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2023-07-22 14:55:45

Christmas decorate with me _ Living room Christmas decor ideas & high end dupes!

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If you need some cozy Christmas decorating inspiration you're gonna love today's video .

Hey , there .

It's Christina from the Diy mommy dot com is this season and I am decorating my living room for Christmas .

My girls want to decorate early .

They wanted a little bit of red and green and traditional color .

So I'm going to show you how we decorated everything .

I'm gonna share some inexpensive decor ideas , some styling tips , tree decorating tips , a diy idea , a pottery barn do and I can't wait to share all of these things with you .

Let's get started .

Here's what our living room looks like this fall .

Lots of cozy copper tones and green tones and a few neutrals .

My Christmas inspiration for this year is a very classic Christmas with red and greens .

My daughters really wanted to see some red and coziness and I wanted to bring a lot of our heritage into this year's Christmas .

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I'm using a lot of what I have already on hand , but I did go to IKEA and find some things to add a little bit of brass of gold , of red and green into the decor .

You can see my full IKEA shop with me video and haul .

I will leave it down in the description box below for you .

I'm beginning by setting up a Christmas tree .

This one was from Michael's about four or five years ago .

It's a very beautiful tree , but I did find that the lights went out after about three years though .

I do keep my Christmas tree lights on pretty much constantly throughout the season .

So I am wrapping some new lights around it .

I just found these ones at Canadian tire and I'm wrapping them in a spiral pattern around the tree , packing them pretty tightly together to get a beautiful sparkly look .

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I like to add lots of floral pics to my trees to give them more of a natural and full look .

So I'm adding some eucalyptus pics , some sparkly pics from Michael's .

I will leave links to everything that I'm using down in the description box below if it's still available or I can leave links to similar items down below .

My daughters have been very sick for the past week or so .

So my littlest one wanted to help me decorate .

It's one of her favorite things to do now that the picks have been added to the tree .

I'm going to add some simple round ball ornaments .

These ones were from ones that I've had on hand .

Plus I bought one of the IKEA red and green collection of ornaments just to add a little bit of red to the tree .

I find red to be a very powerful color .

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So I don't feel like you have to add a lot of it into your decor to get the impact .

So really , I'm only adding 10 red ornaments to the tree , adding these really pretty Dorama stars that I found last year and I found this dark wine red colored ribbon from Amazon .

I'm going to tie it to some of the branches on the tree .

I love this simple and subtle look and it adds more of that red to our decor .

Plus , this is a really easy thing to add to your tree to give it a vintage look .

These brass bells were from Amazon last year too .

They're so pretty .

They have that vintage vibe that I love .

And I'm adding those to my tree too .

I found this sparkly lit birch tree and this little one from Costco and from Giant Tiger respectively .

Adding them to this corner .

I moved all of my plants upstairs so that I could have a very classic Christmas look down here to this chair .

I love having one by the tree for the girls to just sit and enjoy the tree .

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So I'm adding this IKEA beautiful green velvet pillow .

This sheep skin from Costco a few years ago and this classic looking red plaid throw to the chair .

This beautiful faux greenery garland was from Costco a couple years ago .

It's one of my favorites .

Often I'll put real greenery up on the mantel .

But this is just a great way for a budget friendly look year after year .

I think this one is so beautiful and nice and full and I'm just making sure that all of the parts of it are nice and spread out to give it a beautiful fluffy look .

I'm hanging it asymmetrically on my mantel and just using command hooks to keep it in place .

This mirror in the middle of the mantel is an anthropology dupe from struck tube here in Canada .

The candles are from Amazon and I'm adding some IKEA greenery to the left hand side of the mantel .

And this eucalyptus IKEA greenery garland just intertwined in that Costco garland to give it a full look .

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Now I'm tying some of that red velvet ribbon to kind of tie in the mantel to the tree .

I want to make an art piece inspired by these oversized bells from pottery barn in Canada .

Here only six of these bells .

Not even the rail is over $300 Canadian .

So I'm using this Ikea hull tap rail for $20 Canadian these bells from Amazon .

I will link them in the description box below .

I had a coupon .

So six of these bells was 80 Canadian which I know is a bit pricey , but I feel like I'm going to use these year after year and they're still a third of the price of the Amazon bells .

I'm putting these bells onto the IKEA rail , attaching the brackets on the end .

And then I'm going to attach this to my wall here realizing that my drill is out of battery .

So I'm doing a quick outfit change and now I'm attaching the rail to my wall with my drill and then just making sure all of these bells are nice .

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And even on this rail , I think this looks so pretty .

It's such a fun piece of art for over my side table .

I found this pillow at Simon's in Canada , the perfect red green plad for Christmas , adding an IKEA pillow and a fluffy fur pillow that I've had on hand for years .

Plus this IKEA throw blanket to my couch .

I love this classic red and green .

These stocking holders were from home sense about 10 years ago or so , but they always have really pretty ones there .

These stockings were from Michael's and I'm hanging them on the stocking holders .

I love their classic furry and white look , loving this asymmetrical mantel garland look this year and how the stockings just add a little bit of extra weight on the left hand side to really balance out that right hand side .

Now , this is an older diy , but I wanted to share it again because it is so good .

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I use this vase every single season for pretty much all of my stylings .

I had this old vase on hand , it was black and shiny So I'm just putting some latex paint and a whole lot of plaster of Paris .

It's about a 1 to 1 ratio into a container .

Now , I'm just dabbing that all over the vase to give it a very textured look .

And you can kind of do this in layers where you have a lot of texture .

So it's going to be cracked and very textured looking , which I think is perfect for this diy .

Now , I'm taking some gray colored paint , I'm putting it onto a paper towel and then just taking a little bit of the paint , putting it onto a brush and dry , brushing it lightly all over the vase to really highlight that texture .

I love how this creates a faux plaster look .

This hardly cost me any money at all and I'm going to use it in my Christmas styling this year .

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I found these eucalyptus and berry branches on Amazon adding that to my Diy vs and then I'm styling it here on my coffee table with an antler and some candles .

This everlasting candle is one of my favorite pieces and I'm adding this to the coffee table as well .

I thought I would add some faux greenery to our chandelier this year too .

This was a garland from Michael's a few years ago and I'm just wrapping it around the garland to create almost a reef like look on our ceiling .

So here is how our living room looks for fall and now here it is all decorated for the holiday season .

I don't usually use red in my Christmas decor .

You probably know that from looking back on all of my decorations over the years .

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But I do love how it adds a very classic and festive look to our living room .

This year .

I didn't have to add a lot of red into our decor to really make a statement .

Just a few extra Christmas balls on the tree and some ribbon and a couple of accessories .

I love how this Diy Art installation turned out on top of the sideboard and I can use this rail for displaying other things throughout the season .

I can't wait to enjoy this cozy Christmas living room with my family this year and I also can't wait to decorate the rest of the spaces in my home for Christmas .

Thank you so much for watching today's video .

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas decorate with me .

Let me know what you think of our living room decorative for the holidays .

Down in those comments below .

I would love to know and if you want more holiday decorating Inspo or Diy and Decor ideas on a budget , I'm gonna leave some more videos for you to watch next right up here .


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