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What's up everyone ?

My name is Alex Costa .

And as you guys know , I just moved to a new place and I had to redo my whole bedroom and I had a ton of stuff .

So I was really unsure about what to keep what to chuck .

And it got me thinking maybe you guys have those questions too .

What are the actual essentials for a guy's bedroom ?

What do we really need ?

So I made a list of the 10 things , the 10 essentials that every guy needs in their bedroom .

This video is sponsored by Ashley Home Story and I'm gonna show you some of their awesome furniture in just a little bit .

All right .

Well , the first item on today's list is actually a really important one that guys , especially younger guys tend to forget .

I'm talking about a safe .

Don't tell me that you're too young for a safe , right ?

The younger , the better to get started .

We all have private things , personal items or valuable items and guess what ?

You're gonna need a place to keep your important documents , your passport , maybe a bit of cash , your birth certificate , a few personal memories like old photos of you and your family or childhood best friends or maybe some cash that you're saving up to buy a car or to move out .

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You should physically protect these things from obviously robberies .

But think of other things too like fires or earthquakes , things that you can't control , you know , get a safe , that will protect your valuables from any of those bad situations just to be safe .

Number two , a full length mirror and I know for a fact that you've tried to see your full outfit in a tiny little mirror once and you have to either like get on a chair , right ?

It's all awkward on the bed , maybe like you jump so you can see like your full outfit , you can see your hat and you can see your shoes look without a full length mirror in your room .

You just can't see your whole outfit together .

You can't see your shoes , you can't see your hat or your hair and your sneakers at the same time .

You're taking a gamble here on whether or not your outfit looks good .

Get a full length mirror that will allow you to see your whole outfit from top to bottom and it's gonna save you a lot of trouble and a lot of embarrassment .

Number three , a nice bed frame .

If you wanna make your room look 10 times better .

Well , you need a really cool bed frame .

It's gonna give you a room that manly mature look like , hey , I'm not a kid anymore .

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All right , I know what I'm doing here , which brings us to today's sponsor Ashley Home Store .

As most of , you know , I recently moved out , I moved into a new place and they really hooked me up with a dope bedroom makeover .

My bed frame is this really cool gray wooden finish with an awesome light on the headboard here just for reading or , you know , maybe setting the mood .

The dresser is awesome with plenty of room for all of my things .

And I have a lot of random things here .

It has this huge mirror attached to it , which is great for fixing my hair before I go out .

It is all from Ashley Furniture's Urbanology Collection , which is modern and affordable .

It is actually the nicest bed furniture that I've ever had .

I'm really happy with it .

They have everything not only for your bedroom but for the rest of your house too .

And the best thing about all of this besides it being affordable is that you can see all of this in stores at a physical Ashley home store or you can just , you know , be convenient , get it online .

You can literally order this in bed right now online .

It's very convenient .

Honestly , guys setting up my room to look this nice was such a cool thing .

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It's a good feeling knowing that I have a cool bedroom with nice masculine furniture that I am proud of the quality on all .

All of these Ashley furniture pieces is actually amazing .

So if you guys need to upgrade your room vibes .

All right , I'm gonna leave the link to their website in description below .

Go check it out , see what they have because you can decorate your room .

You can actually set it up in a way that you've never seen it or never imagined it before .

You can also click the link below to enter for a chance to win a makeover for your home .

It's a $4000 room makeover , sweepstakes .

The link is gonna be in the description right below the video .

Number four , you need a Bluetooth speaker , a wifi speaker or some type of wireless speaker .

You gotta be able to control the the vibe vibes in your room and , and the music is the best way to do that .

For example , I use mine to listen to ocean or rain or forest sounds when I'm going to sleep almost every night .

Right ?

It adds a really relaxing vibe and it helps me sleep because of the white noise .

Plus , of course , you can listen to your favorite tunes in your bedroom without having to wear like really uncomfortable headphones .

When you're laying down on your sitting in bed .

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I get a lot of work done in my bedroom on my bed like at night right before I go to sleep .

So I throw on a playlist , I get motivated .

I get some work done and then I go to sleep .

Number five manly candles .

Every guy needs candles in their room .

Right .

Uh Look , you don't need to light them up every day .

You don't need to be smelling them every single day , but you definitely need to have some handy .

I've been really into candles lately , maybe more than I should , to be honest .

But I wish I got started earlier .

There's something about being home listening to cool music with like a really nice scent from the scandal .

It's gonna push you to get your work done and your guests .

They're gonna appreciate this too .

When I invite people over , I light some candles up to make sure my my place smells super fresh inviting and man , it really works .

Everyone that comes into my place really likes this sense from these candles .

Number six , you need lots of storage .

I absolutely hate clutter .

Simple is always better for me .

I don't like to see things everywhere .

I don't like to leave things on my counter , on my dresser .

My counter tops .

It's just , it's just not my style .

So storage is huge for me .

If I don't want to keep things out , right ?

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Not visible all the time , then I need a place to actually put everything in .

Everyone needs a certain amount of storage , make sure that you have enough storage so that your stuff isn't laying around being displayed to everyone that walks in because it looks bad .

Next up guys , long charging cables for your phone .

All right , this is a simple tip to make your life so much easier .

It's also one of the most annoying things not to have when you need it .

I don't know which companies are making these like super short cables .

I'm like , who's gonna , how am I gonna , I'm gonna be attached to the wall the whole time .

You gotta step it up brands that are making these cables .

It's almost 2020 .

We need room to move our phones in right when we're in bed , like scrolling through our phones not being productive at all .

Wasting time going through people's feeds , but we still need it .

And guys , if you're gonna have anyone sleeping next to you on your bed , then have a cable on their side too because it makes it so much more convenient and easier for you and for them number 81 of my favorite items on today's list , black out curtains look , sometimes you're gonna get busy , you're gonna work a lot and you're gonna get very little sleep .

That's fine .

It happens .

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You have to work long hours to get things done .

I'm proud of you , but you need to sleep now .

Ok .

And how are you gonna do that if it's like super for early in the morning and the sunlight comes in and you can't sleep because it's super bright .

I'm a very light sleeper .

So I need to make sure that my room is dark and quiet blackout curtains .

They're made out of this really thick fabric that blocks out any sunlight .

So you can actually sleep in if you have to .

It doesn't let any sunlight through .

Right .

Or for you lucky daytime nappers there , you can definitely take a nap during the day .

I wish I could do that for some reason , I can't take naps during it .

I've tried , I'll lay down close my eyes and trust me 1000 things go through my head .

I'm just not a nap person .

So if you can do that , you're lucky .

Next up , guys , you need a door that locks for privacy .

Of course , no matter what your age is , you need to have your own time and your privacy .

Maybe it's just to relax , you know , to think about things your life , maybe it's just to play some video games , no matter how serious it is , we all need to be left alone at times , right ?

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I'm like , yo , leave me in my room by myself .

Please don't come in lock .

But even more importantly , guys , for safety reasons , you know , you really don't know when you might need that lock for your own safety .

I recommend you get a doorknob that has a lock built in .

But if you don't have that , then install a little lock up top just to make sure that you can lock that door up .

If you ever need it .

And hopefully you don't .

Next on today's list .

Guys , you need some greenery .

Right ?

And most guys are like greenery plants .

No way .

But listen , it's never a bad thing to have some sort of life in your room .

So , like a nice plant to keep the place looking alive plants .

They add some color , they add some life , they make your place feel more homey , more comfortable .

I am a terrible plant parent .

I always kill my plants .

It's , it's actually sad .

Don't judge me .

I have some fake plants in my apartment now just because I couldn't keep the real ones alive .

And it's not because I'm like a horrible person .

I just travel a lot .

I'm not home .

So then I don't have time to water them , then I have to ask friends to do it .

So it's just a lot of work .

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So if you're like me , consider getting fake plants and if you're not like me , if you're a better person , then get some real ones .

Guys don't forget to check out Ashley home store who was nice enough to sponsor today's video .

They have some amazing , amazing furniture listed on their website .

So you can redo your whole house , your bedroom if you want to because their stuff is actually awesome .

And of course , follow me on Instagram at Alex Costa .

I've been posting there so much .

You guys have , you know , fashion inspiration , travel inspiration .

Even now we're , I'm gonna be doing some house stuff , man .

So you guys can see my place .

It's coming , the house tour is coming .

It's not ready yet .

It's gonna be , it's gonna be a little while .

I'm not gonna lie to you guys .

It's gonna be a little while , but it's coming .

Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again very , very soon .

Peace .


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