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2023-07-20 12:52:12

How to Draw a Silly Fat Cat

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I've switched over to a softer graphite pencil .

In this case , this is an HB pencil .

This is as soft as I'll go for this first demonstration .

We also need to consider the directional lines that we're making .

Of course , many of the hairs overlap and that creates some areas of shadow underneath .

So as we're developing these darker values , we'll be sure to indicate those areas of cash shadow that happen in between each collection of hair strand .

Here's a closer look at what I mean .

We're going to be pulling lines mainly horizontally as the hair flows .

But these lines might be at a slight diagonal bit and might curve slightly underneath each collection of hair .

Of course , we'll put areas of cast shadow where the value is going to be a slight bit darker .

Of course , the hair that we're developing in this first demonstration is longer and softer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

522.69 --> 592.7

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you keep this in mind , while you're developing the texture , it'll help you make decisions on where you need to create areas of darker value and where you need to leave the lighter values along .

Sure , we may still have a few strands that stick out here and there and it's OK to just use direct lines for this .

So now let's go ahead and revisit the surface with the Hake brush and just move some of that material around .

Remember , we're after a softer appearance here , so transitions can be smoother .

Now let's pull out a few highlights for this .

I'll use an eraser .

In this case , the eraser is encased in a pencil .

I like to call this an eraser .

This will allow me to lift a few areas of highlight out of the hair .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then from there , let's give our cat some expression because he's very tired and it's Monday .

Right .

So once you do that , let's come right here over the eye and we're going to draw kind of like this very slight curve .

So it all depends on how straight you make this curve , the straighter , you make it the , the matter he looks , I guess .

But if you want him to look kind of sad , then you just droop it down a little bit more .

So , something like that .

And then same thing over here right over the eye so you can play around with and see how you want his expression to be .

Ok , something like that .

We'll just leave it at that for now and then let's come to the top , right , kind of on the side area right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then we can go back again this time with the HP pencil and darken the values even further .

Here .

Again , we're pushing the relationship of dark and light values .

We're expanding the range of value in the drawing and as we get more precise with each one of the clumps of hair that we create , we can go back and put a few defined lines with a sharpened pencil .

This will of course increase the contrast and help communicate the form of the hair even further .

Now , the hair we're creating here is somewhat of a mid to overall .

You might think golden retriever here .

At least that's what I was thinking when I created this texture .

If you're creating hair that's a bit darker , you're just gonna have more areas of shadow , you'll still have areas of highlight .

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So about right here , I'm gonna bring this curve down and go around as I come to the mouth area , I'm gonna dip in a tiny bit and then out again or you can just go straight out to you , you know , you can put a little dip and then go out .

So we're just framing his face in .

Then from there , let's go up right here .

I'm gonna go up for his head .

So nice and high .

So let's say right here , I'll stop and I'm gonna go around .

So we're just trying to draw this huge head .

So then on this side , it's gonna be much wider .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's important to keep in mind that no matter what color the texture that you're creating is , you still have light areas and you'll still have dark areas of course , of course , for much lighter hair , like perhaps a very light blonde , you'll still have areas of darker value just like we'll still have areas of lighter value with darker colored hair .

Now , like I mentioned , I'm sticking with the HB pencil for my darkest value .

I'm still able to get fairly dark values by adding a bit of pressure on the pencil .

But if you find that you need to push your values even darker .

Of course , you might try a softer pencil like a two B or maybe even a four B pencil .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We'll add a few stray hairs here and there just as I mentioned before and that will finish up our softer hair .

Now , let's look at creating some coarser hair .

This time , we're gonna start off by thinking about the highlights .

I'm using a clay tool here which has a very sharp tip at the end , not so sharp that it will cut you or anything but sharp enough to put intentions into the surface of the paper .

You might can even see them there from the light .

I'm making strokes just like I was drawing white hair on the surface .

These intentions will create crevices where a softer graphite pencil can't reach .

In this case , I'm using the General's layout pencil , which is about equivalent to a four B .

Then I can go back with a blending stop and politely blend the value over the top of the paper .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Of course , here again , the graphite will not go into the grooves that I created .

Now , this gives us a nice starting point .

We can go back at this point with an HB pencil and start to add the shadowed locations that we need in between each hair to communicate a three dimensional illusion .

Of course , here again , we're considering the same factors in order to create the illusion of texture .

We've got to create a full range of value and we've got to make sure that those relationships of value communicate the texture that we're after with the sharpened HP pencil .

I'm able to put bits of shadow even inside of the grooves that I created with the clay tool .

I can put locations of cash shadow that overlap hairs that may be just underneath the hairs that are closer to the viewer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This increases the illusion of death and begins to make the fur look a bit more believable .

Of course , here , again , we can continue to slowly push the value increasing the contrast and the tonal range in the drawing .

As we add some of the shadowing , some of the hairs will appear like they're slightly closer to the viewer while some will appear a little bit further away , this will create that illusion of depth that we're after .

Now , of course , I'm using an HB pencil again to create my darkest values .

If you find that the HB pencil doesn't make your darker values dark enough .

Of course , you can use a softer pencil like a two B or a four B pencil .

So there you have it two different approaches to creating the illusion of fur with graphite .

I hope this video helped you out and thanks for watching .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So right here to make it my drawer cute , very exhausted fat cat .

And then let's write , I'm just gonna write it really quickly .

Uh It's Monday , right ?

So let's see .

My right here will start and I'll quickly write that .

I really hope this joy inspires you and some dots and it's Monday .

Nobody likes Mondays , right ?

Hey , why ?

Then I'll come in here real quickly and just thicken everything up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So they're all done .

I really hope you love this silly cat and that inspires you to draw it too .

Thanks so much for watching and if you loved it , please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bell .

So you won't miss any new draw videos .

See you later .


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