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2023-07-22 13:17:55

EXTREME (Rental) Living Room Makeover

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Hey guys , we here and welcome back to my channel in today's video .

I'm gonna be sharing with you guys my rental friendly small living room makeover .

And I'm so excited because this has been a highly requested video for quite some time in this video .

I'm gonna show you guys how I went from pretty much bad to boj in my living room and tell you all the things that I purchased and just show you that there is hope when you're in a small rental space .

So the first thing that I did was paint my wall .

You guys have commented so many times asking what type of paint this is and I'm just gonna let you know this paint is from Bear and the name of it is called nightclub and I painted it in a matte black is very durable and I still love it to this day and this was actually the biggest upgrade in the space , in my opinion .

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Speaking of upgrades , if you all wanna see 10 ways to upgrade your living room , then give this video a thumbs up and I'll make that video .

I am headed to meet someone to buy this lovely uh bookshelf the little short one , this was in my son's room , but since I did my son's room over , I wanted to get rid of it .

So I found a buyer and I am headed there now to make the drop , make the exchange .

So once I sell all this furniture , then I'm going to start purchasing well designing in my head and then purchasing my um pieces for the living room .

And I am super duper excited guys and then I'll have a perfect little apartment like Carrie Bradshaw .

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Ok .

That was a little corny .

But once I sold all my furniture and figured out my design , I started sourcing everything .

And the nice thing about ordering furniture online is that you do not have to pay for delivery fees .

All I had to do was order it and it was dropped right at my door .

No , Amazon did not , but I still ended up getting it .

So this TV stand is from Amazon and there will be linked in the description box below this big honker clunker is on its way out the door .

Salvation Army is 10 minutes away and they will be taking this bad boy off my hands .

And by 3 30 I'll have my new soap .

So I know I have to be excited because I literally just got off of work , what three hours ago and got only two hours of sleep .

But I am super excited because I have been on a new couch for a long , long , long , long , long , long .

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So I'm so I'm so excited .

Like I'm excited and nervous at the same time because I went to the store like five different times just to make sure that it was the couch I wanted and just trying to make sure that the couch is gonna look good in the space , even take the floor out , see if it's gonna fit so it should fit .

But I'm super duper duper ready to see what this couch is gonna look like in the space cause I got lighten everything up since I got this really dark wall behind me .

OK .

Real quick sis before you get into this video because it's gonna go back real quick .

Make sure you give the video a thumbs up and comment down below .

All right back to the video .

So after my mirror arrives , I will be placing it on this wall behind the couch just because I want the light from the window to kind of bounce off and make the place brighter .

OK ?

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If I wanna put this metal shelf from IKEA over here so that I can kind of like designate this as like my office space or push this a little bit closer over here and then add like a plant or maybe a tree and light .

I don't know the the end , the possibilities are endless and I know I wanna do a shelf here .

One of those thin shells from IKEA .

I wanna bring some more white um elements over here because this chair is actually like rustic , but I'm not gonna get rid of it because I really like this chair .

I really like this chair super comfortable .

I can actually sit there and edit for a long period of time .

So yeah , I kind of wanna like close this off and make it its own little nook and then bring the couch over more this way and then make this like the TV area .

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We got a new couch , we got a new couch , we got a new couch , new furniture makes me happy .

Yes .

Now I just need to get a rug and a cute little coffee table .

I already know which one I'm gonna get .

Everything is the correct size .

That's what makes this place feel so much bigger .

Everything is the right size .

Look at all this floor space .

I have beautiful , beautiful .

Oh And I'm gonna move this over just a little bit .

It's so light too .

It's so cute like and I'm gonna put another little table here .

So I have a table here , a table here .

So my coffee table just arrived and it's over here .

So I'm gonna get that out of the box and set it up and see how it looks .

This is what the rug looks like .

It's too big .

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So I'm gonna try to order the small one because I had to roll this one .

I have to roll it up and I really don't wanna have to do that , but I love the texture .

All right .

So we are in full swing guys , but I just left IKEA and I picked up this white shelf here .

I kind of wanna add something to this area just so I can make it like my office area since I took it out of the room .

So this area is gonna be like , you know , so anyway , world market just delivered my 34 inch brass mirror .

All right .

So the next game changer in this space was definitely my light fixture .

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I feel like my black wall and my light fixture gave this room so much life as you can see me ranting about it in this hall that I did years ago .

This was the first light fixture that I ever installed on my own .

Oh , my gosh , I was so nerve .

I took every precaution that I could and luckily everything turned out so well .

So this is definitely highly recommended on the list of upgrades is to upgrade your lighting .

How you do that there ?

We have to call the fire department .

We don't care .

Me and my lovely son just put the television up .

Yes , we did that just like we did in his room .

We're making a great team .

We're gonna be open for hire .

Don't even worry .

But now I gotta figure out how to put the sound bar up .

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So that's next and we're gonna be looking like money looking like money .

Ok ?

This is a lot of work .

I know it , it , it looks a little crazy but if I can do it , you can do it .

So just remember that while you're watching this , you can do this , get that room together .

Now , the reason that I am able to keep all of my stuff nice and hidden is because before I even started decorating , I went through my house and I figured out everything that I had and I purchased the perfect amount of storage to give everything a home and that's something you should think about doing too .

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Can you see , can you see the trend black on black on , black on black ?

All right guys .

Finally , the table is here .

So I'm gonna go ahead and assemble this and get my dining room area together .

So I'm super excited .

Let's get it done .

All right .

So I went from this very unorganized undecorated space to this and it wasn't something that happened overnight , but it was definitely a learning process and I've learned so much in doing so and I hope that everyone can create a space that they love .

Alright guys .

So thank you so much for watching .

As always , I appreciate every last one of you guys .

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I hope this video gives you inspiration to tackle whatever living room you are thinking about redecorating or decorating for the first time .

And just to let you see that you can start with a bunch of furniture that you do not like take your time , learn your style , learn your needs , craft a plan and then execute it .

That's all I did guys .

It was nothing special and this is a series guys .

So I am gonna be sharing a bunch of living room , decorating tips , everything that was stressing me out during this process , I took detailed notes on and so I cannot wait to share it with you so that you can have a better experience when it comes to you .

Decorating a small space trying to figure out where things go where to buy the best things for the best book I got you .

I got you .

All you need to do is make sure that you subscribe .

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Hit that bell and you'll get my videos and if you just don't trust youtube , you wanna make sure you stay in contact with me , then click on the link down below so that you can get added to my newsletter and then I'll be sending you messages letting you know when I drop a video and I'll send you some resources that I don't share on youtube .

So make sure you click on that button down below also .

Alright guys .

As always be you be beautiful , be chic on a budget and I will see you guys on the next upload .

Bye guys .


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