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2023-07-20 13:22:19

How to draw your own Poses (from scratch) _ Tutorial _ Drawlikeasir

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Hi guys , pair of talking hands back out of the Canon .

Today , I'll show you how to invent and draw your very own poses from scratch without copying like a sir .

In case you're still a bit insecure about your drawings and your poses .

I already uploaded a basic video on how to draw poses from reference .

It basically shows you how you can draw any pose out there .

But then all of you guys wanted me to make a video about how to draw poses from imagination .

How do you invent a whole new pose without copying anything ?

So today , I will show you multiple ways on how to invent a new post , how I personally invent poses , how to turn a bad pose into a good pose .

And at the very end of this video , you and I will invent a pose together .

So stick around till the very end of this video .

If you want to draw along , it's going to be a step by step tutorial .

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As you can see , this tutorial is I spent a lot of time making this video , adding effects and animations and 3D models .

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So all of them are now subtitled in Spanish , French Portuguese .

And yes , all so they even have .

And that's my highlight .

Last from Zach called motion graphics with Kutz are a huge role model to me , they basically invented this simplistic animation style .

You see everywhere .

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Now , I've watched their videos back when they were only available in German and they have like a complete course on how to animate it , just like them on skills .

The course has excellent writings and I mean , just look at that , that's so much stuff have to learn from .

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Thank you so much for sitting through this ad and thank you , Skillshare for sponsoring me .

And now let's go ahead and invent some new poses .

So let's start from scratch without any hints or guides .

I can think of two quick ways on how to come up with new poses .

Now , let's start with the easy one .

I'll go ahead and call this method the dynamic line method .

You basically start out with two curved lines .

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Now , this method requires some of your imagination because this , this is it , that's the whole post right there .

The vertical line basically represents your torso while the horizontal line marks your shoulders .

All you have to do here is to add a torso at the head to the vertical line and to add some shoulders and arms to the horizontal line .

I know this sounds way too easy .

You could almost say it a little Sus but look , that's how you actually invent poses , drawing these two dynamic lines at first and then using this bare bone skeleton to head , a torso and arms .

And yeah , of course , you click this video because you want to draw something like that and not some glorified stick man .

But this really is the base of it all by adding legs in the same manner .

You already have a very , very basic idea of a post .

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Now , you only need to use this so called thumbnail sketch as a reference for yourself to make a more detailed version of it .

So you basically made yourself your own reference without copying anything .

And if you're now like dude , what I cannot draw that , how am I supposed to learn how to draw bodies like that .

Oh , yeah .

I'm teaching you how to draw poses , how to draw decent human anatomy is something I already made tutorials about because it's true , you can't draw a human pose .

If you can't draw a human in the first place , you need to know about the basics of how to construct a human first .

And right after that , I can add details like muscles , for example .

And this is pretty much it .

That's a neat beginner's way to come up with new poses and believe it or not .

But this method actually worked so good while recording this video , I came up with some cool poses myself .

I guess I'll be finishing these artworks very soon .

Once I have the time for it just check out my social media .

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I mostly upload my art there once I'm done with it .

Now , this was the dynamic line method .

But actually , for my more complicated poses , I like to use a different method .

Maybe you already heard of something called life drawing .

I like to do that a lot just so I don't get rusty .

And the point of this practice is to get the shape of something down just by scribbling a silhouette .

And with this method , I actually draw my more complicated poses .

And because it's a more complicated method , it's also a lot more complicated to explain as well .

But I'll be trying my best while scribbling , I try etching out the pos imagine carving something out of wood .

You first want to have a somewhat fitting silhouette .

And from that you get more , more detail .

I'm not making this up , by the way , that's actually how this is done with carving wood .

And while watching these videos , I thought , hey , why don't I just try sketching like that too ?

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So yeah , you basically start scribbling with no idea in mind at all .

And the idea comes while you're drawing , while sketching .

I'm like , yeah , the leg could go somewhat there , I think .

And then I adjust and I adjust more and more until I get something I am happy with .

And when I'm not , well , I just scribbled something different .

This just takes a couple of minutes at most .

So who cares if it didn't end up looking good ?

This is basically brainstorming in the most physical way that is maybe I'm biased because I'm practicing life drawing for like a year now .

I'm kind of used to this .

But this genuinely helped me when I have no idea what to draw or if I have trouble coming up with a certain post .

And yeah , I know this method seems pretty suss as well .

After all , this method looks like well , crime scene basically .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But believe me , we're not done here yet because right after that , you can lightly erase over your sketch and then you can get more detail right after that .

And the rest works pretty much just like it did before .

Also , this goes without saying , but my digital artist brethren can also use this exact same method just by reducing opacity on the initial layer and then draw over there .

All of this works pretty much in any medium .

Now , maybe you saw all of this , try it out for itself .

And then you thought , well , all of this looked a lot easier than it actually is .

First of all , you just need practice to get better at art .

That's the fact .

And after all , that's the rule that says you're only really good at something after you've practiced it for 10,000 hours .

Now , I'm not sure if I agree to that though .

I mean , 10,000 hours , that's the equivalent of 416 days .

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That's the time it would take to , I don't know , beat one boss in , like I said , life drawing makes you 1000 times better at this .

So this practice can help a ton even if you just try practicing this for an hour or two .

But you don't want to hear that .

OK .

So let's take a look how we can turn this poses , looking Mother Fricka into a real chat .

First thing to check is are your lines dynamic enough ?

The very basis of your drawing consists of straight lines .

So of course , your character looks stiff , try drawing these with some momentum just like you saw me doing it before .

Also , always keep in mind that your head , the rib cage and the pelvis can be rotated again , sounds incidental .

But this makes a huge difference .

The last thing you can always use to spice up your art is for shortening .

And this is kind of hard to explain .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But by overlapping the limbs of your drawing , the perspective of your art looks less flat and more 3d .

And this is not easy at all , especially at the beginning .

Believe me , I know that .

But if you want to know more about this whole for shortening topic , you can check out my tutorial on it .

There are a couple of exercises that can help you practice this .

There are also things like negative space and composition which can help you out to spread the weight of your art into a specific direction .

But I think that might be a topic for another video .

But enough of that , I promise you there's gonna be a draw along part where you and I are going to invent a post together and believe me , I keep my promises any means necessary .

So let's try to generate a random phrase like this .

For example , a person is jumping forward easy enough right now , a total beginner would try and go about it like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But as you just learned , that's not really the productive way of drawing things .

So let's draw this together .

Let's make a really dynamic post .

So let's make sure these lines are not straight but rather curve .

Now , there are hundreds of ways to interpret these lines , but I'm just gonna go ahead and draw in some human building blocks just the way I want them to look .

The legs and feet are going to be in the air since .

Well , we said we're going to draw someone jumping .

Remember if your pose looks too boring , you can always spice it up with some for shortening .

So let's draw one hand that's coming closer to us while the other one goes backward and while we're at it , let's do the same thing for the legs .

Don't forget you can rotate your head or your rib cage .

This makes your artwork look a lot more dynamic .

Now , this is basically the final pose .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's just correct some proportions so that the anatomy won't be completely off .

Now , you can use this to draw a big version if you want to , I'll just complete the smaller version for simplicity's sake .

So yeah , fill in muscles , details , clothing , anything you can think of in this last step , it's always helpful to have references when drawing in these details .

So don't shy away from using them , you know , things like an anatomy book or 3d models .

Anything to help you get the body right after all , this is not cheating .

It's just doing your research .

Like I said earlier , there are a ton of things that can help you out with inventing new poses or artworks .

And if you want to see more videos about this topic .

You can go ahead and subscribe .

So you don't miss when I upload more videos about it if you want to get better at drawing hands or maybe anatomy in general or perspective and many other things .

Well , just check out my other tutorials .

Here are two on screen , just click them if you're interested .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Also , thank you , not only to skillshare for sponsoring this video , but also you guys for helping me out on Patreon .

I honestly appreciate it .

Well done .

My name is Marcel and I'll see you guys on my next video .

Goodbye .


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