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Home decor ideas that you can personalize yourself using items you already have .

I'm going to be starting with this wall clock and I'll be removing the clock machine and then using some items from the dollar tree to personalize it to my style .

I'll be using a peel and stick tie in front the doll , the tree .

I'm gonna spray , paint it white and attach the clock machine in the middle .

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This part of the clock is gonna be spray painted gold and then I'll attach what I've spray painted in the middle to make it look even better .

I'm gonna be taking more self adhesive tiles and I got these ones from family dollar .

They sell theirs for a dollar and they have all kinds of designs .

So I picked as much as I needed for the project .

I'm gonna be spray painting this one gold and you can also get these tiles from the dollar tree .

It's just that I had a chance of getting more from family dollar than the dollar tree .

And for $1 I'm gonna be attaching the tiles to a foam board and making provision in the middle for the clock .

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I also spray painted the time indicators for the clock .

I want to use something with a little bit of texture like this .

So I'm gonna be using trims that I got from Walmart to cover up the rough side of the edges for the clock .

I'll be covering the inside as well .

I'm gonna be using the trim again around the edges of the tile .

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Another design for a wall clock is just simply get a clock machine and attach it to the middle of four soap , adhesive tiles that have been attached to a foam board .

I'll be covering the surface of the clock machine with a gold contact paper .

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This is a simple and quick and easy wall designed for a clock and this is the back where it's gonna be mounted on a nail that's on the wall .

Both designs look really , really nice and you can choose whichever one you like and replicate it for your home .

Another idea is to use the self adhesive tiles together with a dory frame .

I'll remove the content of the frame and leave just the glass and then attach the glass back to the frame with the hot gluten .

I cut the self adhesive tiles to size and I spray printed it silver .

And then now I'm gonna be sticking it on to the glass .

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You can leave it the way it is or you can add color to it .

So this is Maute posh and a gold acrylic paint that I'm gonna mix together , including glitter to make it shine .

And then I've been making light brush designs on the silver .

I'll be mounting this on the wall with a mounting tape that I got from the dollar tree .

I realized that this is gonna be more beautiful when I have more .

So I mean four , there are some colors of the self adhesive tiles that I've been looking for at the dollar tree but couldn't find them .

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But I found some of them at family dollars .

So I got them and these ones have black marble design with white marble designs .

I'll be making cuts right here to make sure that I don't have any opening when I'm done .

I cut some more because I will be needing them to decorate a mirror .

I had one of the tiles mistakenly opened .

So I'm gonna be using the sticky tabs to cover the part up .

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I attach this on top of another existing larger mirror in the bathroom .

This is what all of the designs in this video looks like .

Now they all look super pretty and the main items for each and every one of them or self adhesive tiles from the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar as well .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

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