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2023-07-22 12:54:57

YEAR AROUND LIVING ROOM DECOR IDEAS _ Glam Living Room Tour _ How to Style a Living Room

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Hey Glim squad .

What's up ?

This is your girl in today's video .

I am going to show you how I set up the living room for all year around the with a little dash of spring .

I would love it if you stick around also if you are new to my channel .

Welcome to the Glam squad family .

I upload and Diy videos .

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Thank you to all of you for your love and support .

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Wow , maybe you're just the win make it can have it .

Yeah , it is one that taking the lead .

I just want to .

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Yeah , for those of you who are new and those of you who are interested at the end of the video .

I'm gonna go over everything to let you guys know where everything came from .

If you would like to know where anything came from , please stay tuned for that .

Yeah .

Yeah .

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136.8 --> 214.809

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I thought it was a great design for all year round and I can add items that feed the particular season like a bunny pumpkins or some sparkly ornaments .

Right now , we're gonna go over the atoms in the wall .

I'm going to start with the work mine is from all modern or WAFA .

However , they don't have it anymore , but I found a similar one on Amazon by the same company , have it listed for you guys in the description bag .

So this the coffee table is from Wayfair but as of right now it is sold out .

Ok .

So moving forward the tray , it's a regular and I love to use for tray .

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It's from and look at this beautiful like candle holder so pretty and glam is from God .

The tray is from home sense .

It's a really nice tray .

I love the gold at the bottom and the purple is , I think it's just so pretty .

And the beautiful visit you guys .

I got it from Burlington .

The gorgeous flowers are from TJ Maxx .

I love , love them .

I only have three branches in there .

It was a great investment .

The talking though is from home good and have like a set of glim to it and the two smaller ones are from the dollar store .

I have been talking about them forever in terms of how we they are and how good they are for $1 .

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This and let me show you this thing you guys show you how we that is .

Look at that .

It is a leaf and I got it from Amazon .

It is by classic touch .

I love classic touch items .

Not only because they are super beautiful , but they look super expensive as well .

Ok ?

The small end table is from Home Sense on the end table .

I have this bag that is from Amazon and the love sign from Burlington .

I know it's not Valentine's Day but this love sign you guys look at it .

It is too pretty for me to not use it when it's necessary on the other table .

I have some coasters .

I have the little candle and that thing .

I don't know how you call it .

It's from home goods as well .

I bought it a long , long time ago .

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Candle holders from home goods and Macy's backstage .

The beautiful lamp is from Tuesday morning in that beautiful bags is ad Ry by .

Ok .

I have a look for it .

It will be in the description box .

The table is from Wayfair .

Unfortunately , it is sold out as well .

This beautiful gorgeous wall art is from Home Gods .

This wall art is super heavy recently .

He had fell down and messed up this side of the wall , including the molding .

Hopefully it will be fixed soon .

The memoir is from Burlington for $100 in the two small ones next to it or from my family dollar store .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

As you can see all of my things are a combination of a little bit expensive and not so expensive items .

And on the sofa , the two pillows at the end are from the gallery .

The big white one in the middle is from home goods and the one at the bottom is from Home Sense or Home goods because I have two of them , one is from home goods and the other one is from Home Sense .

I wouldn't know which one is which because they are the exact same one .

I love these pillows .

You guys because they are just so so so pretty .

And look at this gorgeous throw and you see how well it goes with the pillows .

It is from the gallery .

Super nice , so gorgeous .

I love it on the left seat .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I have these two pillows that are from home goods .

Both sofas are from Wayfair , however , Wayfair does not have them anymore .

Now , Amazon has them .

I will leave the link for you guys in this corner .

I have this side table that I got from Target .

It is both a table and a basket .

I love it .

So stylish and functional .

Super tall skinny vase is from Z gallery .

The flower is a combination of flowers from Michaels Halabi and Joanne .

The canvas are from home Glim big beautiful juicy vase was a diy and the flowers are from Happy La .

Do you see how pretty they are ?

Super pretty .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love , love these flowers you guys , they are some of my favorite flowers .

Finally , you guys , I will remove the old curtains that I had in there and put this new one .

These old curtains were there for over two years .

As much as I love them .

I'm happy that I have new ones there .

Now , these beautiful curtains are from Amazon .

They go all the way up to the ceiling and they are touching the floor .

The shelves are from Amazon .

I will leave the links for everything that I purchased online .

The vases are from Habila .

This book at the bottom is from Home Gods .

This one is from the gallery .

This one is for my husband office and here flowers are from John .

The vases are from Burlington including the little monkey can .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The pillow is from home Gods including the coasters .

The picture was a gift for my wedding 11 years ago and on this night , I pretty much have the same thing .

The bass are from Halabi and everything else are from home goods except for the books and the monkey guys .

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I thank you .

For spending your time with me today .

I will see you on the next video .

I love you always .

Bye bye .


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