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2023-07-22 13:18:07

Decorate with Me Living Room Dining Nook _New Rug _ New Year

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

If you're new , welcome .

My name is Sherita and the name of my channel is unique by Sherita .

Welcome .

Welcome .

Welcome .

So in today's video , we have a decorate with me video .

I'll be decorating our dining nook in our hearth room or some call it the sitting area .

It's where we hang out and watch TV V and do family time .

It's the room that's adjoining our kitchen and dining .

Look .

So I just received these two packages and they are from rugs , USA .

It's a rug and a rug pad and I'm going to go ahead and unwrap it and then roll it up to make sure I get rid of any creases that may have occurred during shipping .

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Not only does rolling the rug up help with the creases , but it also makes it easier for me to lay the rug out on the floor for use in whatever space you're going to put it in .

And a lot of times when you roll it back up , you don't want to let it sit longer than uh I would say longer than 24 hours because you don't want that that fold on the other end of the rug from rolling it up .

So es especially when it's a large rug and this one is a nine by 12 on paper and I'll tell you more about the measurements later on in the video .

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Alright , so it's the next day and I was home alone and I decided to go ahead and start moving everything out the way so we can go ahead and put down our new rug and I use these furniture sliders .

They come in handy .

The slick ones are recommended on carpet and the ones that have the little covers , the gray covers , they're actually meant to go on like hardwood floors .

So you won't scratch your floor up and usually it's a lot easier to push .

But as you can see , I'm starting the push on carpet and these are recommended on slick floors .

So once I got off the off of the carpet part , I had no more problems .

Now , if it was two of us doing it , then I would have , uh , rotated from the slicker ones to the carpeted ones .

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Oh , sorry .

So now I'm just going to roll up my old rug and rug pad and set them out to the side just out of the way .

And uh Rug USA is sponsoring a video for me on Instagram .

So I definitely wanted to share it with my youtube family .

I'll be using their nine by 12 non slip rug pad they sent me which can be cut down to size with scissors .

And you'll see me use this scissors and cut it down to size .

Later on .

In the video .

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A rug pad is an important part of any rug set up as it provides an extra layer of cushioning and protection for both the rug and the floors below .

And as you can see , I always use my rug pads , but this one is a lot nicer with the non slip pad and non slip layer .

I recommend using a rug pad in any room with hardwood laminate towel or other hard floor surfaces .

And here is my favorite part , my new rug .

I absolutely absolutely love this new rug .

It is beautiful .

This is where I mentioned earlier that I'll tell you about the size and basically the rug pack is a nine by 12 and the rug online says nine by 12 also .

But I read the description and I also read the comments and I do this as if I'm purchasing the rug with my money .

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As I mentioned , this is part of a collab over on another platform .

So the rug measurements are 100 and four inches by , by 100 and 42 inches .

So it's not quite nine by 12 , but it's perfect for my space .

So if it was 100 and eight inches , it would have extended in my walkway area too much .

So this was perfect .

I just needed to cut my rug pad and I'm going to do that after I put all of my furniture back in place .

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And this straight , I have two of these and I use it under my uh bar cabinet as well as under my bookshelf .

And I keep some of my favorite magazines in it .

Like restoration , hardware , ballet designs .

Z Gallery .

That's where I store them kind of out of the way .

And if it looks like I'm moving this rug really easy .

I actually am .

I'm using a old maybe two by three rug upside down or right side up .

In other words , and I'm using it to slide the rug across the floor .

You can also use those rugs to move furniture as well .

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I'm going to go ahead and cut the rug pad using scissors and basically I just used a marker and marked the line right underneath the little lip of the rug and went all the way down the side of it .

Very easy to cut .

This rug pad was really easy to cut .

It looks a little awkward because I'm trying to make sure I film and record enough for you to see what I'm doing .

So I'm I'm actually cutting on my left side when I really want to cut on my right side .

Alright , so let's decorate the space and I'm going to be using all the items I already had .

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The only new purchase is going to be a candle that I got from Walmart it was on clearance I think it was regular $20 and I paid seven and I wanted to show you these pillows because this is my color palette for the space we got gray black and tape .

No , we're coughing and take a trip .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

David done .

Yeah , figure is is on I taste .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright , so let's move into the dining look and these boxes are part of a collab that I'm doing for my kitchen area .

I painted my kitchen sometime last year and I've been organizing my cabinet , drawers and doors and things like that and um those were the final pieces I needed in my in my drawers .

So we'll share that in another video .

Let's continue with decorating this space .

As I mentioned , these are some items I already had .

I'm using this blue box .

I am tempted to spray paint it black .

I'm pretty sure I will use a satin finish and just spray paint it black because I don't use a lot of blue in my home .

So either black or I pulled down one of the cream boxes , but I just wanted to layer that area over there and I didn't have any more coffee table books .

They're all on the coffee tables and as well as the bookshelf .

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So I didn't have any to add over here and I'm not going to buy any more unless I go to the thrift store .

Alright , so we're going to add these few little items over here and that is going to be my final look .

Alright .

So now I am going to scan the room to see if I'm missing anything and move and make any adjustments if needed .

So , while scanning I notice I do not have any um coasters out .

So I have some that my husband and I picked up when we went to California last year and I absolutely love them and I'm going to be using a tray to display them in that actually goes to a little serving tray .

So we're going to use these and it's a little bit of light wood , which is fine because the coasters aren't covering up majority of the tray .

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Alright .

So let's scan the room again and I'm happy to say everything is looking really nice to me .

And I'm I'm very happy with the way this space turned out .

I absolutely love my new rug .

According to the , the um reviews , I read the larger the rug , the larger the print .

And of course , I love my large print and I'm I'm assuming the smaller the rug , the smaller the print .

So in this case , this rug is perfect for my space now over on my TV .

That's just a youtube channel .

It's screen saver .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So there's one for fire , fire places , seasons of the year and art then you can also do the ones with the matte background and I just told a simple classic art and they play for hours , the art will change up so you won't have any technical issues or discoloring with your TV , just with showing a screen saver on your television .

So I really like the way it looks , it gives the illusion of artwork about you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What if you can check Jesus Passion open mind hiding ?

Please .

Miss Booth .

You'll find me .

Pass me behind .

Was your in the kitchen ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So and the start of Oh , alright .

If you made it this far , that means you made it to the end .

Feel free to like share and comment .

I'll see you in the next one .

Thanks again for watching place is different .

Me it was an what if my second chance then ?


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