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2023-07-20 13:24:24

How to Become a Hip-Hop Choreographer _ Hip-Hop Dance

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My name is Randy Conor choreograph to the Stars .

I've worked with Britney Spears P .

Diddy Combs , Prince Mary Jlo , Janet Jackson , Jay Z .

We're gonna just break down some moves that you can use at the club , at the parties , at home , in your bathroom .

Just have fun guys .

So let's get started .

Come on .

Um The first thing I think uh with getting into hip hop choreography is first and foremost , is to believe in yourself .

Then after that , I would say start working on your material , start developing your material , start working , start training yourself , you know , just really focusing on you and your ability , your style and your choreography .

Then I would suggest that you take classes , you start going into environments where there's other dancers and choreographers who is actively engaged in the business .

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There's quite a few places just do your research , whatever city you're in , you know , just try to surround yourself with , with , with that type of energy and the environment .

Stay focused and just believe in yourself , keep striving , keep working on the material and , and just , just never stop put yourself out there .

And uh you know , if there's any local artists in town .

You know , sometimes you gotta do what's called promotional gigs , you know , uh , in my day and time , you know , we did a lot of freebies , you know , um , it's not , it wasn't as competitive as it is now .

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But , you know , if there's an opportunity just do it , it's not always about the money but whatever opportunities that they are , whether it's a local artist in your town and you can start working for them or putting together stage shows or at your local theater , uh community or community center or whatever , just get involved that way you're active , you're actively pursuing your dream and naturally the doors will open , then I'll say , look into um you know , trying to get your professional pictures and resumes done and whatever you can build on your resume .

If you're a new starter , you know , just try to build your resume as much as possible .

And , you know , you start out by doing extra work or whatever , but just , just really expose yourself , you know , because it's a huge world out there , but it's everything is done in steps and stages , you know , so you have to , it's , it's protocol .

So you is , you know , you , you have to start somewhere so anybody can do it .

I did it and I came from another country .

So the possibilities are endless .

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You , you just have to believe in yourself .

There are quite a few agencies that deal with dancers and choreographers , most choreographers were dancers first because they have to establish themselves as choreographers .

So even if you believe that you are choreographer and that's what you want to do , you might still if , if you are starting in the business , you know , you still wanna market yourself as a dancer slash choreographer because you wanna be open uh and be available for , for dancer jobs and projects like , you know , where you can dance and perform on stage because that would lead to a choreography job .

So , um you know , there's tons of dance agencies in New York L A .

Most of the , the , the major cities now have um agencies that represent dancers .

So you can just kind of look up , you know , um talent agencies .

Um there's backstage uh online and then there's a couple of agencies , there's Macdonald Associates , there's the black agency , there's clear talent agency , there's CS D .

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So there's quite a few agencies that represent dancers and choreographers .

So no matter where you're from , you can reach out , send your postcard , send your pictures , but always remember that you have to have a professional package .

It's , it's a basic headshot , professionally done and a resume , even if your resume has nothing on it but your email and your phone number and you know , I'm training , that's good enough .


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