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2023-07-22 12:47:44

What I Added to My Living Room in 2022 - Govee T2 Backlight and Natural Walnut Slats PS5 Setup

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Welcome to my living room .

If you haven't seen my first video on the initial setup and tour , you can check it out here on my channel .

I paired the A 80 J with the PS five along with a few fixings and it has been amazing to say the least .

Despite nothing being wrong , there always seemed to be some upgrades or tinkering to be done .

So let's get into it .

This first update is an obvious one .

I've been searching a long time for the perfect TV mount and to no surprise , the best mount is also the most expensive .

Why did I choose a Sony ultra slim mount for obvious reasons .

It's slim .

This mount by far has the lowest minimum wall distance at less than one inch sturdy and well built .

From what I can see .

The most prominent feature is the ability to hold £77 and still be able to extend and turn while still able to retract to an ultra slim distance .

The only downside is that it does not tilt before mounting to the TV .

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There's something I need to install first , I had previously installed the Go Dream View T one TV , back light system that synced to your TV content .

It was great but not without flaws go has now released their new and improved T two TV back light with several upgrades immediately when you open the box .

The first thing I notice is how stylish and sleek the camera now looks with a dual camera designed for better accuracy .

It is noticeably much bulkier but it shouldn't be an issue .

The light strips are much more densely packed at double the number of led s compared to the previous version .

This means it will produce a brighter and more immersive experience .

I will get to the features .

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In the later part of the video , I've been wanting to install a feature wall using wood slats for a long time .

Now now companies like wood veneer hub has made it quite easy with their kits .

These slats come in panels of 25 inches wide and 8 ft tall approximately which means I need to cut it down to fit the wall space .

I plan on using I chose a natural walnut style here with no coating which I may do later in the future .

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Although I agree they are not cheap , they are by far more practical , saves tons of time and includes a backing which improves sound absorption .

I decided to use it as an accent at the corner of the living room wall above my cabinet , creating a border around the TV .

This only requires a couple of slots , a very small addition that can make a huge impact .

I also had some extra wood panels from IKEA from my office makeover that I use as a base which kind of makes this reverse waterfall look and also leaves room for wiring .

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In addition , I'm also adding a light bar on the wall slits for added practical effects .

I wanted to keep the look minimal by using only one light on the wall while having the other one tucked away .

I'm going to briefly go over some of the accessories I added including the new ultra fast wi-fi six E wireless mesh system from TP link , even without any six E device .

The benefit is that I can get lightning fast speeds on my secondary mesh routers on the six E backbone deep brand also sent their version 2.0 dark which I just love it includes a side vent for airflow and removing the sharp corners , making it look more seamless .

Other accessories include these very cool anti sip so controlled from play vital and a set of well crafted wooden controller stands with a magnetic quick connector from Etsy .

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I can make an entire video about the accessories alone but for now , I will just leave links for each of these down below .

Gove has recently added a new feature which allow you to sync all your go lights for full immersive experience , watching a movie , playing music or anything really with the TV mount fully retracted .

You can see it sit snug against the wall pretty well .

Right ?

The drawback , however , is that the back lights seem a bit too smothered being so close to the wall .

Even then I can see that the colors here are noticeably more vibrant and accurate compared to the previous gent .

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In order to get a better feel , I decided to move the TV out just a bit , giving the back light a bit more space to breathe so that it has a soft bloom for the best color calibration .

I keep the saturation low and color balance on the cool side .

For more details on calibrating these light strips and anything go .

Mr Tech has a great channel with lots of videos and lots of good information .

I really love this look and the effects that it gives , I can see that some will find this a bit too distracting .

There are often times where I would just turn off the wall light or keep it at a low glow .

You can also adjust the angle to point it side to side , which is a nice touch .

But for gaming or times when I'm feeling adventurous , I'll probably let it go on full blast .

You might have noticed .

I've decided to go with a no sound bar set up for now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I've not yet decided on one and I'm liking this clean open space look , adding all these lights to your set up can give a bit of a cold vibe , which is why it's important to balance it off with some warm wood tones .

And the great thing about it is you have the option of switching off led s whenever you feel like thank you for watching , consider subscribing .

If you want to see more videos like this in the future , I'll see you next time .


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