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2023-07-22 12:47:18

6 Living Room Decorating Mistakes To Avoid _ MF Home TV

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Hey , home owners .

Hope you're having an inspiring day .

Welcome back once again to MFF Home TV with me Phoebe .

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Let me show you some photos and tell me how you would describe each of them .

Ok .

Do you guys see it ?

If the words tacky and awkward pass your mind , then you're actually on the right track .

You're better at the interior decorating than you thought .

It's not that they have bad looking furnitures or their room is kind of messy , but there are just certain things in decorating and arranging that doesn't help at all .

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So here's five decorating mistakes that make your room look tacky or overdone that you can actually avoid .

Number one , everything's uniform , same color , same pattern , same design , same everything .

It actually looks like a set from a cartoon show .

Your accent pillows don't have to match your sofa .

If you have a cloth covering your coffee table , it doesn't have to match the curtains .

I'm sorry , doesn't have to match the exact same color too .

Don't make them all the same just because it's the biggest color in the room .

That mean your other decker should follow it too .

You also don't need to buy furniture sets .

Some people could pull it off , but more often than not , it makes your room look plain and boring .

The solution is to mix and match .

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But in a right way for a more in depth lesson , you can actually check out this video .

Number two , no carpets on the living room .

There's actually a reason why carpets or rugs exist , not just because they feel nice in their feet , but they actually bring furnitures together in a space like together forever .

Look at these photos without carpets or rugs , it feels like the coffee table is lost and doesn't belong there .

It's sticking out of the living room and not in a good way .

When you place the carpet , the furniture in your living room doesn't look scattered .

Look at how it brings everything together .

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It fills out the empty awkward space , just make sure all the legs of your furniture are inside or if it's a small rug , just the front legs of your sofa will do as long as the coffee table is in the middle , your room should be at least 6 to 8 inches wider than your sofa on both sides and the 30 to 36 inches of walkway between the furniture .

If your living room can't allow it 18 to 24 inches of walkway can do number three , choosing dark furniture for a small room .

Like why would you even do that ?

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It's like wearing black .

We wear black because we look slimmer .

Actually , it also applies in interior decorating , too dark furniture makes your small room look even smaller than it actually is .

Change up your furniture with light neutral colors , choose wood furniture that are on the light side like cedar ash Cyprus Elm or Sonoma Oak manda .

Film is a lot of choices for light wood furniture .

So small room owners , you're safe .

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Hi , everyone .

It's Nick .

Welcome and welcome back to my channel .

Ok .

In this video today , we are going to be talking about the top 10 interior design mistakes that I see in people's living rooms .

Now I did a video about like 100 years ago on interior design mistakes in general .

I mean , it was probably about like six months ago or something , but I mean , it's 2021 time is meaningless at this point like who knows when I did that video ?

But I thought in this series , what I would do is I would go room by room and address specific mistakes that I see over and over again in different rooms .

And today we are talking mistakes in the living room .

Ok .

Mistake number one that I see is not focusing enough on making a cohesive living room .

So what I see people do all the time is they go to stores , you know , they like things in isolation and they don't really think about how they are going to play against the other things that are already in their home .

This is something people do all the time .

They go to the store they go to home sense , they go to whatever and they go , oh , that's cute .

And they kind of pick it up , they throw it in the cart , they bring it home and then they go , wait , why does this place look like a hodgepodge ?

Why does this place just doesn't feel like it all belongs together ?

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Remember that nothing in your living room works in isolation .

Everything in your space is going to work and play off of each other .

So whether it's the paint colors that you're choosing , the furniture that you're choosing or the different decor pieces that you have , they all have to work together to create a unified living room .

OK .

Mistake number two that I see over and over again is not enough variation in your color palette .

So this is almost at first going to contradict what I just said about being cohesive , but I promise you it does not when you go and you figure out what your color palette is going to be , you should be taking into account the different tints tones and shades of the different hues that you are choosing .

So remember that if you choose blue and you want to work with maybe really light blue , you can work with dark blue , you can even work with an off white paint that has a blue undertone because you're basically working with all the different tints tones and shades that all belong to the color blue .

Does that make sense ?

If not go see my color palette video ?

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But basically what I see people do in an to be cohesive C 0.1 is they will go , ok , let's pick blue and they will pick a blue couch and then they will have the exact same blue and they will use that in another couch in the side chair , in the pillows .

They will use it in all the different decor pieces .

And before you know it , you've created the blue room , there needs to be some variation in tone , right ?

You can have blues that are really more heavily tinted , maybe they're a much lighter blue or maybe they are a really dark blue .

There's a lot of different colors that are sort of made up within blue .

There's different tints and tones and shades within that color and you need to use all of them or at least several of them in order to create a space that is still interesting .

So what I see is people just pick a color and then they go great .

I love this color .

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Let's use it 1000 times and you just can't do that in order to create a really interesting and nuanced space , you need to create different variations of that color or several colors that basically create a really interesting color palette .

And that brings me to mistake number three that I see .

And that is that your furniture is too matchy , matchy again , sort of like 0.2 .

But this is oftentimes I'm talking more about design style here .

This is what happens when you just go to a big box store and you just say , you know , wrap it up and throw it in the truck like I'm done , I'm just gonna take whatever is at the store and you're gonna bring it home and you're just gonna kind of take it home from an Ashley furniture and just roll it into your living room and although it may look cohesive , it's going to be boring , it's not gonna look interesting .

It's just so matchy , matchy that it lacks personality and it doesn't feel like it's yours .


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