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2023-07-20 12:55:06

WAVING Tutorial - Advanced Wave Combinations - How To Hip Hop Dance » Matt Steffanina

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What's up ?

This is Matt and today we're gonna talk about a couple of waving concepts .

The first one is connecting our arm waves with our body waves .

So once you've learned these two pieces individually , it's important that you know how to connect them so that you can use these waves in your freestyle .

The key is the arm wave is exactly the same .

You're just doing it with both arms at the same time .

So once we get here , we have to remember to roll our shoulders back to bring our chest up .

And that's really where the connection comes in .

A lot of times you see people that have a good arm wave and then they just kind of start their body wave out of nowhere and it's not connected .

So make sure that once you get here , your shoulders come back to bring your chest up and then you continue your body to bring it back up and back out the shoulders to release .

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The next concept is tracing and tracing basically is just creating the illusion that we're controlling our waves with one of our hands .

So for instance , if I'm gonna do a basic we just like we did and come down to my leg .

I can take this hand and trace this way through my body down to my knee , back up and back out .

There's no no right or wrong with tracing .

You can trace on your hand on the top .

You can't even touch the part of your body .

By the way it is , the key is to make the illusion look real .

So to do this , your timing has to be perfect wherever the way it is is where my hand has to be tracing to once you get the basics of the timing , start to play around with this concept .

So I can sit in this wave here , bring it down to my knee .

Now , I don't have to come right back up .

I can play with my knee and trace my knee as it goes around even to bring my body back up or I can come here and have my head go over , have my head go back , trace out .

It doesn't matter what you do .

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It's just about practicing and implementing these concepts into your freestyles .

I'll see you guys on the next video .


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