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2023-07-22 14:55:32


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Hey everybody .

It's design time .

And today's video is another room for improvement .

They just keep coming .

Now , this room for improvement is another living room .

Living rooms can be a problem .

And it's from Krista in Georgia .

Now , she sent video as well as the four pictures .

I'm gonna show you that video right now rather than reading what she wrote .

Need help with .

It's our living room and it's kind of an odd shape .

It's long and rectangular and has this angled fireplace on the one wall .

So when you come in the living room , you come immediately through the front door and you're in the living room or you see the fireplace , here's a wall with two windows .

We used a sectional in here because we thought that was what was going to work .

Um We've been here for about two years and it really doesn't .

It made this room feel very lopsided .

All the furniture is in one half of the room and this half of the room with the fireplace feels very empty .

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So we have the sectional , this leads to the kitchen to has dining area .

This is a half bath , this slides that way and underneaths a closet under the stairs .

Right now , we use it for storage .

The people before used it as a children's reading nook and we have the TV on this wall , but we don't have cable .

We really just stream everything .

Netflix , Disney Plus .

So it really could be moved anywhere .

And then there's the front door again and we have stairs right there .

So if you see from this side , you can see just how lopsided the room really is .

It's very full on this side .

Whereas that side by the fireplace is very empty .

We're thinking about getting new living room furniture and we're just not sure what to go with a couch and a love seat , a couch and two chairs .

Another sectional , anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated because we just don't know how to set this room up .

Thank you .

All right .

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So what that video did for me was , gave me a much better idea of the size of that room with the pictures .

I would have thought that the end of the sectional was much further from the fireplace than it actually is .

So the main problem in this room is the corner fireplace and where it you to place your furniture .

We're going to go through the pictures just real quick before I show you what I've done .

Now , we are looking from the front door to the living area where there's a sectional and it is up against a window in the corner with a lamp in the corner .

The first thing that I would do to this room having actually seen the video video and looking at this is bring everything forward from here , I'm gonna say move the television and I'm kind of excited that Krista is willing to do that .

Now , looking at everything that's in this area , the area rug is too small .

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How many of you knew I was going to say that and Krista mentioned that they were wanting to get new seating , just not sure what to get a sofa and a love seat , a sofa and two chairs .

I'm a big fan of two sofas .

That is if you have room and I don't know that this particular space has room for two sofas .

But my reasoning for that is it makes a perfect corner with equal sides .

When you shop for a sofa and a love seat , you may be frustrated because that sofa is only $20 more than the love seat .

And the love seat is this much smaller .

So I say spend that extra 20 bucks and get two sofas and live it up .

All right , we're gonna go on to the next picture .

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So now we are looking from the stairway to the fireplace and the sectional again , I would move the whole bit a lot closer to the fireplace .

It looks like you've got about 3 ft and make the fireplace , your focal point with the TV , on top of that .

So now we're looking from the kitchen area to the front door and we can see that there's a lot of room between the front door and the sectional .

And again , this is why I feel like everything should come forward .

And since we're moving the television , I think the little bookcase area against the wall should probably go hold on .

I see a dog in these pictures and there are all of his toys .

Maybe we'll think of something for over there .

But for now , we're gonna get to the virtual staging , so to speak .

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So from this picture , I actually got two new sofas in lighter colors , a much bigger area rug and I moved it all to the front of the house .

As you can see the television is up above the fireplace .

I put a piece of art between those two windows , kept the original coffee table and put a console behind that front facing sofa .

Now without actually being there .

Of course , it's a little bit difficult to see if this setup actually makes sense or if there is enough room for it .

But I think aesthetically walking into that house , it would be a little bit more welcoming than seeing everything so far away .

Right when you walk in , I have to say it is such a cute space to begin with .

I love all the very long windows .

I've always liked a corner fireplace despite the fact that it messes with where you can put stuff .

It's a great living room .

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All right , here we are looking at the living room from the kitchen and as you can see from this point of view , that console has room to put stuff in , I would say that you can even put the unit that you had against the wall with the TV above it behind your sofa .

Now , believe it or not bringing everything forward like that is actually going to make the room seem bigger , even though the distance between the door and all the stuff is much less .

It will trick the eye into thinking it's a bigger space .

Now , if Krista doesn't want to have that wall under the stairs empty , I've taken it upon myself to decorate it , but I also took the little cubby area out .

Maybe that can be a place to store stuff that you don't need to access very often .

Anyway , there's that unit still there .

Moved over to the left .

Lots of just fun , black and white pictures and there's the dog's toys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I added some , he really likes them that will however , eat into the space of all the newly moved furniture to walk past into the kitchen .

But that's ok to me .

All right .

And lastly what I would do with what is now kind of a vacant wall .

The sectional used to be much closer to , I think a nice piece of art and since there are so many great windows letting in a lot of light plants aside from area rugs , art is also something that I always want to tell people to make bigger as you can see between those two windows is a very small square piece of art .

I would put a much bigger rectangular vertical piece .

And if Krista decides to keep the television where it is , the little frame on top of the fireplace needs to be something more substantial .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Anyway , you guys , what do you think of Krista's room for improvement ?

What might you have done in that odd shaped room to make it a little bit more functional ?

And if any of you have a room in your home that you feel might need a little bit of improvement , there's directions on how to send me information down in the description box below .

So that's it for this video .

I hope you enjoyed it .

I hope you learned something .

If you like this video , please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe .

I'll see you guys next time on defined time .


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