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2023-07-20 12:53:45

Basic Styling for Follows (Women) - Salsa Dancing Lesson (Dance Salsa!)

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Follow those .

I'm gonna go through some um styling with you and your basic and some things you can do naturally to essentially turn dancing .

So if I'm doing my basic , my arms are naturally going to follow along with how my body is going .

So as my rib cage comes to the side and my shoulder goes back , I'm extending through the arm and the other one is coming into the center and you want to be careful not to cross over because then your arm is pinned against your body and it looks not as nice .

So keep nice space here as soon as it comes to the center so I can stay with me .

I'm bringing my arm out and exaggerating from my body .

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Another thing you can do when you have a free hand is you can either bring it up to the side and then back support at and you'll notice when I hear these moments , I'm bringing it in and then out , it just gives it a nicer look and I'm leaning with the elbow .

So this is , and this is to the same .

And when I'm doing that , this is the one time and you'll see that I'm actually bending my wrist in the opposite direction .

If you were normally holding your leave , you would always want your wrist to be angled the opposite way .

So here I'm bringing my middle finger in and my thumb almost to meet it .

Like I'm holding an egg and spiking my fingers out .

Another simple piece of spelling is to do some body tracing , which you're going to start by looping around your head .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And so you're taking off a shower cap and then take the heel of the hand and trace it down the side of the bottom .

Now , all these movements should never take more than three cats because you don't know when your lead might want to leave something else on you .

So just take 1235674123567 .


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