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2023-07-22 12:56:21

Spring Living Room Makeover & Home Decor Re-Style 2022 _ Loving Life as Megan

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Hey guys , welcome back to my channel for a spring living room makeover .

I really should say entryway and living room makeover slash refresh .

I don't know when you first come into my home , you kind of step into this very large open area that encompasses our formal living room as well as our entryway area .

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And while the rest of my house is not open concept , this space definitely seems to be and it has been been very tricky for me to try to figure it out , not just with the arrangement of the furniture or the specific decor style and design aesthetic that I prefer , but also in trying to figure out how to make this a very cohesive and functional space .

It has just , it's been really hard for me .

If I'm being honest , I brought you guys along for almost all of that journey .

I think this is probably the fourth or fifth time that I am changing things up in this specific room of my house .

But I am so happy to say that by the end of this , I absolutely love the outcome and I finally feel like I am done with this room and like I can move on to something else .

And I have honestly never felt that way with any of the makeovers or Decor that I have tried in here before .

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So I'm really excited to share that whole process with you .

I did start out by vacuuming all of the floors .

This room is carpeted and those dust bunnies add up quickly when you've got two kids and two dogs .

So I knew I wanted to take advantage of it being pretty empty and just vacuum the floors really well .

Before I laid down our new area rug , we actually found this one at Kirkland's .

I've never purchased a rug from Kirkland's before , but I am so glad that I did .

It's absolutely stunning .

It's a woven rug with a very subtle design .

It's made with jute and wool fibers and it just adds this very natural , almost elegant texture and interest into the space without being too much .

I was a little bit nervous when I was first rolling it out .

I got it in the five by seven size and as I was rolling it across the floor , I thought for sure it was too small , but I've tried seven by tens in here before and I know that they are too large .

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So I was feeling a little bit defeated like it wasn't going to work out and it was going to ruin everything , but it will come together in the end .

And I actually think this ended up being the perfect addition here even though it kind of breaks all the rules .

But once I had the rug laid out and positioned where I wanted it , we started adding in our additional furniture , I found these two beautiful accent chairs at Target , they are not only really pretty add to the aesthetic of this space , but they are actually super comfortable , which I feel like that is not always the case with accent chairs .

So I was super stoked to find those .

And then I also placed an online order for a couple of smaller benches from Target .

These ones have a woven top with some round wooden legs and then a leather upholstered or faux leather , I should say upholstered top that velcros on .

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And I wanted to get these to set across from the new chairs to kind of section this off into a seating area or more of a living room space separate from the entry way .

But what I did not realize was going to happen is that it not only sectioned it off into two separate spaces , but it also added to the adhesiveness of the entire open area together .

They just give your eye something to look at and allow these two separate spaces , the entryway and the living room to flow together in a very cohesive manner .

This is something that was definitely lacking here before .

And I personally think a big reason for why I wasn't totally in love with this space to begin with .

Because every time I have worked in this room , I have never done anything with this specific area that these benches are sitting in .

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It was just kind of dead space .

And so the room as a whole , but also the separate spaces really fell flat .

But these benches totally did the trick .

I give them all the credit in the finished product , feeling so polished and put together and officially done .

They also added a lot more function into the space because now we have a additional seating for guests and also a place to sit while we are putting on our shoes or getting ready to leave the house .

And that has just made all of the difference for my family .

If you are wanting to check out these benches for yourself , our new chairs , the rug , any of the furniture or decor that you see in today's video , definitely make sure that you look in my description box .

I will be trying to link everything that I can think of down there so that it's just really quick and easy for you .

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I did order a new coffee table that matches perfectly with the side tables that we already had in the living room .

It was a little bit of work to get my hands on it because it was out of stock for so long .

But I'm really glad that I was patient and I kept trying because it works out perfectly in this room .

It is very stark white though .

So I decided to warm it up with this beautiful woven rotan round tray .

And I styled that very simply with a bow plant and just some coasters and a small candle .

This kept things very minimal and intentional gave off total spring vibes with very little effort and also kept the space functional , which is what I was looking for .

I was trying to be very intentional and curate very specific pieces to , to keep function at the forefront with all of the decor that I was incorporating into this space .

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So I actually found this extra large rotan basket that matched perfectly with that tray on the coffee table and it worked out really well in this kind of awkward empty space next to the chairs .

It is a little bit too small of a space to add in another side table , but too large to just be ignored .

So this basket ended up working out perfectly to fill the space and also to hold some of our favorite throw blankets that we like to have out year round , regardless of the season or the temperatures .

They are our favorites and we use them all the time .

So once again , it was keeping function at the forefront and just adding something significant into this space with very little effort .

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Just a couple of weeks ago , I ordered a new console table for our entryway .

I was eyeing this one on target and it was out of stock forever .

So I actually found it half price on macari .

It is a wood base with this really pretty Panin wrapped texture all around it .

I think that's what you call it .

But anyway , once I got it put together , I was just feeling so inspired and creative and that's actually what sparked this entire makeover .

But then once I added in some shoe baskets , I was kind of stumped and didn't know where to go from there .

It's a little bit of an awkward space and there was just this big void here that I didn't know how to fill .

So I actually sent some photos to my friend Jess and she suggested that I put a statement faux tree here and I am so glad that she did because it worked out really well .

I was a little bit nervous because the door is right there and I thought it might get in the way , but it doesn't at all .

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And I'm so thankful that she has such an eye for Decor and could make that recommendation for me because I love the way that it turned out .

Jessica does have a youtube channel .

It's just Jessica Giffin .

I'll leave that linked in the description box .

If you are not currently subscribed , you definitely should be .

She shares a ton of home decorating ideas , makeover content and Decor inspiration and her channel is phenomenal .

So definitely head over there to subscribe , styling .

This entryway was actually the last thing that I needed to do and the room was complete .

So before I share the final reveal with you , I did just want to show you one more time , the before shots just to remind you of what this space looked like in its bare bones and what our starting point was so that you could get a good feel for how major the transformation was .

Because let me tell you , it was a huge transformation .

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So this is how everything turned out .

And I have got to say , I love it .

I am so proud of what I was able to do with this space .

I love that the entryway and living area feel separate enough , but they also flow together in a very cohesive manner .

That was always the goal and I definitely think that I crushed it .

I'm just so happy with how it turned out .

I can't wait to hear what you think of it , but that is going to wrap up today's video .

I hope that you all enjoyed and that I've inspired you to try something new in your home or just given you some ideas that you might be able to use .

Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you aren't already , thank you so much for choosing to spend your time with me today and I'll see you in the next One .


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