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2023-07-21 08:47:02

Beginner Yoga Handstands with Kino

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Hi , everyone .

It's here .

Now , when you're working on handstands or very exciting in the yoga practice .

I know I was really excited when I started working on them .

It's tempting to get , you know , ahead of the game .

So let's actually move back and see how we can work on handstands for total beginners .

Ok ?

So when you're , when you're first starting off on your handstand journey , you need a couple of tools , you can strong foundation in your arms and then you need to jump or send your hips forward while pulling into your core .

Ok ?

So let's just work on a nice easy jump forward .

Don't even try for the hands .

And if you're a beginner , don't orient towards the goal , orient towards the journey and you'll find your piece along the way .

So as though we're starting off in the downward facing dog , you're gonna look forward , strengthen your shoulders , bend your knees , inhale , jump forward , exhale , go back down , inhale , jump forward , exhale , go back down in hell , jump forward .

Maybe you catch the balance .

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If you do , just hang out there , exhale , go back down .

Give yourself a little break because that's pretty cardiovascular Now , another tool that you can use is instead of starting from downward facing dog , if you can take a squatting position , we can sort of squat and jump forward .

So we exhale and then we're inhaling , bending forward , exhaling hands off , inhaling hips forward , exhale back .

So we're not even trying for a handstand just leaning forward and all the way back .

So what this will help you do if you're a beginner by keeping the knee squeeze into your chest , you're going to just learn how to jump forward .

You'll notice that this requires a lot of strength just to keep through the movement .

Now , if you reach the point where you balance , so let's say you're doing that same little movement .

I recommend three tries .

Give yourself a break , three tries , give yourself a break .

Ok ?

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So here you are from downward dog , bend your knees , inhale , jump it forward , exhale back , inhale , jump it forward .

If you catch the balance , hang out here , don't go too quickly .

Hang out , hang out , breathe nice and deep from your core , pull the knees together and slowly press up , sucking the ribs into the body trying to keep yourself in a straight line .

Looking down at one spot , then then your knees kind of lost it on that one .

Let me see if I can show you a better down .

Ok .

So all right , here we go .

Then finding the balance , pull your knees into the core , find your balance , press , press all the way up then to come down rather than crashing , you're gonna squeeze the knees back into the chest and lower down .

All right .

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So even if you crash down doesn't matter for a beginner working on a handstand , the key is just to get that jump jump three times , catch the air , press into the arms more than anything .

That little three times jumping is gonna help you get over the fear .

So if you're a beginner and you're working on a handstand , surrender to the journey .

It took me five years before I really balanced on a handstand .

So , don't hurry .

Have faith .

Keep practicing .


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