a table saw .

Graham made sure each board was perfectly straight and square to each other using some pipe clamps .

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He glued all of the boards together and made two big flat panels which would turn into our doors .

He used a belt sander to make each panel perfectly smooth and flat .

So now it's time to arch the doors .

Graham made a semi circle using a pencil , some zip ties and a nail .

He then cut the semi circle out using a jigsaw and sand at the edges until they were smooth .

I knew that I wanted Graham to add some character to these doors .

I didn't want them just to be like a solid panel of magenta .

So I had him kind of bevel the inside .

He used a router bit to create another arch within the arch .

And Graham and I went back and forth about this a bit because when he kind of beveled that edge into the arch for the second arch , it wasn't looking the cleanest , like something's missing .

So we decided to add some dowling to create the inside arch and just like clean it up and make it look super nice .

Graham actually used some water tubing to create that top arch .

The water tubing is really malleable so he could create that perfect arch at the top .

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So while Graham is Diy and Elana is off to an antique mall , I was dying to go with her , but I was finishing my book .

So she had to call me while she was there and I was so jealous .

I was like , no , this is so sad , but we wanted to get some really quirky eclectic finishing touches for this space .

So that is why we headed to the antique mall , which actually happened to be Neves fave thrift destination .

Do I start this off with ?

Hey , guys , like , I don't know , hey guys , I am now on the way to Woodstock Ontario to go to an antique market to pick up some fun trinkets for Nieves makeovers .

So , come on , I'm searching for things that are like a little , a little quirky .

A little strange if I pick something up and I'm like , that's so bizarre that I know it's perfect .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I was a jump scare .

This is a booth at the antique market and , oh , my God , this whole thing is like , exactly the vibe I'm like , should I get this gum ball machine with some little , like , decaying gum balls ?

How weird is too weird .

That's the question .

I feel like I should be grabbing something like this , but it's super risky because I feel like Alexandra would really hate it .

Ok .

I'm back for this deking gum ball machine .

I'm gonna facetime , Alexandra .

Just see what she thinks about it .

Hi .

Hi .

There's this decaying gum ball machine .

I know .

It's weird .

I know .

It's weird .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Ok .

I'm gonna get it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a , I think , I think it is , but I , yeah , I wasn't sure .

Ok .

Back at the workshop , Graham is getting these doors ready for paint after the dowels and tubing have dried graham packed up any holes or dents with wood filler , sanded the doors down using 60 100 and 20 grit sandpaper and then started priming the doors using a shellac based primer .

After two coats .

Graham sanded the primer down until smooth and then painted the first coat of paint with embroidered flower by Benjamin Moore .

As you can probably tell the color just like , isn't looking right ?

It's skewing way too red , way too orange .

It's kind of like neon instead of the magenta that I was originally going for .

We had to problem solve this .

This magenta is going on all the trim these doors .

It's like a big hero color in this space .

So we had to get it right .

We sampled a few other magenta's .

Nothing was feeling quite right .

So we actually ended up mixing two magenta together to get the perfect cue .

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Finally , Graham is finishing off these doors by painting them the new most perfect magenta color and they are looking so good fun little tip for you .

Graham isn't priming these doors again .

He's not starting from scratch because this existing color was the same finish and the same paint and it was dark .

We could just layer the new color over top .

OK ?

Guys , today is the day , prep day for Nieves living or makeover has started .

We're very excited .

I'm gonna show you all the snacks you left us because they are .

What's the word to describe them ?

Delicious , homemade .

OK .

First of all , look at this cute little note .

Please enjoy these snacks .

Um Ay approved .

Ok .

So these are all the boxes we have to unpack .

It feels like a lot more than usual .

Yeah , and there's also all of these boxes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So her existing books and records .

We love that Taylor's front and center .

We are gonna start by first unboxing everything and then we are gonna get painting .

We have two prep days for this makeover because we have a lot to accomplish .

Are you guys ready ?

Yeah .

Yeah .

Mm Love it .

Yeah .

Oh My God .

OK .

We've unboxed just about everything .

The room is somewhat clear .

I wanted to show you guys this sign that has influenced a lot of the design choices we've made .

God bless Cowgirls .

This is gonna be a disco cowgirl fantasy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love that .

We are gonna start painting , we're gonna get the baseboard prepped .

We're painting those from gender color as you guys know .

And I'm gonna start painting this wall , the beautiful green that we have .

Oh my gosh .

That is uh that's bright , that's a nice green .

Ok .

I was gonna practice that green specifically when you're painting a Walgreen , you put the first coat on and I it looks like , well , don't say that like on the wall .

It looks streaky , looks so streaky .

Possibly not like the color in the bucket .

We always recommend you like three coats when it comes to a green color .

Since paints a little bit more expensive than primer , you can get your primer tinted a similar color .

That's a good tip .

And then go and go in with like two coats .

Yeah .

Cool .

Are you there ?

Yeah .

Little so Graham's cutting in as always and then I'm gonna follow behind the roller .

Let's do it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm In between coats of the green wall .

Graham and I are taping off the baseboards with painter's tape , getting them ready to paint that beautiful Mada hue that we created on them .

Ok .

That took us forever .

But look at how much we've taped off .

Basically everything .

I've also decided kind of last minute to paint the inside of the door frames .

I think it's gonna look really good .

I feel like with this style , it's kind of like you're all in or you're all out .

And Neve loves bold pops of color .

She loves quirky design , so she's like the perfect candidate .

I'm like actually so nervous to do this .

Ok .

Who ?

Ok .

That is fun .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Graham is doing a second coat on this wall and while he does that , I'm getting started on the baseboards .

Ok ?

We are done our painting prep day .

We got so much done today .

I'm gonna see you guys tomorrow for our second prep day and then I'm gonna show you what the dried paint looks like because I think the pink and green is such a vibe .

See you tomorrow .

Good morning guys .

It is the next day .

We are spending another day just prepping the space .

We're going to be building a lot of furniture today , playing with some layouts , seeing what works pretty boring day on our end tomorrow is reveal day and that's when the space will really come together .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You guys ready to start building this furniture .

You need a heads up if you're gonna ask us .

Oh , sorry .

Oh , sorry .

Are you ready ?

Yes .

Ok , let's do it .

I am prepping this gallery wall and I'm laying out all the prints on the floor to get the gallery wall configuration .

Perfect .

I want to see how they all look together and then I'm just moving prints around to where it feels good .

We are changing out the ceiling light to this stunning Mitzi flush mount .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Even flush mount can be beautiful .

You are chewing gum like it is no one's business in this scene .

Sorry , I would advise you as the person who owns this youtube channel to not be chewing gum on camera .

But yeah , that's already brighter than what they had before one .

Ok .

Hm .

Whoa .

Whoa .

Hey guys .

It is reveal day .

I'm so excited to pull this space together .

So yesterday we planned the gallery wall , we put all the screws in the wall .

So that's ready to go up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We built a ton of furniture , everything I think that we're putting in the space today and installed this beyond beautiful light , so gorgeous and perfect for the space .

So the first thing I'm gonna do is take off all the painter's tape .

It's gonna take me a while to , to reveal the beautiful trim and the beautiful accent on the key to creating an eclectic gallery wall .

Like this one is to have fun with all the prints you choose .

They don't all have to match .

They can actually be like very different styles of art .

But the key here is you want to weave in similar tones , if not the same color , you'll notice that all the prints in this gallery wall are so different and yet at the same time , they all work together , which is exactly what eclectic design is all about .

It's like effortless .

But you've thought about it .

We use a laser level to make sure all the prints were leveled in a grid and evenly spaced two inches apart .

As a note , this is an old apartment .

So everything is on a slant .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We have leveled everything but because of the uneven floors and the slanted walls , it might look off , but rest assured everything is level .

I have a thing with rugs .

My whole team knows rugs really .

I don't know .

Stress me out rug time .

Everybody brace yourself .

They need to be the right size .

They need to be the right color .

They need to look good , Carla , I have to change the rug .

I'm gonna bring both rugs home .

It just like makes me feel funny inside to 4 p.m. and it's completely different rug .

If it's not right , the whole room feels off .

If it's too small , the room feels smaller .

If it's too big , it looks too crowded .

Rugs are so important is my point .

I find that rugs that are like quirky or have a fun design or shape to them or pattern just aren't always the best quality .

Usually they're printed on top of the rug and you can just tell that it's not , it's not good quality .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Enter Lola's Buena on a rug designed in collaboration with Justina Blakeney .

This rug not only is fun and colorful , it is incredible quality .

You guys aren't ready to see this 123 .

The design we're going for in this space relies on so many like trendy elements .

So you don't have to spend a ton of money for the accessories .

But the one thing I would encourage you to invest in is a rug because it's gonna make or break the space .

Bring in this beautiful sofa from article , the perfect color of sofa for this space .

We haven't used this green sofa since Alana's makeover and I love it .

It's just beautiful and it works so well in the space .

This coffee table is also from article I've never used this piece before .

I love how much space it's going to give Eleanor and ni to host .

We also went with a low coffee table so that people could sit around it .

I'm going to bring in floor cushions later .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this beautiful media unit is from Crosley .

Yes .

The same company that makes those cute record players which we may have on site today for this space .

You might notice that I'm mixing and matching wood tones .

This is totally intentional to make the space feel like really lived in and eclectic .

OK .

So we're hanging the TV .

I always find it looks cleaner and we'll give them just more room on this media unit .

Now they have all this space .

They can see their television better from the sofa .

Remember it was like in the corner really low .

I feel like me because she's so tall is probably like watching Elvis like this Lord so much better .

I'm gonna use a cord cover to cover that cord .

Are you gonna say what a difference every time ?

Ok .

So I knew I wanted a little record station somewhere in this living room .

So I'm using this nightstand from article it's floating .

It's awesome .

You guys always ask me about this whenever I use it in makeovers .

So I'm gonna install on the Wolf .

Nice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Crosley sends this adorable record player .

I love these for small apartments because everything is built into it .

It's also a Bluetooth speaker comes in cute colors .

There's also battery powered ones .

So if you don't have any outlets near where you want to put this , you can use batteries , which is so great .

How cute to complete this little nook .

I'm hanging this neon sign .

I really wanted to get a sign that said play Yes mama because it's one of her favorites .

Another little hack for you guys .

If you don't have outlets nearby and you want to plug a sign in like this , get um a travel power adapter , plug your USB cable into it that comes with a neon light .

Turn it on .

I love it .

So I'm just gonna tuck it right behind the record player here .

Look at that .

Now it's time to install the saloon doors .

The screw is in this one just to make sure this lines up .

Sorry .

Yep .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we wanted to give them the option of having the saloon door open at time .

So graham , like literally in the laid a magnet back here , put the other magnet on the wall and now so handy .

So nifty , so cool , still cowgirl heaven .

There are and they're so good oil .

We were brainstorming for probably two or three days about how to just make these special , like add something to them .

So they're not just a block of color on this wall .

I had the idea to add horse shoes to these doors .

They are saloon doors after all and it just so happened that Atlanta was rifting that day .

Graham spray painted them gold .

Yes .

And oh .

Right .

How sick does that look ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , it looks good .

Right .

Looks good .

Do you know the difference between a horse pony and uh , tell me ponies are a cross between a donkey and a horse .

They can't , they can't have other ponies once they die , they , they can't reproduce what is with Graham's animal fact of the day , like my Google home , by the way , I can tell you about a new animal every day .

No , I'm good .

No , no .

Ok .

Well , thank you so much for that brief animal .

So as I was saying , this didn't come from the same horse obviously because it's rifted .

So it looks different , but I think it's gonna look really cool .

No , absolutely not .

Absolutely not .

Absolutely not .

Graham .

Please wear it .

That's a vibe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That is a vibe in your head for you .

Well , I don't wanna wear it .

Oh yeah .

Wow .

Look at those .

How fun .

So I have never once used a picture of this bag in a makeover , right ?

Because it's so it's like almost as tall as me .

Are you guys ready ?

Are you guys ready ?

Are you guys ready ?

Yes , I'm trying to say it .

I'm not , I'm a camera person .

I'm not supposed to talk .

Look at this , this poster is from and I had it custom framed by .

I'll leave the links down below .

What ?

Oh , this is so cool .

So usually you can't find frames this big in store .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You have to go get your piece professionally framed .

You have to bring the piece in .

It costs a lot of money .

You have to wait a lot of time , but really cool .

That frame makes these custom and then just sends it to your house so you can frame your poster yourself .

I so remember how had a bunch of books in a little bookshelf where the record player now is , I'm gonna use these floating bookshelves .

I've used these a ton .

I love them .

They're from Umbra .

So I'm gonna hang these on either side of the art room .

Gram .

What did you write a book ?

I am not stacking these books in any kind of uniform way .

I want it to look casual and I just love how these shelves are both functional and decorative books are up .

Now .

It's time to bring in the dining table .

I am obsessed with this piece .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's from article and it matches the color of the coffee table perfectly bringing in these chairs from Wayfair .

I am obsessed with how this royal blue color looks against this green and pink .

Again , maybe colors you would necessarily think to put together , but they totally work so good .

I'm hanging some curtains .

This window was like in desperate need of some decorative curtains .

It was just exposed .

You actually might recognize these curtains from Marie's studio apartment .

We ordered four panels , but we only ended up using two .

So they came in handy for this one .

Look at these so cool .

We are mixing and matching materials people .

These are so perfect for this face .

Finally , I'm adding a piece of art to the TV .

This channel on youtube is called abstract art TV .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you type in anything to youtube like TV , art , you'll get a ton of channels that basically make your TV look like the frame .

Now it's time for the finishing touches .

We really leaned into quirky styling items .

I'm adding this gum ball machine .

Elena found while thrift shopping adding a few candles and lighting one for ambiance , adding a bowl with matches and adding this planter that is quite literally , well , maybe not literally , but it looks like a loaf of bread .

We're obsessed .

I added coffee table books a big candle and this rised phone that is also pink .

I need a pink phone in my house bringing in floor cushions .

These are colorful and can be used for seating around the coffee table , hanging a planter in the window , adding fun abstract shaped cushions to the sofa and finishing off the living room with two art pieces .

An Elvis poster .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ni and Eleanor already had fun .

Fact has seen the Elvis movie with Austin butler like 15 times .

So this needed to be in the living room and this really beautiful piece that Ni's Dad painted , adding a crate for their records .

I near the record station turning on the Slay sign and of course , adding the God bless cowgirl sign .

They already had styling the dining table with a cluster of squiggle candles and candle holders .

And finally this incredible rose gold disco ball from the Etsy shop .

Nina loves fun .

Nina .

You sure do love fun because this disco ball is stunning .

The time has come .

We are gonna reveal the space to Ni and Eleanor eyes down .

Come on in .

Ok .

Can you walk me through what your space looked like before ?

It was a lot .

Hand me down furniture .

It was not us at all .

The TV , in the corner .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The TV was in the corner really low on our famous TV stand .

Yeah .

Yeah .

I really wanted to create a space for you guys .

It was like fun and felt comfortable all at the same time .

Are you ready ?

I am so nervous .

So holy .

Yeah .

OK .

123 .

Oh my God .

Never in a million years .

Could I have guessed this is what it was going to turn out to be ?

That is insane .

The light .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's so gorge .

I love it .

The record player and it matches the record .

The color is amazing .

The doors .

That's amazing .

That is so sick .

It's so good guys .

I'm like , I'm shaking still so much .

Cowboy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

These colors .

Chef's kiss .

My sister's gonna be jealous of the gum machine .

Oh my gosh .

This over there .

This is amazing .

Oh I can't .

It's so good and it's real like actual furniture .

Not like IKEA furniture that was given to us after 10 years of new .

Thank you guys so much for watching this really fun makeover .

Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any more videos just like this one .

And as always , I will see you next time .

Bye .

Are you rolling ?

No poor kind of cowboy walks into a duel like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He comes through and he's like this and then you look up and you're like a Yeah .

No , I'm kidding .


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