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2023-07-27 17:44:39

Firm Up _ Provocative Yoga _ Beginners Yoga Video #2

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Just as in video one , we are going to begin video two exercise routine , two with a breathing exercise , toes and heels together , draw the ankle bones together , draw your inner thighs and glutes together really firming up the lower body , arms out to the side and and shoulders are open here , shoulders , drop down the back , take an inhale , look up at the hands , exhale all the way down in here again , looking up , exhale all the way down .

And as we learned in the first video , we wanna to lengthen the inhale as much as we can and lengthen the exhale as much as we can .

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This way , we're learning to use more of our lung capacity a couple more .

Last time again , warming up the spine in all four directions , laterally , backwards and forward , inhale , arms up , interlace the fingers , release your index fingers , hips , forward , chest , lifted , take an inhale .

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Then on your exhale , bend to the right as much as you can , maybe a little deeper than you did the first time inhale to come up , inhale , to lengthen , exhale , to come down in how to lift up , inhale , to lengthen , dropping your head back as much as you can and slowly start to bend back , keep your knees locked , keep your thighs tight , keep your glutes tight so that you're supporting your spine , inhale to come up , exhale all the way down forward .

Then this time , we're gonna grab our toes with our middle and our index fingers walk the feet above hip with the part exhale , drop your head , bring your elbows to the side so that your , your shoulders are back and just pull gently on your toes to bring your forehead or your head a little bit closer to the floor .

Again .

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If you need to in the forward bend , you can keep your knees bent and you just want to work on eventually straightening them by bringing the weight into the toes .

Next inhale , bring your hands to the floor out to the side .

Come all the way up and exhale , bring your feet together , relax your arms down .

Let's do that one more time .

I'm going to show you from the side just so you have another perspective .

Inhale arms with that insulate the fingers .

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We be seeing that fingers hips forward , inhale , lengthen and exhale to come down , inhaled back to the center , inhaled the length and exhale to come down , inhale to the center in how to find light , exhale , head back , arms back , reach back , start to go back in exhale flat back all the way down , open the feet hit whip , grab the big toes middle and index fingers , inhale and then on your next exhale , drop your head , bring the elbows to the side .

Again , the bend in the knees is optional .

Eventually working the legs straight , walking the feet back together and he'll come back and that tail arm slowed down .

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In video one , we are moving from posture to posture , basically just pausing to regroup and move into the next thing in this video .

Now we're going to learn our first flow .

A flow is basically something that links posture and movement or brings posture and movement together .

Facing the front of your map , inhale your arms up , exhale with a flat back .

Come all the way down , bend your knees .

If you need to drop your head , inhale , look forward and on your next exhale , step your right leg back , then your left so that you're in a plank if you need to , you can be on your knees for this as well .

Inhale .

And as you exhale , bend your elbows drop to the knees if you need to and then gentle back , bend as you lift up , inhale , curl your toes , push yourself back and moving into a downward facing dog .

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For downward facing dog , you wanna try not to round , you wanna try not to arch your back .

You wanna create basically create alignment of the spine so that your spine is nice and straight , nice and long head relaxed .

Step your right leg forward and your left inhale to come all the way up and I failed to come down and go through that again .

A little bit slow again .

Just for the second time .

Inhale , exhale flat back all the way down .

Drop your head , crown of your head to your feet .

Inhale flat back .

Looking forward , ex exhale right leg , steps back after that , the left one drop to the knees if you need to inhale and then exhale , staying on the knees or staying on your toes as you come down , you can drop to your belly and lift into a gentle back .

Bend , cobra , legs are active .

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Spine is long inhale , turn your toes under , you can stay on the knees and then push back again into downward facing dog , right leg , steps forward , followed by the left exhale , drop your head for a moment and then inhale .

Come on all the way back .

Introduction to warrior .

This is warrior .

1 ft are still together , step your right leg back .

Stay on your toes .

For this variation .

If we want to not arc the back , but keep the lower ribs drawn in so that the spine is long bend , your left knee , as much as you can bring your arms over your head and fold really nice opening here for the front of your right hip , really strengthening the legs in this posture as well .

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Keep bending to get eventually your left thigh parallel to the floor .

If you need to have a little bend in this knee .

That's a OK .

Eventually you're working to straighten .

This knee holds here three deep breaths , at least in hands and neck tails in hound straighten your lip pivot facing the side of your mat and then all the way to face the opposite end , take a deep breath in then the right knee .

Now , same thing , Warrior on the right side , opening the left hip again , strengthening the leg .

So watch your spine not arching your back .

Lower ribs are in core is active and your spine is long .

Hold here .

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Three deep breaths , turn face the side , learning warrior two .

Now , right foot turns 45 degrees .

Left foot still faces the opposite end .

We're going to bend this left knee .

You can look over your left thigh , uh your left hand just make sure your heels are in line .

And again , you're bending to straighten the leg or bending to , to move into the land .

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Rather three breaths there straight with the left leg , turn your left toes 45 degrees right foot faces the front opening to the side , looking over the right straighten the right leg , turn your right foot in last warrior , right foot , 45 degrees left foot , facing the front , right hand on the back of your right leg .

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A lot of lefts and rights going on here , inhale , left arm up , arching back , so little back , bend , inhale to come up other side , left foot in right foot faces the front , left foot , 45 degrees left hand on your left thigh , inhale , stretching up , opening the front side of the body and then just reaching back as much as you can as you go deeper .

The left hand can slide down your leg and help to come up , turn your toes in .

You can even slightly pigeon toe , your toes providing you don't have any issues with sciatica .

In that case , keep your feet straight , arms up to the side , inhale , exhale as you come all the way down , where again , gonna grab our toes , our big toes with our middle and our index fingers drawing the inner thighs in .

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We're gonna start to pull our head down when you come down .

If the intensity for you is really , is really strong down the backs of your legs , you can keep a little bend in the knees , just get your hands here and then working to straighten the leg .

So what you'll do here is just work on bringing the weight into the toes and then lifting the sit bones to straighten the legs .

If your legs lock out to begin with , you've obviously been doing your sketching post workout , then you can start to move deeper by contracting the thighs , engaging the legs and then using your upper body strength to start to pull your head closer to the floor .

Finding the breath again , easy to forget to breathe when you're thinking about the movements and certainly in my case when you're talking .

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So staying with the breath deep breaths here and then with your knees bent or not inhale to come all the way up , exhale , step your feet together and then just move into a seated position for one more posture .

Extend your right leg out , bring your left foot over top of your right leg .

Inhale , bring your right arm up , cross it over so that your right elbow is against your left knee , keeping your sit bones grounded here , inhale lengthen and on your exhale , look all the way back over your left shoulder to move deeper .

With this one , you can start to elbow your left knee with your right elbow towards the opposite way .

Gentle spinal twist , spinal twists of all kinds are wonderful for relieving any pain .

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If you suffer from any back pain at all , any tension or pain in the spine , left leg , long right foot comes over top of the left leg , right hand at the base of your spine , inhale fine length , left arm comes up and over .

Same thing , elbowing the right knee back , looking over the right shoulder , staying nice and long through the spine .

Try not to be like this .

Use this right hand kind of like a kick stand to find that length .

Sit bones heavy and grounded into the floor .

So we're opening the hips as at the same time as we're twisting the spine , release your twist , extend your right leg and very slowly go on to your , your , your back and again , take your , for as long as your schedule permits you to today .


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