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2023-07-22 12:48:39

Styling with Indoor Plants _ Julie Khuu

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Hello , everyone and welcome back to my channel .

I'm Julie and we are doing things a little bit different today today , I'll be talking about how to style indoor plants in every room in your home .

Instead of this being a step by step , guide on what to do and not to do .

I really feel like you cannot get it wrong .

It's all about incorporating indoor plants in your home in cool creative stylish ways that add that much needed drama and improves the indoor air quality while you're at it .

Let's dive right into the different rooms .

Starting with the entry .

The entry is one of my favorite spaces to incorporate an indoor plant because it is the introduction to your home .

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When guests step right into your entry , they could be met with this really beautiful console that's styled with a beautiful vignette that should feel personal and unique to your space for the entry .

Less is more .

If you have a small entry , think about a vignette of smaller potted plants in a grouping .

If you have a larger entry , think about an indoor plan that is proportional to the visual space in the room .

The goal for the entry should be warm and inviting .

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You don't want to put a huge tree right in your entry that's going to block the passage into your space and you definitely don't want to style the entry with a teeny tiny potted plant that feels like it's engulfed in the space .

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I mean , that's not realistic to most of our homes .

Think of anchoring one corner of your living space perhaps next to the sofa or sectional with a taller indoor plan .

If you don't have a ton of space for a huge tall sprawling tree , think about a series of potted plants , whether or not they're hanging or sitting right on a coffee table .

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Yeah , the key in the living room is to help balance the space out with your furniture placement and disperse potted plants .

So you're adding brightness and greenery to different corners of the living room .

If you're located in an area where you rarely use your fireplace instead of covering it up .

Think about styling it with a potted plant instead , floating shelves and hanging shells with an assortment of different types of indoor plants are great to fill a huge blank wall .

Don't underestimate the power of planters in your living room .

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They make for really beautiful sculptural decor and don't take up a lot of space .

Moving on to the dining room .

The dining room typically doesn't have a whole lot of space for additional furniture , let alone a huge old plan .

So what I'd love to do is find an empty corner in the dining space to anchor a large tall tree .

Definitely don't leave the tree in its nursery pot and always look for a really beautiful pot or urn or vessel to transfer the tree right into what you're looking for is something that fits your aesthetic and vibe .

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If you're not into a whole lot of decor , I love this idea of a living wall right in your dining room .

If you're in a studio apartment or an open concept space , think about using a bookshelf as a divider between your living room and dining space , you can then fill the bookshelf up with tons of plants in all shapes and sizes .

If minimal is more your style , think of a beautiful indoor plant that sits as the centerpiece for your dining table .

There's no wrong way to style indoor plants .

Look down , look to the sides and always look up for creative solutions .

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Kitchens are one of my favorite areas to fill with indoor plants .

Most kitchens have a beautiful bright white window that is really conducive to helping these plants grow and thrive if you have floating shelves in the kitchen .

Think about layering plants in all different shapes and sizes , some trailing some upright and some indoor herbs while you're at it .

If you have upper cabinet tree with a ton of space above it , that's a perfect spot for plants with trailing vines .

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A simple potted vessel with a beautiful bright green plant would be sufficient to add color to the space .

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I love that .

Bohemian jungle .

Look for the bedroom , especially in smaller bedrooms , like apartments or dorms .

I think a variety of hanging plants just brings the outdoors in so beautifully try styling , a variety of indoor plants in one special corner of the bedroom or hanging it right above your dresser .

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If you have a window with the ledge , that will be the perfect spot for a collection of your favorite indoor plants .

If you're looking for a little drama , why not incorporate a huge potted plant in the corner of the space ?

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Moving on to your home office , the home office is typically a workspace that could definitely benefit from bringing the outdoors in .

You're seated at your workstation , you're not getting a ton of fresh air .

Think about creating your own version of an indoor garden .

Small potted indoor plants look great on bookshelves , mixed in with books and a few of your collectible items .

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And lastly , we have the bathroom which is the perfect breeding ground for indoor plants .

They love the heat , they love the moisture and bonus points .

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787.32 --> 861.45

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So my home is filled with floor to ceiling windows .

I really benefit from all of the light that filters through my home and it's really conducive to my indoor jungle .

You'll notice that I don't have indoor plants on the innermost parts of my home just because they don't receive a whole lot of light .

I love to group my plants right in front of the windows where they receive ample light throughout the day , depending on the amount of bright light each plant needs .

I figure out the placement and the location from there .

My top two favorite indoor plants are really trees .

I mean number one at the top of the list is a fiddle leaf fig .

I have grown and potted so many fiddle leaf figs in my lifetime .

I mean , I have a few videos out on the channel .

Now , all about fiddle leaf fig hair and propagation techniques .

I love its large massive verdict green leaves .

It fills the space so beautifully .

They're modern and they have a very small footprint .

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915.744 --> 984.179

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I love that .

It gives you this really relaxed Italian countryside vibe without feeling very country at all .

The light sage colored leaves are perfect for neutral settings , especially if you have a ton of white in your space .

It's contemporary .

It's sophisticated .

But the downside is that it can only grow indoors .

A maximum of 8 to 9 years .

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I'm not really sure what happens afterwards .

Maybe you move them outside , but a decade is really a substantial amount of time to really enjoy the beauty of the indoor olive tree .

Both the fiddle leaf fig and the olive tree needs ample sun .

We're talking about a minimum of six hours of indoor bright light a day .

The placement is best in front of a south facing window where they will receive all that beautiful bright light .

They both can grow really tall .

Olive trees can grow up to about 10 ft .

You remember the size of my little leaf big ?

I mean , it shot straight up into my ceiling before it started looming and bending over .

So clearly , if I had the height in this space , they would grow so massive .

The same thing with olive trees .

If you want them short and small , you could specify a dwarf tree or you really could just cut and prune them down to size when you have a small space .

Think about dividing plant groupings into small vignettes .

This will help you enhance the space , the character and the mood of each individual room .

If you have a larger space .

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Think about a single tree that grows tall and large that will add the much needed drama and character to your room without cluttering the space at all .

Don't underestimate the power of simplicity .

I love allowing the shape of the plant and the size of the leaves to become its own sculpture .

This helps to ground each space without distracting from the furniture or views and also plays an important role in establishing an easy organic sense of flow .

I hope you got some good creative ideas on how to style your space with indoor plants .

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Remember that indoor plants just like interior design is all about experimenting .

Check out the indoor garden section at your local nursery , your local hardware store .

I mean , even IKEA is chock full of indoor plants for you to mess around with .

I don't want you to get overwhelmed .

Just remember that every single type of indoor plant comes with a little care instruction right in the pot .

Sometimes it's a little tab that's sticking out right from the soil that tells you exactly the amount of light it needs when to water it , how much fertilizer it needs and just basic plant care .

When I first started out with my indoor jungle low , I watched a lot of videos from epic gardening .

I really love Eric's casual vibe and his simple super straightforward plant tips and plant Serena's channel needs no introduction .

She is an encyclopedia of plant knowledge .

So definitely check out those two channels if you want to dive a little bit more into indoor plant care .

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I promise once you get the hang of it , you will start to get addicted .

There's really nothing like styling your entire home with indoor plants .

Not only does it improve the indoor air quality and it teaches your responsibility .

I feel like it's really great for mental health .

I want to end this video today with a little challenge for you .

Try going out to your local store whether or not it's a hardware store , IKEA your local nursery anywhere .

Just look for an indoor plant that you feel like you want to take care of .

You don't need to know a whole lot about it .

Maybe you're attracted to the color of the leaves , the shape of the , the leaves , the style of the plant , how full and lush it is .

Just pick one plant , bring it home and see how you do if you like this type of content and you want to learn more about indoor plants .

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Please give this video a thumbs up , comment below and let me know if you have any questions when it comes to styling indoor plants in your home and definitely share this video with anyone , you know , who wants to add indoor plants into their home , but they just don't know where to start and of course , subscribe to my channel if you haven't already .

Thank you so much for watching .

I'll see you in the next one .


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