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2023-07-20 13:40:25

Tinder Profile Tips For Men - How To Choose Pictures

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What's up guys in this video ?

I'm going to break down exactly how to take and choose better pictures for your online dating profile .

I know it's an area where a lot of men struggle .

So I want to make a very clear and concise video on this topic .

And we're going to do this by taking a look at several examples of guys who had shitty profiles .

I'm explain exactly why their pictures weren't working .

Then I'm going to show you what they did to improve their profile and then break down why those pictures worked and why the previous ones didn't .

So you guys can replicate their success , right ?

So let's take a look at our first example .

This is a guy who was convinced that online dating just didn't work for him .

He tried different apps , different profiles , set up different bios , nothing worked .

He was getting maybe one match a month and he was super frustrated .

So let's take a look at his pictures and try to figure out why .

And as I pull up this first picture , you can probably see exactly what's going on .

This picture is atrocious , vast majority of chicks who saw his profile were not making it past the first photo .

So this is bad for two reasons .

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First of all , it's really post , right ?

So it's kind of like get the picture , it just doesn't really make sense for someone to be taking a picture of him talking on the cell phone .

Like generally your friends are like , oh dude , look at you , you can talk on the phone , let's get a picture of this , right ?

So for that reason , it looks very posed .

But secondly , also like look at his face , right ?

He just looks , it's not a good representation of him .

He's one of those people who doesn't look good when they fake a smile and I fall into that category as well .

I kind of see , I just don't look good when I try to fake a smile , right ?

And for , you know , if you're in this category , the solution is not to fake a smile , right ?

It's ok .

If you look serious in your profile pictures when you're getting photos done , just try to have fun with the photographer , crack some , you know , dick jokes , whatever , just try to have a good time .

And if you can naturally smile , it's going to be a good thing .

If not , then you have more serious profile .

That's ok as well .

It's a much , much better option than trying to fake a smile and looking like this second photo .

So this one is a lot better if I had to read his previous profile picture .

It would be one F 10 .

This one is maybe like a four out of 10 .

So it's a lot better .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know , he looks a little bit broody , but that's ok .

You know , he's got his coffee cup on the issue .

Is that this picture ?

Doesn't , it shows up face clearly ?

That's good .

But it's not like a cool activity picture .

He's just kind of in the middle of nowhere , just sitting drinking coffee .

So it's like , OK , you can drink coffee , that's cool .

So it's kind of neutral , it doesn't really add much but doesn't really detract anything either .

But I think the issue is that most , most girls weren't making it past this previous picture .

So they didn't , 99% of girls didn't even get to see this photo .

Next picture is really bad and this is mainly due to body language .

So this is kind of him , right ?

It kind of hurts for me just to sit like this .

His body language is just atrocious , right ?

You want to do basically the opposite of what he's doing in this picture .

You want to be relaxed at ease , taking up space , kind of like kind of like this , right ?

You know , I'm taking up a lot of space .

I look relaxed .

I'm just look like I'm at ease versus , you know , super tense and super uptight .

So that's definitely going to be a big turn off to tricks on subconscious level and probably even conscious level .

Also , he kind of has an awkward look on his face .

So he doesn't look good in this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And also he's got the same setting as a previous photo .

What's kind of like this weird , you know , wood thing ?

So girls going like , oh , what is this like his layer or something like that ?

So also , no , go now next pick is , you know , you can kind of see what he's trying to do .

He's trying to show off the fact that , you know , he has a hobby photography , which is good .

You know , that's a high value thing .

The problem is that this picture was taken from downwards angle which makes him look shorter .

So that's a no go , you always want to take pictures from either neutral angle or downwards angle .

So for that reason , also , it's cropped really badly , right ?

He's only taking up about half the frame , which again makes him look kind of short and meek .

So this picture should be cropped maybe an inch above his head , something like that .

So he's taking up most of the frame next fix .

So this one is going to be maybe a 2.5 out of 10 .

He doesn't look too terrible in it .

It's just mainly his energy .

He just kind of looks like he's just like in a bad mood , like he was just stuck in traffic for four hours .

He has to take a shit really badly .

And he just wants his photo shoot to be over with .

His pants are really wrinkled .

You know , that's also girls are gonna notice these little details .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Funny enough he's wearing the same exact shoes that I am .

But aside from that , this is a fairly poor picture .

Uh , you know , it looks kind of pose .

He's just like , ok , let's do this , let's get this picture over with .

That's kind of the vibe it gives off last picture .

So this picture actually looks pretty natural .

He's not posing for it or anything like that .

The problem is that with the , with the way the lighting is and the way his eyes are , he looks very feminine in it .

So it's a natural looking pic , but he doesn't look good in it .

So you kind of see the pattern here that , you know , all , all these pigs that he has are either he doesn't look natural in them , he just looks really posed or he doesn't look good in them or usually a combination of both those states , including some poor cropping and some poor body language .

Now take a look at his profile after we made some changes .

So this is a lot better .

His first picture is again , just a nine day difference .

Is this a perfect 10 out of 10 ?

No , but I would put this picture at a 66.5 out of 10 , you know , compared to what he was doing earlier .

First of all is he's not staring directly at the camera .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It doesn't look like his post kind of looked like he was just doing some shit in the city and someone just took a picture of him , right ?

Even though that's not the case , that's kind of the vibe he gives off .

Second of all , he looks a lot better in it .

Kind of looks like a business man or , you know , just an entrepreneur or someone who's doing their thing .

Like he doesn't look like some awkward , you know , just creepy guy hiding in the corner .

His body language is a lot better .

He's kind of , he has his chest out his shoulder back .

So that's a lot better .

He's also zoomed out the background , which is a cool little technique for making yourself look a little bit better than like the center of attention .

So yeah , 6.5 out of 10 .

Next picture is definitely quite good .

I think this might be the best one out of the bunch looks natural , right ?

He's just pouring some wine , he's just chilling , right ?

In addition , he also looks pretty good in this picture .

He has , you know , he has a suit on it's form fitting .

So that looks good on him .

He has a sharp haircut also , he doesn't look like he's , you know , he's trying to force a smile .

He just kind of has a good , neutral , relaxed facial expression .

So this one is about seven out of 10 then we have the puppy pig .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So he has a little bit of a goofy look on his face , but kind of works because he has the dog .

Right .

So girls will , if he had this , you know , this look in his first picture , it really wouldn't look good .

But because he's got the dog on his arms kind of makes sense .

It's almost like a , he has a sentimental side and , you know , it looks like , you know , him and the dog are having fun , they're laughing .

So even though it's a little bit posed and his look is a little goofy , he gets away with it because of the context .

So about to read this picture , I put a 5.5 out next one .

So let's compare this to the picture where he looked like a sour who had to take a shit .

This picture is a lot better .

First of all , he's not , he's not staring directly at the camera .

He doesn't look like he's crank .

He doesn't look like he's in a bad mood .

He actually looks like he's on some kind of a mission like he's doing something and you know , someone asked him , hey , man , can I get a picture of you rather than , hey , can you guys take a picture of me ?

So overall , this picture looks a lot more natural and he looks better in it .

He also looks very young in this photo , which is a good thing for him .

Because he's a little bit of an older guy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Next we have the photography picture .

So this is a much better variation of this .

First of all , you can see his face , which is definitely a plus .

Second of all , the cropping is a lot better , you know , it's cropped , maybe half an inch above his head .

So he doesn't look short in it .

It's taking it from a downwards angle .

So he actually looks more opposing and still gets the same point across it as a hobby .

And last picture is him , you know , in the city skyline .

So he looks a little bit goofy in it .

But I think the smile is a lot more genuine .

It just looks like more like he's having fun .

He's having a good time with his friends and one of them is like , yo , man , let's get a picture of you .

Let's get a picture of you .

It just looks like he's kind of having fun having good time rather than trying to pose like , ok , guys , come on , please take a picture like it just has a much better vibe to it .

He looks better in it and looks more natural .

So you can see this is really a 90 day difference , you know , before he was getting pretty much no success .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then after this profile changes , start getting something like he's hooking up with 234 girls a month , which for him is a 90 day difference because before that he was hooking up with zero girls from online dating in five years or 10 years , something like that .

So definitely a big nine day difference is a room for improvement .

Yes , there is .

And you have more activity picks he put on some more muscles .

So he looks a little bit better in the pictures you get , you know , maybe a cool picture of him , let's say fucking barbecuing or on a boat or doing some high value shit .

So maybe a social proof picture .

Yes , let's room for improvement .

But this photo profile is a night and day difference again because he looks more natural , he looks better .

His body language is better and the cropping is a million times better as well .

Right next , let's take a look at our second case .

So in the first example , I showed you how to take a horrible proof turn into a decent profile .

Now , I'm going to show you how to take a decent profile and turn into a really fucking solid profile .

So this guy was having some success with online dating before he joined the Mastermind .

He was getting , you know , a few matches a day having some sporadic dates here and there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But his results weren't consistent and he wasn't , as they say drowning and pussy .

Let's take a look at his profile looks like so first picture it's decent , right ?

I will put this photo at six half 10 .

He looks pretty good and it , it's not superposed but it's not great either .

First of all , I think hair is a little bit too unruly , he could benefit from a haircut .

Second of all , he looks a little chunky in this photo and that's simply because of the , you know , the winter jacket .

I think this picture could be cropped a little better to make him look more imposing .

And I just think that this could be an OK photo maybe as your 4th and 5th , but this one should not be his mate right ?

Then we have this photo .

So this is definitely going to be the best one out of the bunch .

This photo is probably like a 7.5 out of 10 .

Again , it's definitely the best one .

It kind of looks like Adrian green or a little in this one .

I think he definitely still benefits from my haircut , but his beard game is on point .

He looks natural .

He looks pretty good , somewhat stylish .

So this is definitely going to be the best one out of the budget .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Unfortunately , though , you're only as good as your worst photo and you can see the next one that his worst photo is pretty fucking bad .

So , whereas the previous picture was a 7.5 half 10 .

This almost looks like , you know , a different person .

This one is probably a one half 10 .

He almost looks like go from Lord of the Rings .

He's like my precious , you know , he's just kind of benched over .

He has a really creepy smile .

And again , I think what was probably happened to him a lot is girls were seeing his first photo like , ok , they're seeing his photo , second photo like , oh this guy is pretty good looking and then they were seeing this photo and they're like , what the fuck ?

And a lot of chicks aren't going to be like , you know what , maybe that's a really bad picture of him .

I think most girls are just having a knee jerk reaction and just left swiping right away when they saw this one .

So I think really this photo was just holding him back a lot .

So then we have this picture and this one is probably a 3.5 out of 10 .

Definitely not as good as the first two photos .

First two is first of all , you can't really see his face .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This helmet is way too large so this photo should have been taken with the helmet off or just a much better helmet .

Second of all , his style isn't really that great .

Like those pants look a little old and beat up .

The shirt is a little too big for him , you know , again , the picture is cropped kind of poorly .

So he looks kind of small .

It so overall that was not a good picture , not one that he should be using , you know , if he was bad looking maybe .

Yeah , but you know , as a pretty good looking guy .

Definitely not a good photo of him .

And last picture again .

So this one is going to be like a 3.5 out of 10 .

You know , his hair is even longer than this one .

I think .

He definitely definitely needs a haircut .

It almost looks a little lazy and sloppy , you know , he's got the hoodie on as well , so just has a little bit of a lazy look also .

Mile is a little weird .

It's kind of like he's showing a few teeth .

So this picture definitely should not have been used as well .

So I think again , going back to his previous profile , he had some decent photos , some one really good one , but a lot of chicks were just seeing the bad photos and they're like , uh I don't know .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if a girl is like , I don't know , most of the time you're going to get a left swipe now take a look at his profile after he made some changes .

The first thing we had to do was get a solid haircut , you know , get his beard trimmed , just really line everything up .

So he looks sharp and crisp and you can see what a big fucking difference it made in his face .

And I still think that , you know , he looked pretty good with a long beard and that's the look he should do .

But in terms of the haircut when he got like , you know , the fade .

He looks a lot better .

He just looks a lot more organized .

It just looks , his face looks like just night and day difference .

You can see a square jaw line .

He just looks much more of like a cover model .

So first picture really good .

The cropping is good .

Again , he's not leaving a lot of space here .

You just see his face clearly .

So good picture .

Second one I think is even better .

He looks just like some kind of like a businessman in it .

It's a little post .

Yes , but I think he's going to get away with it because some of the other photos in his profile will balance it out .

So it's ok if one or two of your pictures are a little pose , you don't want them to be too , too posed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if they're a little pose , that is ok as long as you have a few natural looking ones .

So this next picture , you know , the suit one is probably a seven 0.5 out of 10 , 8 out of 10 , something like that .

Next picture is I would say probably the worst one out of the bunch .

I would make the argument that he might not , he probably shouldn't even use this photo .

He looks a little nerdy in it , but I think that might be , that might kind of work for him like it balances out , you know , his , a little bit more aggressive look in the previous photo , you know , I think this one you know is going to be open to interpretation , but you can take a look how this is his worst photo .

His worst photo here is a lot better than his worst photo in his previous profile .

So for that reason , you know , no girl is gonna see this photo and be like , oh you know , automatic knee jerk left swipe is just not the best possible presentation of him .

Next photo is really fucking solid .

You can really see just how much better he looks when he just has a fresh cut .

His style is a lot better than when you saw , you know , with the old blue jeans and the oversized shirt looks a lot better .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So yeah , overall , I like this picture a lot .

We have the fifth pick .

So this one is also really good .

It might even , you know , that might , should probably be higher up there .

Honestly , he's got the dog , he looks natural , he's relaxed .

So even though he's looking at the camera , it works here because it doesn't look like he's posing too hard .

It doesn't look like he's got like look , I got the dog , I got the dog .

Take the picture .

It's more like him and the dog are chilling and he's just like , yeah , whatever .

Let's take the picture .

So this photo works and then we have the last picture where he's just kind of like zoomed out .

He's just like in the desert , this is going to add , not that much , it just shows that he likes to travel .

So maybe he'll get half a point in the girl's mind because of this photo .

It's not going to be a drastic difference , but overall really the big , you know , what are the big difference between his profile now and his profile before ?

Right .

I wouldn't say that he looks a lot more natural or anything in his profile .

It's just simply that he got a fresh cut .

He got way better fashion as a result of that , his overall vibe is just completely different .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He looks like a confident , successful businessman rather than kind of like a slacker who just like , you know , doesn't know what he's doing in his life .

The bob is a lot better .

He got more variants in photos and he just looks , you know , the photos are crop better .

They take him better , his overall much more soft profile , which makes sense because he got way better results with his profile .

He went from getting a few a day to just getting dozens of photo , you know , matches every day having a lot more dates , having just overall a lot more success with chicks .

All right .

So what are the big takeaways here ?

First off before you even start taking photos , take care of the basics , you know , get a decent pair of clothes .

Uh have your facial hair lined up , get a sharp hair cut .

You kind of saw in the second example , really how it can make a nine day difference and just take care of those things .

Secondly , when you're taking photos , make sure you have at least decent body language , right ?

You don't want to be hunched over or , you know , kind of small , you pretty much want the opposite of what you saw .

The first example where you're taking up space where you relax , you don't have to over exaggerate and just be like , ah , you know , but yeah , just something to be conscious of , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And something to be conscious of in your day to day life anyway , because , you know , when you have good body language , you actually feel better as science has proved .

So it's just good to , you know , be aware of your body language when you're sitting and standing and then it comes down to really just looking your best possible version of yourself and your photos , right ?

So first off , you want to take a lot of pictures because , you know , some of them are gonna come off weird , you know , you want to try different angles , different lighting , different backgrounds .

But also you don't want to try to force a smile or just try to be overly stiff , just try to relax as much as possible .

And this brings me to the second point which is I want to look as natural as possible .

So you don't want to look posed in your pictures .

Now , if you have one or two that look posed as I mentioned earlier , that's OK .

But generally you want to look as natural as possible .

So you might be thinking about how the fuck do I pose for pictures while still looking natural , right ?

It's a little bit of an oxymoron .

So there's several solutions to this .

First of all is activity picks , right ?

So when you're doing some activity , like something that requires your focus , like if you're pouring wine into a glass , right ?

That requires your attention .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So when you're doing that , it's kind of hard for you to be post basically , you know , if I'm playing with my dog and I got , I'm just like , yeah , like it's hard for me to pose when I'm just fucking around .

So activity picks are , you know , one of the solutions , another one is just have some fun with your photographers .

So don't be overly stiff , you know , just be like , OK , man , take the picture .

I typically when I have someone take photos of me , I just crack jokes .

I have a good time that usually increases the likelihood of them getting that rare natural Alex smile , you know , just shooting the shit .

And that kind of also makes me more relaxed , helps with the body language .

It also helps me look a lot more natural .

So those are the two ways to go about it .

Also , another big thing is don't take four or five pictures , you want to take 40 or 50 photos , right ?

The more you take , the more likely you are to find one in that batch where you look natural and where you look good .

And then there's a few little things like for example , the cropping , right ?

You don't want to crop , you know , leave a bunch of space above your head that makes you look smaller .

You don't want to take pictures from downward angle .

You always be , you know , either neutral or you know , low angle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then of course , there's going to be just blurring the background , your photo little techniques and tricks like that , that kind of make you the center of attention .

So there's a few little things , but the main ones are of course , you know , looking sharp , getting actually looking at photos where you look good at them and that's really going to be by far the biggest thing , right ?

Hopefully you guys found this valuable for more information on this topic .

Check out this video I did two years ago , but it also looks at what exactly makes a photo good for dating apps .

Also show your support for this channel and just some love by smashing that subscribe button , hit the like button , click the bell for notifications .

So you stay notified when you put out new content , I finally fully recovered from the rona .

So I'll be putting out regular videos once again .

Thank you guys for watching .

Let me know if you have any questions and comments below and until next time .


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