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Hey , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

My name is Kristen and today I'm gonna be sharing with you eight affordable ways for you to update your dated home without doing any major renovation .

If you want to refresh your space , but you're not ready for a remodel .

This video is just for you .

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Ok .

First things first , always consider the power of paint and I don't just mean painting your walls because that's a given .

We all know that we can paint our walls to refresh our space .

That way if you walk into a home that you are interested in and they have mustard colored walls and it throws you off .

Think about the power of paint in all areas of your home .

You can do a ton with it .

You can paint brick , paint , tile , paint wood , paint your walls , paint your ceiling , paint your floors , you can probably change almost everything about your space just with paint .

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If you're in the market for a new home and you're touring spaces don't get too thrown off by the color and the finish of things because that can always change very , very easily with paint .

Maybe you have wood trim that's really dating the space .

Some wood trim is actually really beautiful and you'd want to keep it , but sometimes the trim is too much of that orange tone and you want to tone it down .

You can consider paint for that .

You can paint the tile floor in your bathroom , your cabinets in your kitchen , you can even paint your counter tops .

All of these different surfaces need a different type of paint .

So you're not going to be using wall paint on your brick and your tile and your countertops , but you can find the right paint that's going to work for your surface and totally transform it .

Painting tile is something that a lot of people don't consider .

But I think it's such an incredible thing that you can do .

It's a lot more temporary .

Of course , it's not going to be your long term forever solution .

But if you're looking for that update , just to kind of meet you halfway , I think paint would definitely be the right option .

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I've seen incredible transformations when it comes to painting tile , like tile floor in the back bathroom , maybe tile around a fireplace .

The paint change is drastic and it looks incredible .

So consider doing that diy method before ripping out your tile altogether .

Our staircase was painted tope and that really helped modernize it as well .

It's a very old staircase , very old railing , but that little upgrade with paint totally makes the space feel a little more updated .

If you have a brick in your home , that's kind of throwing off your design or looking a little bit tired and dated paint .

It either black or white , usually black or white is the way to go .

Colors sometimes throw it off even more , but black fireplaces are stunning .

White brick homes are so beautiful .

So I think you'll definitely get huge change with very minimal money spent just by using paint .

Let me know down below in the comments , if there's anything in your home that you'd consider painting , now , your interior doors might be the reason your home is looking outdated .

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I know it's such a small detail in the grand scheme of it all .

But if you have those flat doors , they tend to date your space a bit .

So instead of thinking about buying brand new doors , hanging a brand new door , you can keep your door as is and just add some detail to it with molding .

All you have to do is get some wood molding and install some detailing onto that door .

And it's going to instantly update that door , flat panel doors , actually give you so much flexibility because you can choose whichever style you want to build off of that .

You can use trim to build out a traditional style door .

You can make them look little bit farmhouse .

There are so many different things you can do just with your flat panel door .

Now , this is something you can do on your own .

You pretty much just need construction adhesive to attach those wood pieces and then paint right over top .

This can be done on closet doors , bathroom doors , bedroom doors , any door around your home , that's lacking a little bit of detail .

You can take it to the next level with just some trim .

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Now , there was a time where builders were installing ivory switch plates .

Ivory switch plates are just a sign of a dated home .

They don't look fresh , they tend to look actually dirty .

Instead of ivory , you can update those within seconds just by going to the hardware store and buying a fresh white wall plate , you can switch your light switch plates , your wall outlets , some are even screw this , which are even better .

You can just pop it right on and it looks seamless and clean .

Now , white switch plates are definitely going to upgrade the look of your home , but you can also take it a step further and paint your wall plates to match your wall color .

You can make that wall plate look like it's not there just by painting it the same color as your wall color .

If you have wallpaper in your home , you can also put wallpaper on your switch plate so you don't see it at all either .

So you can do what works for your home .

But if you have the ivory wall plates that are looking a little bit tired and dirty , I would consider updating those .

It's super quick , very affordable and I think it will make a huge difference .

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Now , sometimes flat , plain walls can look a little bit forgotten about a little bit tired and a little bit outdated .

Sometimes you can add trim and molding to your walls to make it look up to date .

Timeless , elegant and actually just more expensive .

So it's a little detail that you can add to your existing home .

That's going to make it look 10 times better if you have maybe a plain boring hallway and you want to add some interest to it without adding a ton of Decor or a crazy wall color .

Consider just adding some picture frame molding to frame out your hallway and add some detail that way .

And again , this is something that you can do on your own .

It's budget friendly and it makes an extraordinary difference .

I've installed picture frame molding on my own before where you cut all your trim , you measure everything out and you install it on your own .

You can do this with construction adhesive , a brad nailer .

It's the same way that you would add trim to your doors .

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You can extend that to your walls , but you can also make it even easier for yourself by installing premade picture frame molding .

There's Etsy Shops , Home Depot Amazon that sell premade picture frame molding so that you don't have to build any of it .

You just have to install it .

I installed premade picture frame molding to my little closet bar I just made if you guys missed that makeover , definitely go check it out .

It turned out incredible .

And I think the picture frame molding made such a huge difference .

So there's many different styles of trim that you can do .

It doesn't always have to look so traditional .

There's modern ways of doing this .

There's modern trim details that you can install .

Picture frame molding is absolutely on trend right now , but it's also just extremely timeless .

We've been doing picture frame molding , Wayne Scot on the walls for years .

So it's always going to be in style and I think it's always going to make your home look incredible .

Now , something you don't realize that's dating your space as much as it is until you take it down .

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Are your dated window treatments ?

Oh , sometimes that's just something that people forget about the swoopy curtains , the heavy drapes , the vertical blinds , sometimes you think you can look past them and do all the other things to make your space look updated .

But if you leave up your dated window treatments , it's dating your entire home and they just become an eyesore .

So I highly recommend spending a day removing the old window treatments and either keeping your window open and fresh and letting in a lot of sunlight or of course , for privacy and style add in some new window treatments .

You can do roller shades , Roman shades .

You can even just hang some affordable curtains , do a nice rot across the top , them high and wide and you're good to go .

I think it will just drastically change the look of your home .

Window treatments are not something that you want to be changing every so often .

They're hopefully going to stay long term .

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So try and pick something neutral , something that you're gonna want to keep long term , that's gonna work with your space and not date it over time .

Now , wood tones usually date your space if you walk into your home and you see the saturated orange oak staircase and you see a cherry wood kitchen and you're seeing all of those really warm , saturated wood tones , it's probably making your space look dated .

So again , you do not need to rip out all these pieces and start again .

That is something that you could definitely do in the future .

But think about what you can do with staining or white washing .

Those two methods of changing the color of your wood will drastically update your home and it can absolutely be done on a budget .

Stain is very affordable and it's just another project that you can take on that's not going to require any I would try and keep with a stain color that's more in the middle ground .

It's not pulling too gray and it's not pulling too orange .

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It's going to neutralize your space and having that neutral wood color is going to make your space look updated .

But it's also going to make it a lot easier to choose paint colors and choose Decor and Decorate .

I did this with my parents staircase .

I completely transformed their orange oak staircase and made it a little bit more modern with some gel stain and paint .

I transformed their entire staircase for less than $100 .

Now , if you want to completely get rid of the warm tones of wood around your home and you want to go for a very modern kind of Scandinavian minimalist .

Look consider white washing .

Whitewashing is kind of like staining .

You use a very watered down either paint or a white stain .

You can also do this with kind of a bleach mix that will help bleach your wood and take out those warm saturated tones .

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I think this looks incredible when it's done into wood paneling , wood ceilings , white washing will allow you to keep the wood grain , keep that texture , but without doing a solid coat of paint right now , something that seems like a big job but is actually very doable is carpet removal .

And if you have wall to wall old dated flat worn out carpet in your home or maybe it's even colorful carpet , it needs to go and you can do it yourself with an Exacto knife .

It's actually a very easy doable thing that will make a huge impact in your home .

Now , this is something I would consider doing .

If you know , you have some original wood floors under there and you want to refresh it , you can rip up that carpet and refinish the floors underneath .

That's going to be an instant affordable change .

You can make .

This is also very impactful .

If you have carpet going up your stairs , you can rip that carpet up and actually just paint your stairs to make a huge difference .

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Painted stairs look incredible and you can even add a run down the middle if you're looking to add some carpet in , that's not wall to wall carpet .

And it's gonna add such an elegant detail to your home that's going to make it look timeless and classic , but also up to date .

So don't let carpet scare you .

It's such an easy change that you can make .

That's going to go a very , very long way .

And lastly , when it comes to bathrooms , I think the wall to wall frameless , build your grade mirror is something that really dates our spaces .

And I think a lot of us have those or had one at some point in time .

The more modern thing to do now is have floating mirrors that are framed and styled and really work with the other metal finishes around your space , they just tie into the design and make your bathroom look really complete .

But if you don't want to consider taking down that large mirror , potentially having damage in the wall repainting and then hanging new mirrors , you can actually just frame out your existing mirror .

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And again , this is just with trim , it's something that you can do super quickly , that's going to make your bathroom look complete and well decorated and definitely updated .

This is something that I've done in the bathroom as well and you can actually buy mirror adhesive that's going to allow your wood trim to stick to that mirror , so you can cut your pieces to size to fit all around that mirror , glue it on , tape it on just to let it dry and you're good to go and then you could just finish it off with a coat of paint .

Adding that trim border around that builder grade mirror is going to instantly elevate the look of your space and make it look up to date .

All right .

So that's it for today's video .

I hope you guys enjoyed watching and I hope this gave you some ideas on ways that you can update and upgrade your home .

Let me know down below in the comments if you would consider doing any of these diy projects in your home instead of remodeling .

Also , I did want to let you know that I do have a podcast with my partner Christian .

It's called the Chris and Chris Podcast .

It's a lifestyle fun lighthearted podcast .

So if you want to learn a little bit more about us and our life style , definitely check that out .

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We have new episodes and new videos coming out every single Monday .

So I'll leave the link to that channel down below in the description box , so you guys can subscribe so you don't miss another episode anyways .

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So you first to see the next video , love you guys so much and I'll see you in my next one .

Bye .


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