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2023-07-22 13:27:25

Spring Living Room Refresh W_ Studio McGee x Target Home _ Decorate With Me - Cozy Home Decor

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Hi , everyone .

My name is Arvin Olano and welcome to my youtube channel .

Today's video is a spring 2020 living room refresh .

I'm going to be using a lot of pieces from the studio mcgee collab with Target and know this video is not sponsored .

I wish it was though .

Um but everything that I'm gonna be showing you today , I purchased with my own money and I want to show you how a few key pieces can create a big impact in your space .

Now , before I begin , I want to say thank you to all of you who are brand new subscribers .

Thank you so much for being here .

I appreciate each and every single one of you , especially those of you who are always leaving comments in my video .

It really helps my small channel grow .

So thank you so much .

And let's get on with the video .

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I'm going to insert a few clips of what my living room used to look like and it's actually the only room in the house that's completely done .

And so that is why I'm constantly sharing photos on Instagram , which if you don't follow me yet , it's at Avila .

But basically today , I want to change the layout a little bit .

I want to get rid of the coffee table and switch it up .

I have two chairs on either side of the couch , which I feel like we don't really need Andrew and I don't really have that many people over , especially during this quarantine .

So I'm going to take out the chairs .

I'm going to do a little bit of a different seating arrangement and I want to show you how versatile these pieces are from the studio Magee collab with Target .

If you haven't seen my review in the collection , I'm gonna link it up in the cards and down below in the description box just in case you want to check it out .

So what I'm going to do first is I'm going to clear everything out from the living room .

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That way I have a blank canvas and it will make it easier to decorate the space , by the way , nobody asked , but today I am wearing a little two piece Gucci tracksuit moment .

It's from the Dapper Dan Collaboration , which I have a whole video showing you exactly what I picked up from that collab .

So if you want to check it out , I'm gonna link it in the description box .

I want to quickly show you what kind of pieces I'm going to be working with today , which is mostly pieces from the studio mcgee Collab with Target .

OK .

So here are the pieces that we are going to be using today .

Um A lot of them are brand new .

I love these Ottomans , the woven design so good .

The vessel is brand new .

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I also got two of those woven ottomans and I'm gonna show you what I'm gonna use with that in a second .

The bowl is new .

I also got a lot of her pillows as well .

Ok .

So the last time that I showed the living room , we still didn't have any end tables because I was looking for something that was stylish but also affordable .

When it comes to my home decor , I want it to be approachable and of course affordable , which is why the studio mcgee collab with Target is perfect for this living room refresh .

So I'm going to start with these Ottomans first and I'm actually going to use them as a side table .

Now , if you've seen these on the website , they can be styled next to a fireplace as seating .

But in my case , it's the perfect side table because of the beautiful and woven Ratan details .

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It also has the black metal legs and it matches our lamps beautifully .

So next , I'm going to work on the pillows .

Now , Shay mcgee is notorious for her pillow plan .

It's so amazing and you can get a curated and cozy pillow collection with everything from her collab .

It's so affordable and the colors are perfect when you have a darker couch I would normally start off with a lighter pillow .

First , these are not from the collection .

These are actually just from home goods .

They're beige and velvet , but I love the contrast that it gives when it's on the couch .

It's a good pillow plan is all about layering .

So I'm going to layer this plaid pillow and a Lumbar with what I already have on the couch and it's just going to create this beautiful and cozy feeling .

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I'm going to add even more print and pattern using more pillows .

Now , the key to a great pillow plan is layering different sized pillows .

So the first pillow that I used the beige ones there , I think a 24 by 24 and then I move on to a 20 by 20 lastly a Lumbar .

So those different sizes create a layered effect and you can mix print and patterns and different colors as well .

But what I love about the studio Magee collab is it's all muted , all neutral , like look at this Lumbar .

It's so pretty .

I love like the muted greens and the grays super Q to finish off the couch .

I'm going to add a layered throw .

This one is also from the collection and I just love the colors .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love the print and a good striped pillow or throw is so easy to incorporate into any space because the print isn't too overwhelming and mixing different stripes and patterns is just mm so , so good and it's so signature to Shane mcgee style .

So Road time .

All right .

So now that the couch is done , I'm going to move on with the coffee table and I'm actually going to be using the woven Ottomans as a coffee table and showing you the versatility of these pieces .

OK .

So these are the Ottomans that I'm talking about and I'm going to arrange them in the middle of the rug that way it looks like a coffee table .

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So in the beginning of the video , I talked about how I'm going to remove the two chairs that were on either side of the couch because I wanted some better flow from um this room and that room .

So instead I'm only going to put one accent chair on this side of the couch .

That chair that I just put on the side is also from Target .

It's not from the studio mcgee Collab , but it's still really , really beautiful .

I love the color of the fabric and the wood tone as well .

I like to add even more coziness to the space by using decorative throw blankets .

So I'm going to hang this just right onto the accent chair right there .

So next , I'm going to add one more side table , which is this concrete um piece right over here .

I love this piece because it's so sculptural and I love the neutral gray as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a great piece to add some texture and some play on different shapes .

All right .

So now that the foundation is basically finished , it's time to add the decor .

So the next thing that I want to do is to add some finishing touches to this little seating area here in the corner .

I'm going to add a decorative bowl onto the side table and a pillow as well for the side .

Last but not least , I'm gonna show you how to style our new coffee table and how to work with these two separate pieces .

So let's get started .

I'm going to be using books to divide the coffee table in different sections .

So I'm going to try by doing two different sections just like that .

And I'm gonna use books that match the color palette of the New Decor pieces .

I like to create balance on the coffee table .

So in this case , I'm using two books each .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love this vessel from the Collab collection because it's still muted , but it matches all of the colors that we have going on the pillows , the throw blankets and it has a little bit of a glazed finish .

So it adds some shine without it being too glam .

You know what I mean ?

So I added this limestone figurine and I'm not really that happy with the layout .

I think it's because I only have two sections to work with .

So what I'm going to do , I'm just gonna take this entire section out and I'm gonna leave this kind of as a centerpiece .

Next , I'm going to add these coasters right behind the books and the vessels just in case we actually want to use this as a coffee table .

Ok .

Wow , that was it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , everyone .

That is it for me today .

Thank you so much for watching .

Hit that like button if you enjoyed this video and don't forget to subscribe .

Thank you so much and I'll see you in my next one .

Bye , everyone .


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