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2023-07-20 12:56:00

Club Hip Hop - Belly Dance Bollywood Cardio Workout- Billy Blanks Jr.

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I'll get up .

Ok guys , we're gonna start off with our belly dance Bollywood mix .

I got my wife and partner in crime , Sharon , Captain Blanks right here and the dance with me .

Ladies .

Are you ready ?

All right , let's warm it up .

It's just follow along .

Take this leg across go one just like this great job guys .

We're gonna switch sides .

Here we go and 123 just like that step across switch sides .

Now use the arms up , strike the arms hit just like that switch sides .

Bush too .

Oh yeah .

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Now we're gonna switch sides and move on to a new step .

Here we go .

Drop the hip down , drop it down just like that .

Yes .

Now you can get sassy with this .

Alright .

Sit down down , squeeze the core in .

Support yourself .

We're gonna raise those arms up .

Here we go .

Kick , kick a little kick .

Yes .

Kick kick , kick , keep going .

Kick , kick , kick , kick .

Good job guys .

Now we're gonna stretch all the way through like this .

Here we go .

Push here , push here and push nice and easy .

Have fun with it .

Push all the way through .

Good job guys .

Now .

We're gonna switch sides like this .

Here we go hips down , drop it down , drop it down , squeeze that quarter of support .

You can go back a little more if you want to otherwise sit right here and keep breathing .

All right .

Here we go .

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Arms up and kick , kick how you doing at home ?

Uh Yes .

Uh uh uh keep going .

The arms are too hard .

You can stay here and keep moving .

Ok ?

We're gonna reach through like this .

Here we go .

One front .

All I'm doing is the foot is coming front and back , front and back .

The arm is gonna slip here .

Yes .

Flip here .

Good job .

Flip .

You got it back to the front .

Here we go .

Just front , back , front like that .

Go front , back , front , front , back , front , keep going front , back , front , back , front back .

Good job guys .

Now we're gonna turn into a roll like this .

Roll it roll , roll , roll .

Yes .

Now if you wanna add something to it , you're gonna add your arms with some flavor into it here .

Yes .

Keep rolling .

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You got it because you have guys .

If you go slow , slow , slow .

See this .

Now , ladies , I want you to break some glass like this .

You go bam , bam .

Yes .

All right .

Hit and hit .

Here we go double time .

See that all the way through .

You should be working the core , working the butt .

Push and push your job guys .

Now we're gonna bring it to the front four walks like this .

We go 123 now .

Slow figure eight .

Slow , slow and fast .

Bring it back .

Now look guys , you don't have to shake your hips too much .

All right , just stay here .

Ah ladies .

I want you to really break some glass .

Bam , bam .

You too .

Alright and slow , slow , fast , fast .

Bring it back on .

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You got it slow , slow and here we go , wiggle it .

Add up right here when you're wiggling I want you to support squeezing through the core , right ?

Breathe .

Oh Yeah .

Next one .

Watch this .

We go front back now this front back it's gonna turn to a roll , ok ?

Not yet .

Keep going .

Use the core and back , front and back , front and back .

You ready ?

Here we go front , back , front .

It's like a snake front back .

Yes .

To the side .

We go front , back , front back .

Yeah , let me see it .

Other side , front , back , front , back , front back .

Oh yeah .

Are you feeling at home ?

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Uh front , back , front back now watch this next one .

We go here back and step out .

Yes , you gotta get sassy with it .

Don't be nice .

Not here .

Bam , bam .

Proud of you guys .

Last one .

Watch this .

We go heels now we're getting ready to shake it a little faster .

Peels .

See this triple time shake .

Yes .

Not like you can shake like this or you can bring it here guys we shake down here All right .

Good job .

Self touch .

Awesome job guys .

All right guys .

Now it's time to move to India .

Time for some Bollywood dancing .

OK .

Most important I want you to be joyful .

Have fun .

First step .

OK , Bali shrug arms up .

We go 123 switch just like that again .

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It's all about the attitude .

You don't have to be perfect with the steps .

123 .

Good job guys .

Now we're gonna double it up here .

We go at one at two , at three .

How you doing and shoulders ?

How you guys doing ?

Keep going and , and now you're getting ready to give me some drama .

We're gonna do our walk , ok ?

This way first we go walk 123123123 .

Yes .

And I want you to whip those arms like this whip .

Give me drama spam .

Good job guys .

Here we go .

Now in between step when I say in between , we're just gonna come back here .

All right .

Moving on to the next one .

We call this one , Boli chop starting with a bounce .

We go one , see this just like a boxer like you're in a ring and getting ready to fight .

Ok .

Arms up here .

Now you can keep your hands in blade position .

This is a traditional Bollywood step .

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All right , here we go chopping down , down , up , up , here we go down , down , up , up , down , down , keep your core nice and tight as you're moving down , keep going down , down , down , down .

Make sure you're breathing the whole time .

Ok .

Back to transition down here .

Right in between .

Step right here .

Yes .

Just like that .

We're gonna move on to Boley bulb .

Watch this , this leg goes back now , switch back .

I'm dropping the hip down like we did earlier in the belly dance .

All right .

Keep going .

Now , the little difference here is you're gonna use your hands like you're scw in two light bulbs .

What we call it Boley bulb .

Here we go like this 12 .

Switch with Jeff .

Oh Yeah , you gotta get sassy with it .

Have fun .

Uh 23 .

Twist 2312 .

Good job guys and home base right here .

Little in between step three time for you to catch your breath .

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You just following along .

All right .

Next one .

Pedal pump .

We go heal 23 to the heart .

23 .

Heal now .

Bollywood dancing .

It's all about drama .

So you gotta give me drama .

You're talking about somebody you're in love with all right .

Heels 23 and up .

Good job .

Keep going and up .

You got it .

Put 23 and back here we go in between and step three .

Good job guys .

Next one we go , Bolly Bounce .

We go 1212312123 .

Yes , I 123 .

Add the arms in like this , we go 12 .

Now remember if anything is too hard you don't have to do those arms .

You can just keep moving with us like this here if you're like , oh my knees .

It's all right .

All right .

Just keep moving in between step .

Yes .

Good job guys .

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Breathe right now into the nose out of the mouth .

Next one , we're gonna go like this body .

Turn 123 and four other side .

12 .

Yes .

Now the arm is gonna come in like this .

Go in .

Push two other side , push 23 other side .

How are you doing at home ?

How are you doing ?

Ladies ?

My girls are working right and back here we go in between .

Good job guys here .

Keep breathing into the nose out through the mouth .

All right , we're gonna say bye like this 12 switch sides .

One that little pony , go pony and down pony again .

Here we go .

12312 .

Say goodbye here .

Yes again , here we go .

Come on 1230 yeah , up and down one more .

Give me some drama .

We got more .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Push 23 , push and up .

Now we got two more .

Here we go .

One .

I lied to you .

Huh ?

Here we go .

Get it up .

Last one where goodbye and push and up .

Come on over and down and over and down .

Step .

Touch guys .

Great job .

You should be warmed up .

You should be ready to do some more dancing .

If not , I'll see you guys that


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