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2023-07-22 12:49:21

DESIGN HACKS! 5 Things Every Entryway Needs _ Julie Khuu

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Hello , everyone and welcome back to the channel .

I'm Julie .

And today you are joining me on a brand new episode of design Hacks .

Five things every entry way needs .

If you're looking for really simple , easy , effective tips that you can implement .

Now for your entry , this video is for you .

Today's video inspiration comes from Kelly , who's behind the camera .

Now , thank you K who just got into her very first home and she is looking to implement all of my design hacks tips for every single room in the home .

She's getting to the really fun decorating and styling phase .

And next on her list of priorities is the entry way .

The entry way is your home's first introduction into the space .

You want an entry way that is equal parts , stylish and stunning , something that's functional , something that's clean , organized and tidy .

So first on my list of the most essential thing that every entryway needs is storage .

Now , storage comes in a variety of different types of styles .

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You could have a storage credenza , you could have a console , you could have a really slim table , you can even have something that's as minimal as a floating ledge or simply a surface space .

Storage could also include baskets on the floor , little bins for you to throw all of your essentials in or even wall hooks where you can hang your purses and coats .

In order to determine the type of storage that you need .

You must ask yourself a few questions .

Number one , what do I leave the house needing if you need a place to store your keys or your sunglasses ?

A really simple drawer will do .

If you walk the dogs four or five days a week , you'll definitely need somewhere to store all of their leashes and doggy treats .

Are you a student who need somewhere for your backpack to land ?

The minute you get in the door , then your storage needs will consist of a wall hook or maybe even a little cubby shelf to store your backpack right inside .

You first want to determine your needs for the space , how you use it , which is ultimately how it functions .

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Take inventory then source the most stylish solution you can to resolve that issue .

The second thing on my list that every entryway needs is seating .

Now , why do you need seating at an entry way ?

You simply need a place to sit down and take your shoes on and off .

This piece is especially important if you don't wear shoes in the home .

I'm someone who doesn't allow shoes in the home .

I actually take my shoes on and off the minute I get home and I store it in my closet .

You'll know it when I have an event guest , shoes are typically thrown all about the floors .

But to me that just keeps a really tidy and kept home seating allows a very comfortable spot for you , your family and your guests to remove their shoes .

Once they get in the house and to put them back on , once they leave , we're not talking about really huge bulky lounge chairs .

Of course , unless you have this space for it , which is everyone's dream .

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Something really simple and streamlined , will do think about placing a really beautiful stand alone bench on the wall of your entry .

You can even source a small pair of Ottomans that you can tuck neatly underneath your entry console , having Ottomans not only freeze a valuable real estate in your entry , but you can tuck them out of the way where it's neat and tidy .

The next item on my list that every entry we needs is a mirror .

A mirror is essential in the entry way for a variety of reasons .

It allows you one last good look before you leave the house , make sure nothing is out of place .

There's no lipstick on your teeth , there's no fly away hair .

Your hat is on straight mirrors .

Also bring in so much light into the entry and it makes it feel fresh and inviting .

Now for a fun tip , never position or place a mirror facing the entry door , doing so will reflect back all of the positive that's trying to enter the home .

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It will bounce right back out and not give Chii ample time to permeate your space .

Of course , there are loopholes behind this function tip as I have shown in my own home .

Once you open my entry door , there is a mirror that reflects right back to the entry .

But this is only because my private courtyard is actually a missing corner of my map .

Therefore , I need more energy to kind of permeate my courtyard space so that it fills up that missing sector .

If you want more tips on function in your front door , I'll leave a link in the description box below .

Now , the size , the shape , the color and the material of the mirror is up to you .

I typically like a little bit of contrast between my furniture and accessory pieces .

For instance , if you have a square or rectangular console table that's backed on your entry wall , then consider using a round or oval mirror on the flip side .

If you had a semi circle or a half moon type of console , then think about having a mirror that's placed above it with a little bit more of angular lines .

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The juxtaposition of shapes and textures is really what makes a space come alive .

So the next time you're considering materials , shapes or colors , always try to mix it up the next essential item that every entryway needs is lighting .

Now , if you already have general recess lighting in the entry way , that's great .

That's general all purpose lighting , that's really going to light the space beautifully .

But if you want to go one step further and really amp up that style factor , then think about placing a really beautiful chandelier , a pendant lamp , even walls , cons to help light the way if you don't want to deal with hiring an electrician or hard wire , your space , even a really beautiful table lamp or floor lamp will do .

I love the fact that wall sconces are typically hung at eye level or even a little bit above eye level .

So that bathes the entry way in such a really beautiful ambient light that you can't really get from overhead lighting .

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Wall sconces are also a really beautiful way to bathe the entry in more light , especially if you lack ceiling height in the space and you can't install a drop pendant or a chandelier .

If you have low ceilings and you want to install an overhead fixture , then you will consider a flush mount light or a semi flush mount light .

These types of fixtures are actually mounted right on the ceiling and they're not hung too low and they don't infringe on the path of your entry .

And the last item on this list of five things that every entryway needs is a wow factor .

Now , a wow factor is extremely subjective .

It simply equates to what you consider a statement making feature of your entry way .

This could be as simple and small as a treasured accessory .

It could be as large and bold as a wall mural or really gorgeous wall covering .

It could be an incredible ceiling design or a fabulous area rug on the floor .

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The entry is your first introduction into your home and should create a vibe or an overall feeling of what you can anticipate within the rest of the space .

The wow factor is up to interpretation .

So after you lock down the first four essentials that every entryway needs , think about something that really excites you and go from there .

These next items on the list are not necessary but they're definitely appreciated in a really beautiful and functional entry way .

The first item is a doormat or an area rug .

Now , when do you need one ?

And when do you not , you need an area rug or a doormat ?

If you know that you're prone to trailing dirt and debris from outside in , especially if you allow shoes in the home , then the door mat or the area rug will trap all of that excess dirt so that you don't trail it all around the house .

I have plants all over my home .

So to me , plants are an absolute necessity no matter what space you're in .

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But I know that typical entry ways are really small or in some cases , you don't even have an entry way .

So it's not the wisest choice to block small entry ways with like a really huge plant .

But what you can do is add a small bouquet of fresh flowers or a really small plant on your entryway console and that just breeds lightness and fresh air into the space .

If you're not a fan of the mirror concept in the entry way , then instead of a mirror , I would install statement , artwork , statement , artwork in the entry way is simply a stand alone piece of artwork that you place in lieu of the mirror .

It doesn't have to be huge to make a statement .

It could simply be a beautiful piece of photography that you've taken on vacation .

It could also be a vintage piece of artwork that you scored at an antique shop .

Think about the vibe of your space and the artwork that really tells your story and last on this list of non essentials but definitely appreciated and functional is a valet station .

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Now , a valet station is simply a catch all that holds your keys , your wallets , maybe your glasses or sunglasses , something really small that organizes all of those everyday essentials and they're right within reach if you have a console that has storage drawers and cabinets that you might not need this valet station , but the valet station simply sits on the surface countertop .

So it's really easy to grab and go .

That's it for today's video of design hacks , five things every entryway needs .

What did you think of this list ?

I know you're going through the whole list and you're probably asking yourself , look , I have a front door that opens right into my living room or I have a landing space with a set of stairs until you reach into the common areas of my home .

Or I have a really tiny entryway .

Don't worry , I have you covered .

I have a video that hopefully resolves all of your issues in the awkward space series called entry ways .

So I'll leave a link here as well as in the description box below .

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So you definitely don't want to miss it if you like this type of content and you're loving the design hack series .

Give this video a thumbs up , comment below and let me know if you have any questions when it comes to carving out a stylish and functional entry way in your space .

I would love to help you out with all of my designer solutions , including some shopping resources .

If you can't find what you're really looking for .

Definitely share design hack series with anyone you know , embarking on interior design for their space .

We've covered so many rooms from the bedroom and the dining room to living rooms and more .

Is there a must have item in your entry way that I might have missed ?

Let me know in the comments below and share it with our viewers .

So we get some of your tips .

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and click that little notification bell to be notified of new videos that we drop every Tuesday .

Thank you so much for watching .

I hope you're having a wonderful day everyone and I'll see you next week .


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