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2023-07-22 13:24:55

Loft Makeover - A Living Room & Home Office Space!

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My friend Matt works in the creative industry and has a super cool hard loft , which is for him a live work space , but his girlfriend was moving in and the space felt unfinished to say the least .

Now this space is awesome .

It has original floors .

It has lofty ceilings , some painted brick , but it was almost a forgotten space .

The furniture was sparse .

It wasn't welcoming and it really wasn't fit for them to have anybody over or to work from home .

The idea here wasn't to cram the space with a whole lot of furniture .

I just wanted to bring in the right pieces to really accomplish what they needed , which was storage , comfort desk and style .

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So we partnered with Urban Barn because I knew they would have the perfect furniture for the space on their wish list was a really comfortable couch , additional storage , a desk so they could work from home and a really cool feature wall .

That could be a focal point because there's like no fireplace here .

There's really nowhere for your eye to land .

The nook behind the couch was the perfect spot for it .

It wasn't too big .

So I knew we could really splurge on something spectacular .

Now , I knew I wanted to something artsy because both of them are in creative fields .

So I thought it would be super cool to use an oversized mural from one of the old masters .

We found a Reuben which had all the right colors .

It had some of those golden tones , it had some gray , some blues , some reds , and most importantly , a lot of drama .

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This mural came in six panels from wall sauce and it was basically a giant sticker , so super easy to install and honestly easily removable if ever they change their mind .

Now , this was the perfect backdrop for all the furniture we were going to bring in .

The first thing I picked was the couch and I knew it would be better than a sectional in the space because I didn't want it to feel too casual , especially if they have clients coming through or even if they have guests , this is their one and only living room .

So it really has to look chic but still be comfortable .

So we achieved that with the Nixon sofa .

Now , the couch came with a ton of pillows , like I said , it's a super comfortable couch , but we took off a few of the original pillows it came with and then added some accent colors just to work with the art and you know , because color it's nice .

Now the floor , the floor is very golden .

It's got some patina to it and I did want to fight against it .

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So we did choose to go with a big rug , something with a bit of blues to pick up on the painting .

It's just softer underfoot and really brings the whole living room together .

Now , the desk was a really important element in the space and I didn't want it to feel too much like a heavy library desk .

I wanted something light that would mimic a sofa table when not in use .

So the axle desk was perfect .

It has a really slim profile .

It's jet black and has a shelf of top made out of glass which matches up with the height of the sofa .

It has a pair of slim drawers where you can just hide your laptop and anything else when it's not in use and it just has a really cool look that fits perfectly within the lost .

And then obviously they wanted more storage , which was easy to add in .

I chose a dresser for the living room as extra storage because I liked that it was low , had a surface which meant that we could add some beautiful things on top .

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And here's the kicker , you can put a piece of art which turns into a blackboard or cork board or whatever you need for .

Work on the other side .

It's like business in the front .

No , it's like party in the front and business in the back .

Ok .

Ok .

Cute .

That's why I chose a dresser surface .

You can hide your office supplies because we all know they're ugly and then keep that surface for beautiful things .

Oh , yeah .

And then the media unit , the media unit .

Ok .

So he had two vintage benches as a media unit .

It was super sad but whatever it held up his tiny TV , but we needed something with a bit more storage .

So I chose this sleek black media unit which matches the desk looks super cool , has a bit of close storage which is always helpful and some media shelves .

He still has this tiny TV though .

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Oh , and then to frame it , we flank the media unit with two ficus trees and they are both ficus trees from Urban Barn .

They look pretty cool and they're that right head of green and you don't have to worry about them because hey , they won't die .

Now , every living room needs , needs an accent chair and this one is really nice .

It has wood details .

It's a little bit midcentury but not too much .

And I really like the channel tufting on the upholstery .

It's chic and it also comes in a recliner version , the coffee table I love .

And I feel like it's one of those classics that we haven't seen a lot of , you've probably seen this in a gold base with a clear glass top , but this one has the matte black iron legs with a smoky glass top super sexy .

These are super versatile pieces that they can move from room to room or move into another house .

That's not a lot .

They are great comfortable pieces that will stand the test of time .

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Matt and Jen love the space .

Obviously , them being too artsy people , they're just crazy about mural , but what they love best is now they have a really comfortable space where they can have friends over and it's sophisticated enough to receive clients if they need to .

It's a really good dual purpose space that is used on a daily for them .

And they are thrilled .


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