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2023-07-20 13:03:15

Start your day with this!

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Hello , you two family .

Welcome to a new video .

Today is just a short and sweet movement routine you can do to start your day or also to end your day .

It's also a great one to do after any kind of training .

For example , you were weight lifting at the gym and you want to do a short routine to calm down stretch and move in kind of all directions before you hit the cold shower or ice bath or go home .

This is a nice one .

It's kind of a all purpose , all levels , very well rounded , short practice .

Of course , there's always more you can do , but sometimes you just have a short amount of time and if you spend these 10 minutes , it's better than spending no minutes on yourself and on your body .

So I hope this helps you to stop day right , to end the day or to finish your training or workout .

Be sure to check out the other hundreds of videos I have here on the channel .

I hope I see you in a future video as well .

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Let's start at the back of your mat if you have a mat otherwise wherever you are is perfect .

We start standing in a forward fold .

I invite you to straighten the legs .

Insulate your , your , your arms , cross your arms in front of you and let the upper body and the arms hang down heavy , let the head hang heavy as well .

When we simply bend one knee and then the other knee to straighten and bend alternatingly the legs , especially in the morning .

This is nice to feel into it after training .

This is nice in the evening .

You might wanna keep the leg straight , that's fine too .

So , feel free to add and modify and change the things .

It's just suggestions I'm throwing at you and let's keep the leg straight .

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So even if this does look very different than what I'm doing here , it's totally fine .

I've been doing this for many years every single day .

And so all we're looking for is the sensation in the body , some sort of a stretch at the back side of the body , back side of the legs , maybe in the back in the neck .

And then I invite you to soften the breath and pay some more attention to the breath .

Keep the lips sealed breath , only through the nose , move a little bit left and right .

With the upper body lift a little bit up and lower a bit more as you breathe , feel the expansion in your back , the lungs expand the rib cage expands .

So it's widening to the left and right side , then release your hands down , take a deep breath and lift up .

Halfway .

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Could be fingertips on the ground or shin to the hands to the shins exhale fold .

Try to keep your legs straight in her lift , egg her fold .

Last one in her lift eggs have full just moving with the breath .

Walk the hands forward for a downward facing dog or inverted v shape .

You can keep the legs bent a lot if you want to stay here , push the test towards the thighs .

You can also straighten one leg and then the other , we call this , walk your dog or both legs .

So again , move into it , move around , can also rotate the heels to the left and to the right .

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Now from this downward facing dog , we move and roll through the spine forward to a plank and back to downward dog .

Nice and slow .

It's more focused on the spine , spinal articulation , moving the spine , paying attention to what's happening in the body .

One more back to downward facing dock from here , you bring the feet .

Why the part and we roll through the spine forward through a plank pose , but into an upward facing dog .

So engage the glutes as you lower the hips , open the front body broaden the collar bones , pull the shoulders back , look straight ahead and then chin to the chest , come up and back to downward facing dog .

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Just two more to open the front body and one more , you can set the knees down if you need to , if you bend the arms lower all the way down to the ground , slide the hands forward , come onto the forearms , bring the forearms parallel to another .

This is Sphinx pose and bring your feet a bit wide apart .

So the the the movement so far were more activating , more with con control and strength , more active .

Now it's a bit more passive .

So we just want to open the front body .

So this is a a nice one to do in the evening , especially if you were sitting a lot to just open the front .

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It's , it's so nice at the end of the day .

Also after your workout to really slow the breath down , be in this open position and then leave your training , your gym , whatever you're doing , feeling open .

If you feel like going deeper , press into your palms , straighten your arms for seal pose .

If you feel any pain anywhere , then please back off .

It's not smart nor wise to move through pain , especially not in a video like this .

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You can also bend your arms and straighten your arms a few times just to feel into it a bit more dynamic and it's all released back down to Sphinx and then all the way down to the ground now bring the feet together , extend the right arm out to your side either straight , which is a good start .

And what I do most of the time .

If you know what you're doing , you can also bend their arms , they bend their arm 90 degrees .

So really up to you , this is a lot more intense .

Then you bend the left leg and bring the left foot over towards the right arm .

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Maybe even land the sole of the left foot with your left hand , you can just push yourself a bit more into that opening and stretch in the right arm , the shoulder , the the packs the chest with the left knee can reach a bit more to the left or move left and right , just to feel into it , open up the body loosen up the body and mostly become aware of the body and connect to the body more and back to the belly .

Other side , left arm out straight or 90 degrees bend and then bend the right leg .

Bring it over here .

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Now you can see me better with this arm , the right hand , you can push away a little bit and then move the right knee to the right to the left , bringing you deeper into the twist .

We're also opening up the hip a little bit and of course the left shoulder pecks arms back down to the belly .

So you got the hip theft and right and push the hips back for a child's pose , feet together , knees apart .

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So you have some space for the upper body to rest down , walk the arms forward , the hands forward , forehead to the ground , take three or four deep breaths , you know , walk the hands back , slowly , push yourself back up and continue to just sit here either sitting on the heels , if that feels comfortable .

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If that's accessible for you or cross your legs , sit crosslegged and just continue to sit for one more minute , close your eyes so no one can see you .

You're just doing your thing .

I invite you to pay attention to the breath , how the air is coming in through the nose and out through the nose , kind of going through in your head .

What you want to do for the day ?

What happened today ?

What happened in your training or workout ?

Give thanks for what happened that you had the ability to train or work out that you had the ability to an opportunity to experience another day .

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If it's at the beginning or the end of the day , give thanks for this day and then slowly blink your eyes open .

Thank you very much for joining me today for this super short and sweet practice .

There's always more you can do .

And if you want to do more , then I invite you to check out the other videos here on the channel .

I hope I see you soon in another video .

If you liked this short class , please hit the like button .

If you want to subscribe , hit the subscribe button as well .

It really helps out the channel .

Although everyone says it everywhere , any time it really does make a difference .

Have a great rest of your day .

Much love and gratitude .

Peace .


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