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2023-07-22 12:49:25


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Hello , everybody .

My name is Jennifer Davenport .

I'm an interior designer and I own a home decor store .

In this video .

I'm gonna share with you what are the trends for ?

2023 .

So stay tuned to start .

I want to say if your decor choices make you happy , that is all that matters because bringing trends into your home don't necessarily make a happy and more beautiful home .

It is all about bringing in the things that are special to you and surrounding yourself with the people you love .

Now , if you're not quite sure the difference between trend and trendy , I made a video that will explain the key differences .

Now , let's get into the trends for 2023 .

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Lots of designers are adding additional seating by placing two Ottomans across from a coffee table typically in front of a fireplace or in a walkway .

This is a great way to add texture and accent colors without breaking the bank .

Not to mention it's a great place for little kiddos to sit .

Now , I'm also seeing large Ottomans replacing coffee tables .

This is a great option for people who love to prop their feet up .

However , I would highly recommend if you get an ottoman to prop your feet up , make sure you're going to get it in performance fabric .

A large ottoman is a great way to soften the space which might otherwise be a hard wood table .

And of course , you can add a tray and add accessories and have a place to put your drink if you're still wanting to have that Ottoman functioning like a coffee table .

All right .

The second trend I'm seeing is moody color palettes .

I'm seeing a lot of deep greens and deep blues .

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They're being used in bathrooms , in offices , even kitchen cabinets and even the exterior of houses .

I personally love bright and light colors , but I really appreciate the way moody colors can make you feel cozy and safe in a space .

A lot of people are afraid to go bold with paint , but it can really establish a room especially if you choose the right paint color .

Now , a moody color palette can really darken the space .

So it's really , really important to have the proper lighting and you want to have the proper balance of lighting in the room so that it doesn't feel dingy .

Another trend I'm excited to see is wallpaper .

Now , don't let me lose you here .

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Lots of us have nightmares of the war we wage removing old wallpaper , but wallpaper is back with some updates including easy removal , large mural style wallpapers are going to be super big this year , including ones depicting beautiful vintage sceneries and florals .

This is such a rich look and in the right space , it will look fabulous .

This is one from one of my favorite Instagrammers Anna page .

This is in her kitchen wallpapering small spaces is another way this trend is showing up .

I am seeing it in hallways , bathrooms , um laundry rooms .

In fact , I hopped on that trend myself .

Click here to check out the video of my laundry room .

All right .

Another trend I'm seeing is monochromatic color schemes .

I am seeing them in built ins wall colors and draper .

For instance , that might include carrying that same wall color into your built ins and your trim and even your draperies .

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Now by a lemonade , a contrast in a space , it allows your eye to continually flow around the room and creates a sense of peace and simplicity .

I really think this trend is a good 1 .

1/5 trend and this one is probably going to be the one I am most excited to talk about and that's antiques , blending antiques with new pieces .

Gives your home a story .

It is a collected charm that you cannot get from .

Target , bringing character into your home by select pieces , whether they're furniture or wall decor .

It creates wonderful conversations with your friends and guests about the hunt on how you found them or the special story about how they were handed down to you .

For me bringing antiques into my home , allows me to express my interest and my values like this clock that was my father's and this beautiful vintage art that reminds me my mother and not to mention , antiques are not always expensive .

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Find a local antique store or vintage shop , you'll never know what treasures you're gonna find .

For instance , I found this gorgeous hutch on Facebook marketplace for $200 .

It is in lovely condition and makes such a statement in my office in a way that a new bookcase could never do .

And I also found these windows with the glass still in them at a flea market years ago for just $45 .

The hunt is so fun .

Next is stone .

I am seeing a lot of natural stone being used in kitchen backsplashes , fireplaces and accent walls again , just like wallpaper .

This is a blast from the past for some of us , but they're now introducing it in an old world European look .

Kind of the grout is kind of smudged over it .

A whitewashed look to make it look so old in age .

I absolutely love it .

Next trend I'm seeing is a lot of wood tones .

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Now , don't get me wrong .

This girl loves a beautiful classy hand painted piece of furniture .

In fact , I have several in my own home .

I'm seeing a lean towards natural elements being used in the home and having wood cabinets or wood furniture is a great way to incorporate that style into your home .

So chippy furniture is on the way out and unpainted furniture is in next is all of trees .

Now , I know last year I was talking all about fiddle leaf figs and they're beautiful .

In fact , I have one in my home , but the gorgeous and elegant olive tree has made its way into the arena .

Have an empty corner in your room .

We'll try an olive tree this year .

Number nine , deep colored bench seat sofas .

The days of perfectly white or light sofas are being overshadowed by sofas upholstered in very deep colors like Burin , see navy and green .

I mostly saw olive and navy blue sofas at market .

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This is a great way to incorporate some color into your room and give it a super cozy feel .

Now , I also saw a lot of bench seating .

Not quite sure what that is .

I'll explain .

Traditional seating on sofas can be either two cushions on the sofa or three all the way across , but bench seating is one continuous cushion all the way across the sofa .

Now , this look is much less and more inviting than your traditional sofa and I'm all about it .

And lastly , a trend that I'm seeing is dry florals .

Ok .

So this one I have to admit is a hard pill to swallow because it's flashing me back to the eighties .

But are we seeing a trend here ?

Every style or trend comes back around some day except with a twist and like Solomon said in Ecclesiastes , there is nothing new under the sun .

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So the twist with this revived trend is to have a color collected gathered from the field look , not necessarily a bouquet of dried roses , get this look by gathering together dried lavender star flower branches or pods .

Now , I don't think this trend will completely override faux florals , especially those that are made with beautiful florals .

They are a timeless look , but I do think it's going to be the dominant choice for this year .

So keep an eye out on it .

Trends .

They come and go .

But the most important thing is to follow your gut .

If you love something that's on trend , great , bring it into your house if you don't like it .

No worries .

I promise the design , please are not gonna call you out .

So as cheesy as this might sound , follow your heart in making your own home .

So , hey , I'd like to know what you think about these trends , like them , hate them .

Don't want to see them again , but leave me some comments .

I want to hear from you .

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So thank you for watching .

I will see you next time .

Have a wonderful day .


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